Music: Classical & Opera

Misia - The Soul of Fado from Aug 19th 2017 to Aug 19th 2017
A fado music performer Mísia will perform at Paphos Ancient Odeon in Pahos. Entry: €15-25.
Bayamo Piano Evening from Jun 29th 2017 to Jun 30th 2017
Thursday evening with a live piano performance at Bayamo Wine Bar in Larnaca. Call 99 584 224 for more info.
Municipality Moutsis - Lucian Kilaidonis from Jul 14th 2017 to Jul 14th 2017
A tribute show to the songs of Dimos Moutsi and Loukianos Kilaidonis with a strong element of a modern melody. Entry: €10. Call 70 002 420 for more info.
Droushia Dixie Seven Jazz Band from Jul 28th 2017 to Jul 28th 2017
Droushia Dixie Seven Jazz Band will perform jazz tunes of the 30s and 40’s at Technopolis 20 in paphos. Entry: €10. Call 70 002 420 for more info. 
Opéra night with Anoki von Arx from Jun 28th 2017 to Jun 28th 2017
Musical performance by Anoki von Arx at Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir in Nicosia.
La La World from Jun 29th 2017 to Jun 29th 2017
A women’s choir Cantus Novus Femina will perform pieces from the traditions of Latin and North America and Europe. At Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Nicosia. Entry: Free. Call 22 128 157 for more info.