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Hello all,     Is there a place to rent a boat for a day or a weekend in Limassol or nearby?   Thanks

started by: Shorty67 · last update: 1160572499 · posted: 1160572499

Any one know of a shop, preferably in the Nicosia area, that sells or can get hold of good quality telescopes? Many thanks. Why don't plants water themselves??

started by: Jeremy-659758 · last update: 1158920249 · posted: 1158855814

Hi everyone, I have two spare tickets for the Cyprus Rally street stage on Sunday 24th September. They are situated in a stand (section 2) that is right on the start/finish line, and I believe you cannot buy these tickets anymore in this stand as they sold out weeks ago! They are 15.00CYP each (face value) and I am based in Limassol. Please call Jez on 99 955 176 if interested. Jez  

started by: ImRe · last update: 1158155078 · posted: 1158155078

Hi, could somebody recommend a good trainer in or around Limassol that could help me improve my swimming and diving skills? It would be nice to learn some of those trick-dives without any injury that some locals are doing. Thx ImRe

started by: demondaxs · last update: 1157532347 · posted: 1154613711

Hi guys, moving to cyprus, protaras area end of oct, and would like to know if anyone is cycling or mountainbiking in the area, or involved in tri, regards thanks daxs

started by: pambs · last update: 1151927381 · posted: 1151927381

Hi i'm looking for a boat, something with a cabin that can be used for pleasure and fisling i ve got a sports car that is lying around nissan 300zx that is evaluted at around 14000-15000 and i;m looking to trade it with a boat of similar value. the car is stored in a garage all the time as i ve got 2 other cars for daily use   cheers Pambs

started by: Tina-661003 · last update: 1150468068 · posted: 1150468068

Hi, We are moving over in August with two boys, aged 10 and 11. Does anyone know a good football and/or karate club in Limassol that's English speaking. Also, any English speaking Cub/Scout groups. Be happy to hear from anyone in Limassol with boys same age.

started by: Tina-661003 · last update: 1149515084 · posted: 1148741792

Hi, Can anyone recommend a place to store a speedboat in the winter months that does all the preparation necessary? Also, can you recommend a servicing/repair shop for boats in the Limassol area. Much obliged, Tina  

started by: Steve Day-660803 · last update: 1148809713 · posted: 1145545071

I am coming to Larnaca in the first week of May and want to hire 2 good quality mountain bikes for a week either from Larnaca or Nicosia - does anyone have any ideas ? Many thanks Steve Steve

started by: Dave G-660142 · last update: 1146931502 · posted: 1146594456

Hi All I am looking to take a PADI open water dive course when I am over in Cyprus next, can anyone recommend a good dive school?  I will be staying in the Paphos area. Thanks   Dave

started by: Flowerpower-660633 · last update: 1143110617 · posted: 1142782461

Hi there My daughter is mad about skateboarding so I need to know if there are any skateboarding parks in Limassol. Thanks

started by: nick_p-660608 · last update: 1142324341 · posted: 1142163776

Hello all, I've recently moved to Cyprus (Nicosia) and would like to get invovled in cycling. Does anyone know of any cycling groups in Cyprus that I could join? Cheers. Nick

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Someone has just told me that they heard that a lot of the rain that is currently falling in Cyprus is falling as snow in the Troodos? Has anyone else heard the same thing as I've just put my skis away for the season! Kev

started by: Russell-660157 · last update: 1137595053 · posted: 1136984796

Hi everyone, As it is now snowing in the Troodos, can anyone help me with information on the ski trails that are up there, lessons, lifts, hiring equipment, hotels near the trails etc etc! Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanks.     Russell

started by: Picklepie-659761 · last update: 1136884487 · posted: 1136389418

We are hoping to venture up to the Troodos for a bit of skiing if the snow finally arrives in large enough quantities. Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy skiwear in Limassol? Also, how much can we expect to spend in Cyprus on this type of thing?  We are heading back to the UK for a couple of days soon.  Is it better to buy over there? Thanks

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AngloINFO has received the following request by email: Please could you tell me somebody to get in touch with for Carp fishing near Ayia Napia end of April.Thankyou Micky Raynsford. I cant find the address for Alex Antoniades Fishing Shop in Ayia Napia maybe he could help me. The person who sent the email did not include their email address. If that person checks this forum, there is a local contact for the Department of Fisheries in Paralimni. Their number is 23 834 170. They should be able to help or put you in contact with the right person. If you have another read through the information about fishing in Cyprus you will find lots more numbers and links to websites to help you: http://cyprus.angloinfo.com/information/10/fishing.asp If anyone else can be of any more help I'm sure they will reply to this posting. Good luck. Jenny

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Hi everyone - Does anyone know who organises the cricket tours in Cyprus. I know that there is cricket played, but I'm not too sure how I can organise a possible short tour for the club that I play for. If anyone has got any information, I would be grateful to find out who we should talk to. Thanks. Nobby

started by: Paul the Diver · last update: 1132095211 · posted: 1131639044

Hi there, There are a few of us looking to come on holiday to Cyprus in April or May next year and I would be grateful if anyone could give me some information on what diving is available and where is best. We are very much mixed abilities, so any info would be appreciated. Thanks.     Paul

started by: Kevin-660193 · last update: 1131268877 · posted: 1130949867

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but is there such a thing as cricket for kids here in Cyprus? My son is 8 and would like to play but I don't really know where to find somewhere he can play.  Can anyone help? Cheers Kev

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Did anyone else miss the whole of the second half of the England match yesterday? The reception on our satellite was so bad we couldn't watch it and it seems to do this at the same time every day on all the BBC and ITV channels. I was told that it was to do with temporary atmospheric conditions, but they seem to be a very long "temporary". I'm a bit annoyed as we spent a fortune on a massive dish because we were on the "wrong side of Limassol" and we are still having problems with it. Is it just us or is everyone else getting it and can we expect it to improve?

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