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Are there any croquet clubs in Cyprus, preferably Paphos area. CaroleG

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Hi just wondering if there are any good martial arts clubs in paphos,and if there are what do they do,I am hoping to come over later on in the year and would like to train,thanks mikeh

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Hi i am looking for bowlers to play in my Team. We are playing in the Premier Division of Famagusta Association and our base is in Space Bowling,(Tourist Area Limassol). We are also fully sponsored so no money is required from the bowlers. Bowler must be from 170 average and up. Please reply to this email or call me at 99610054 sandy

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Has anyone been skiing in Lebanon before?  I keep seeing offers for skiing breaks there but don't know if it's any good - can anyone help?  

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Hi I am looking for a VHF radio for my 17ft Karnic speed boat. I have been to the local shops but they are so overpriced. Hand held or fitted. Does anyone know where I can buy a reasonably priced radio?Graeme

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Does anyone know where I can get a set of secondhand lefty golf clubs? geomano@cytanet.com.cyDANDO

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after i read in the paper about acna dam that the fish were dying i see now they have put more water in the dam i was fishing today and it it is up about 3 ft ps it was not the mane dam that the fish died but a pool thatwas left when the water went down ther are plenty of little fry swinning about now so the dam must be ok , ps the fishery board are doing a fine job now checking for licenses and not just the brittish everyone gets checked so always carry your licences with you because ive been asked at other dams as well as acna and seen people getting charged its £120 fine also you can only fish with one at a time if your caught fishing with 2 rods its £40 p0und fine and your gear taking of you so bewarehughie

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Does anyone know of a RYA Dinghy sailing club in Southern Cyprus. We are Limassol based.Suzi

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Has anyone recently imported a MX bike without papers? If so, could you recommend a good shipping agent please. Suzi

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.....I am trying to locate The National Premises can anyone help?? Rob

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We are looking for a dart board in a cupboard. Does anyone have one for sale or know where you can buy them, preferably Paphos area. Thanks for your help. CL

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Hi, We are moving to Cyprus in the next 2 months and I'm looking for information regarding this gym and, more importantly, it's classes. I have a class timetable but it's a bit old, could someone give me an idea of classes and times? I've tried their website, but it's not accessible. Thanks. laurie

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We are thinking of relocating to Larnaca, my son is a very competitive swimmer who trains 9 times a week and covers around 70-80,000 metres a week. Does anyone know of any swimming clubs near by so that he can continue his sport? Thanks, Rob

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Are there any Bowls clubs in Cyprus? Not seen any mention in the forums.

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Hello Dino if you are still there I read your posting re Badminton. I also contacted the Cyprus B/ Fed and got in touch with a Michalis Giatrou( through a Ms Diana Knekna) he wants to start a club in Dhreynia which is near Paralimni near Ayia Napa he is having an open day on 2nd June I think, Sat morning etc for children and wants to meet anyone interested in starting up a club . His phone number is " 99539296 " I used to play in West Sussex up till 3 yrs ago and would like to play again I am a young 62 1/2 YR OLD and know a few likeminded people who want to play again , so if you are close by give him a ring and have a chat you can mention my name , or phone me on 99133457 cheers Maxwell M.R.HANNAH

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Hi. I'm looking for somewhere that sells riding hats, etc, Paphos or Limassol

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Hello I have just purchased a bike but the saddle is murder. Does anyone know where I can buy a comfortable ladies saddle in the Larnaca area. Many thanks Marie Elissa

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Who knows where I can find Power Plate training programme in Limassol?Thanks you in advance

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Does anyone know of any schools that offer windsurfing lessons or board hire anywhere in Cyprus? Thanks Mel Mel

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wanted boat-trailer 1500kg usedmarat

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