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Tennis partner wanted, any age, any sex, any ability. Free court. Available most days. I am middle aged and can play quite well. I have reckets too. If interested please email me at panymed@cytanet.com.cy     thanks, Panicos 

started by: Shaun05 · last update: 1414054120 · posted: 1405532635

Are there any 5 a side teams in the paphos area???? ive lived here for 4 months and not found anywhere? I'm 24 and fit!  If anybody wants an extra player please do let me know! You can call me on :96345774

started by: Joshuaforex · last update: 1414054014 · posted: 1405360839

Hi I live in Limassol I m a tennis beginner (been playing for a year) and looking for a tennis player to play with at least once a week Joshua

started by: Jadakat-667418 · last update: 1413971543 · posted: 1413971543

Hi...does anyone know if there is anyone who rents out gym equipment in the Limassol area?

started by: Emma Svenson · last update: 1412974425 · posted: 1412948749

Hi! I'm looking for sport activities for a 7 year old girl in Limassol. Is there track and field athletics for kids (girls included) in Limassol? Basketball or handball for girls in Limassol?      

started by: ken@orchidsforyou.co.uk · last update: 1412851981 · posted: 1412851981

Hi we have recently moved to the Paphos area to retire and have the use of a communal pool. Unfortunately my wife cannot swim and would like to learn. We have found a couple of Gyms that offer swimming lessons but they are expensive - please does anyone know of somebody who offers adult swimming lessons at a reasonable price.

started by: BrunoSilva · last update: 1412158728 · posted: 1411993400

Hi, I Just recently arrived Limassol and I am looking to play some indoor futsal or 5 aside football. Anyone has a team or need an amateur player? Mail me at brunos@gmail.com

started by: DBZ14 · last update: 1410423680 · posted: 1410390205

Please can somebody advice how I can get 2 brand new Diving tanks from UK to Cyprus.?

started by: kathmay99 · last update: 1409521369 · posted: 1408289730

Hi Can anybody tell me if they have booked acruise for this oct with thompsons where they have booked it also a price guide for 2 people  Thank you  Kathleen  

started by: DBZ14 · last update: 1408910248 · posted: 1408570975

Looking for dive buddy(s).  I am an experienced UK water diver but new to Cyprus diving having only lived here for 18 months.  Just getting kit together.  Living in Polis area, retired and always free.

started by: davidlewis · last update: 1408349763 · posted: 1408309181

Hi does anyone know of a salsa instructor that would be prepared to do three hours maximum at a private birthday party for 14 people on the 30th August at 9 pm. Food and drink provided. Needs to have own music and sound system. thanks Dave

started by: alpineA610 · last update: 1408266193 · posted: 1408266193

Did hunting start today???

started by: tuse123 · last update: 1408032092 · posted: 1406731731

Does anybody know about some volleyball team in limassol i could join?

started by: BrunoSilva · last update: 1407935833 · posted: 1407935833

Hi, I Just recently arrived Limassol and I am looking to play some indoor futsal or 5 aside football. Anyone has a team or need an amateur player? Mail me at brunos@gmail.com

started by: gazzaga1 · last update: 1407874750 · posted: 1407874750

Famagusta Dragon Boat Team is looking for additional members to strengthen our teams. The team trains 2 - 3 times per week and is made up of all ages, genders and Nationalities. Training takes place on the sea or at Germasogia Dam in Limassol. This is an unusual, exciting and challenging sport and we can cater for all abilities. Give me a call if you are interestted on 99953628 or check out Facebook page Team Famagusta Dragons   Garry Smith Vice Captain

started by: Acidr4in · last update: 1407188078 · posted: 1403980884

Any suggestions on quiet beaches in Limassol anybody? Cheers.

started by: zanraf · last update: 1406745453 · posted: 1406643091

Does anyone know of any organized activites in August for teenagers in Limassol, preferably indoors, that involves for example arts and crafts, or anything creative?  would appreciate any referrals.

started by: Jkaye51 · last update: 1406499715 · posted: 1406499715

Can anyone tell me if dee-bee racing still run trips to nicosia races. If they dont, who does it now

started by: ben80-968815 · last update: 1405872468 · posted: 1405872468

Hi All! Can anyone recommend a swimming pool (preferably with shallow area for kids) near the universal area in Paphos? Cheers, ben

started by: Jimmy Leicos · last update: 1403728202 · posted: 1244554285

I am keen to begin sailing lessons and would appreciate any advice. I am aware of certain RYA course that last 4-5 days. My intention is to take one lesson each week for the foreseeable future.

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