Theatre & Shows

Caterina: Last Queen of Cyprus from Tue 13th Jun to Wed 14th Jun
A theatrical show features the story of a Queen named Caterina Cornaro, from 14 until her death, her life in Cyprus and her bond with the island. At CVAR/Severis Foundation in Nicosia. Entry: €10. Call 70 001 140 for more info.
Robust Fri 2nd Jun
The CHACMA Performance, a theater dance group will perform four stage performances unfolding a fusion between acting, physical theatrical performance, sound and dance. At Technopolis 20 in Paphos. Entry: €10. Call 70 002 420 for more info.
Don Gnu Fri 9th Jun
A  pioneering artistic group, Don Gnu will perform in Kennedy Square Paphos. Entry: Free. Call 26 932 017 for more info.