Events & Festivals

18th Paradise Jazz Festival from Aug 18th 2017 to Aug 19th 2017
A musical jazz festival with lineup of various well-known band and performances, tasty food and drinks. At Paradise Place in Paphos. Date 18 Aug - 19 Aug - 2017
A unique dance holiday of 7 days with guest artists, teachers and dancers. At Paphos in Cyprus. Call 87 384 6671 for more info.
Cyprus International Food Festival showcase the diverse kitchens in Cyprus at Molos Lemesou in Limassol. Entrance: Free.
An event featuring mind, body and spirit festival celebrate with lectures, classes and workshops. At Filoxenia Conference Center in Nicosia. Entry: €8 per person.
The Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival 2017 from Aug 26th 2017 to Aug 27th 2017
"Cyprus Hip-Hop Festival" with a well known singers and Dj's at red music stage at Nicosia. call 22 767 711 for more info.Ticket: € 15 Date: 26 Aug. - 27 Aug. 2017 
7th Rock Festival from Sep 9th 2017 to Sep 9th 2017
Limassol seventh Rock Festival presents line up of well known musical bands at Heroe's Square in limassol. Call  25 856 058 for more info. 
Cyprus International Food Festival from Sep 23rd 2017 to Sep 24th 2017
"Cyprus International Food Festival" in which chefs will represent over the 20 cuisines from different countries at molos lemesou in limassol.Date: 23 Sept. -  24 Sept. 2017Entry: Free.
25th Milk Festival from Sep 8th 2017 to Sep 8th 2017
The 25th Milk Festival presents various milk products with performances by singers Yiannis Parios and Melina Aslanidou. at Chalkanoras Idaliou in Nicosia. Call 22 521 417 for more info. 
Wine Festival 2017 from Aug 31st 2017 to Sep 10th 2017
Limassol Municipality organised a wine festival with verity of wines in joyful atmosphere for visitors at Limassol municipal garden.  25 745 919 call for more info. Date: 31 Aug - 10 Spt. 2017 Entrance: Free 
Grape Festival from Sep 10th 2017 to Sep 10th 2017
Festival features various grape and its sub-products with fun and entertainment, Visitors can observe the making of palouzes and shoushoukos at Zivania Museum in limassol. Call 99 352 547 for more info.
Cyprus Rocks 17 from Oct 8th 2017 to Oct 8th 2017
Cyprus Rocks 17 festival showcase the lineup of rock bands at Protaras in Cyprus.
World Drum Day from Aug 20th 2017 to Aug 20th 2017
World Drum Day-drumming for peace and unity at Dasoudi Beach in Limassol.Entry: Free
Apple Festival from Oct 7th 2017 to Oct 8th 2017
Apple Festival featuring all the types of apples that grow in Cyprus at Kyperounta village in Limassol. Call 99 352 547 for more info.Date 7 Oct - 8 Oct, 2017
2nd Narrative Festival from Sep 2nd 2017 to Sep 3rd 2017
The Narrative Festival gives the opportunity to narrators who love to share stories of every kinds, whether folk tradition or from literature at Lord Byron in Limassol.
Photocypria 2017 from Sep 22nd 2017 to Sep 22nd 2017
The Photography Festival "Photocypria 2017" at Limassol.Entry: Free
Xarkis Festival from Aug 19th 2017 to Aug 20th 2017
The 5th Xarkis Festival present cultural and traditions programs at koilani in Limassol.Entry: FreeDates: August 19 – August 20, 2017.
British Forces Episkopi Fete 2017 from Sep 23rd 2017 to Sep 23rd 2017
British Forces Episkopi Fete on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at Happy Valley, Episkopi, Limassol.
40th Dionysia Festival from Aug 19th 2017 to Aug 20th 2017
The Festival includes traditional dances, music and the contest "Star Dionysia" with otherentertainment programs at Stroumbi village of the Paphos.Dates: 19 Aug - 20 Aug, 2017