InterManager Conference

12th March 2020 8:34am - 5:04pm
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InterManager Conference where latest developments in Ship Management world will be hotly discussed.

12th of March 2020 InterManager Conference in Cyprus will discuss following issues, are interested, get in touch, we only have 188 places.

• Accident investigation – How does the air industry manage to investigate without blaming aircraft crews?

• Criminalisation of the seafarers

o Latest case discussed

o Are PandI, ITF, IMEC, IMO able to help or it is time to find a solution ourselves?

• Digital Support Center – Member’s presentation

• Fires on the container ships – are we doing anything about it? TBC

• Mental health – is there a problem? Can we be a solution? Panel Discussion

• Digitizing workflows to increase operational intelligence for more effective ship management

• HI- LO – does it work? TBC

• Environment in 2020 – stick check after 72 days

• Wiping your hull – viable option?

• Ballast Water – close look

o Compliance Testing: The Risk and Reward of Testing at Commissioning

o October 2020 and Beyond: Implications and Impacts of the BWM Code

o Delivering the Goods: Managing BWM Market Needs

o Great Expectations: Ensuring BWM Performance Meets Your Expectations

o BEMA 2020: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

• Videotel latest film

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Event Location

Limassol Columbia Plaza
Agiou Andreou 223

12th March 2020 8:34am - 5:04pm