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I have not played football in a few years but want to start playing again.Does anybody know if there is a team that need players?

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I'm interested to find out what expats who don't work (retired), do with their time in Cyprus.  Weve been to all the major cities, well known beaches, walk miles most days, go out a few times in the evenings to our local bar, go for drives to discover things off the beaten track, have a My Private Network TV link, et al.  All our English friends have left and returned to UK!  We're not very sporty, but my other half does a bit of fishing.  We feed stray cats on the local beaches. Now that the kiosks have shut for winter, the cats are not being fed tit bits.  There are no local charities close by.  If there were, I'd want to help. Spend a lot of time online but there is something missing.   Any ideas would be appreciated.  :)

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Arriving back in cyprus in the next few weeks (Paphos area).   Walking football/basketball seems to be getting very popular in uk.   Wondering if any seniors interested in kicking a ball again and getting some exercise and enjoyment.   Just an idea.............. By the way apart from dog walking I have done no exercise in years and am approaching 70 rather rapidly!

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hi, Does anyone know of someone who can get my android box working to run BT Sports. We can't get it to do anything, and the wizard is keeping well hidden. Any help appreciated. Will pay someone to come and sort it out.

started by: Beba-709869 · last update: 1389130688 · posted: 1389093854

I live near Dekelia Road, Pyla and I am looking for a walking partner to walk with for about an hour each morning.

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Have you got what it takes to be a Zinger? Music is the great uniter, an incredible force, something that people who differ on everything and anything else, can have in common. Never has truer words been quoted as the above and it certainly forms the ethos of the Contemporary Rock Choir, The Paphos Zingers. With 40 members ranging from ages 15 to 70 plus, you can ask any Zinger why they are in this group and everyone would say they love to sing. Why do we love it? You don't need therapy for anything if you sing from your heart. Hans Christian Anderson said, "Where words fail, music speaks. " The Zingers have been established for over 3 years and their primary aim is to raise much needed funds for their chosen charity Cancer Patients Support Group. In 2013 we made a pledge on Rock FM to smash our 2012 target of over 7,000 euro and aim for 10,000, by October we did it and with one big fund raising event still to go we were well over our target at 11,500. We are passionate about our singing and this is reflected in our performances. All members give their time and expenses freely and with a good heart. The key word to becoming a Zinger and joining this "family" is commitment. We rehearse every Monday at Marathounda village hall at 6.30, rehearsals often extend to Tuesday's when we have our own performances coming up. We are always on the lookout for new members of all ages, we have a healthy membership of men but we would welcome more and we are especially delighted to welcome some younger members, this gives us flexibility in our repertoire. You will never see the Zingers with their lyric sheets, we like to engage with our audience so there is commitment to learning all our songs and a little movement, (nothing too strenuous.) if you think you have got what it takes to become a Zinger, call our membership Secretary Irene for an informal, (and very friendly) chat. You will be invited to come along to our rehearsals for two weeks as a guest to see if it is what you want. We will provide the relevant music and lyrics, you will meet the rest of the group and then you can decide to become a member. January is a great time to join us as we prepare for our new shows in 2014. We will all be at the same level so you won't feel you have to catch up with the group. There are no auditions but we have a the best voice coach in Cyprus, Melanie Ballard, and she can determine which section you would be best suited to. Being a Zinger is not just a great and inexpensive hobby, it actually becomes a way of life, in truth it takes over your life, this is how passionate we all are. We have been nominated for the Paphos Hearts of Gold award for two consecutive years, something we are very proud of. So if you think you would enjoy singing in a large friendly group call now, as Robert Fripp once said, "  Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence." How fitting, we all enjoy our wine too. (But not before a performance!!) Call Irene, (our friendly Geordie Membership Secretary, Pet.) on 97718532.

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Hi, I am looking for a hotel which is located in Trodos and Kakopetria area for New Year Eve celebration (from 31.12.13 to 01.01.14) for about 20 people. Some of them have children, one couple has a dog.  If you know about possible options or have some offers, please contact me: Kseniya 96-277-187 melnikova.xenya@gmail.com Thank you in advance!

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Hello guys,  I'm very interested in SSI Freediving courses, Does anyone know where can I get SSI Freediving courses in Cyprus?

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KO 14:00 - Pafiako Stadium, Paphos: (opposite Debenhams) - Come show your support! Cyprus Rugby Team - ‘Moufflons’ - currently hold the World Record of 20 consecutive wins! Players Announced:  (*denotes new caps) (Alphabetical Order): George Agathocleous Jack Antoniou Jack Bilton Andrew Binikos Stavros Charalambous Constantinos Constantinides Stavros Economou Stephan Eleftheriou Sam Emery Dinu Floredan Luke Frixou Scott Lennox Yiannis Loizia Dan McFarlane Marko Mladenovic Panagiotis Nikolaidis * Artemios Papgeorgiou * Costas Pavlou Alex Philiotis Frank Stravrou Burhan Torgut Marios Zakakiotis * Alex Zavallis Head Coach - Paul Shanks Team Manager - Theo Lenos Check website for more details: www.cyprus-rugby.com

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Hello does any one sell second hand metal detector ? there is any shop that i can buy one ?

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does anybody know if the police can get involved, im coming to my last shouting session with these mongrels, now im getting to feel violent, and im lost,i cant stand it because,when one goes another one comes,they walk round my house with there pathetic army gear,looking for things that dont exist. its quite a large area,but whats the law

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For those interested, there is a game tomorrow at Happy Valley (Episkopi) between the Cyprus 'A' Team and British Forces Cyprus team - kick off 12noon. Please take your Passport or ID card in case it is required to gain access to the base.

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can anyone tell me the result of yesterdays match against  Slovenia

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There will be an evening Xmas market at the Zante Cafe bar at Santa Irene on the Limassol to Troodos road on Friday 29th November from 5-10pm. The Znate can be found just past the heritage school on the left hand side, by the 2nd pottery. There will be a variety of festive stalls ans mince pirs and mulled wine will be on sale. The Xmas market will be supporting the "Little Acorns", a local charity that feeds the homeless and hungry. Stalls are 10 euro and if you would like to book a stall please call Arist on 96800565. Stalls are selling fast so pleae be sure to book your stall early.   Please do not reply to this post, there is a number above to book your stall or to answer any queries.    

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Does anyone know if the new bicycle shop near to The Horizon Pub selling the Specialized brand of bikes is still to open?  My husband was told by the young man opening it that it would be up and running on the 1st November.  

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I have friends coming to visit for Christmas with their two teenage children. The children want to know if it is possible to play tennis anywhere in Larnaca without being a member of a club, or if there is a hotel with courts that allows non-residents to use them. They don't mind paying a temporary membership or use fee, but everytime I search for information I keep seeing the Larnaca Tennis Club, which I guess you have to join of to use, and (I am also guessing) that is not straightforward for people visiong for 10 days. Any suggestions?

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Does anyone know if there are any rock climbing groups in Cyprus or an adult climbing wall? Ive had a look but cant seem to find anything out here. All your comments are appreciated.

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Are there any running clubs in Larnaca? If so, please let me know. Thanks

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Looking for a Tennis Partner during October. I have membership at a Tennis Academy in Meneou Larnaca and would like to find a partner (of good standard Tennis playing) to play if possible on a regular basis, this month and perhaps November. If interested please call Alexis on 96-425203.

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I would love to learn how to Jive!!! I mean really Jive. Any gentlemen willing to help?? I can dance but have never learnt to jive! Not asking for anything else just a partner to learn with. Want to impress a certain couple who are very good at it! Paphos area.

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