Food & Drink Events

Swanky Wags Summer Ball for PARC from Sat 10th Jun to Sun 11th Jun
An evening celebrate with food, dance and more at  Swanky Wags in Paphos. Call 96 325 877 for more info.
A series of wine tasting event with two hundred eighty bottles at Kato Paphos Harbour in Paphos. Entrance: Free.
3 Days Brunch, Lunch and Pancakes from Thu 4th Jan to Mon 1st May
Garden Day and Night hosts 3 day of brunch, lunch and pancakes for everyone to join. At Garden Day and& Night in Nicosia. Call 22 662 626 for more info.
A wine tour to the Makkas and Vouni Panayia Winery. Entry: Free. At Jumbo Limassol. Call 25 833 030 for more info.