Doha Blogs & Websites

Doha News
Digital news blog that covers politics, business, culture and lifestyle in and around Qatar, with videos and photos.
Life on the Spot
A blog documenting the lives of the San Juan family since their move to Doha, with stories about dining and entertainment, and factual advice on life in the city.
Doha Days
The life of the Junod family from Texas who are now living in Doha, their experiences and travels.
Street style and fashion blog, aimed at capturing the best-dressed and most stylish inhabitants of Doha.
Working in Doha
One mans adventures in Doha, from desert trips and regional travel, to moonlight boat cruises and partying.
Skeptic in Qatar
The life of a skeptic accountant from North America, with articles on restaurants, beaches, traffic, shopping and Qatari weddings.
Dining in Doha
A restaurant-based website, with reviews of a wide variety of restaurants in Doha, including information on takeaway and delivery services, parking and opening hours.
Doha Mums
A social group offering a range of activities and support, including playgroups, spa days, cooking classes, nights out and coffee meet-ups, with a website and blog full of ideas and activities.
Living in Qatar Information
An open and free article directory to help freelance authors and bloggers publish their thoughts and writing works, with the aim of informing people about the Qatar lifestyle.
Digital Qatar
A blog for technology enthusiasts which explores the potential of information and communication technology, providing a platform for genuine thought and conversation in Qatar around everything ICT.
The Life of Umm
A journalist and mother on her life in Doha and a wide range of topical subjects.
The blogs of Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, a modern mother, writer and scholar living in Doha, whose articles are published locally and who has written six e-published novels and essay collections.
Aloha Doha
An american hairdresser shares her adventures of working and living in Doha.
An English Girl Abroad - Life in Qatar
The blog of Sarah Spendiff, the Qatar-based writer, blogger, mother and wife, on events and activities in Doha.
Doha Business
A site written by people living and working in Qatar who have local knowledge and connections, sharing business news and events, as well as investment opportunities in Qatar.
Mr Q - A Qataris View
The Qatari perspective on events in Qatar, including technological developments and media happenings.
Gulf Dine
A Doha-based restaurant guide with reviews, directions and general information, as well as user reviews.
Moz Boondoggle
A female American journalist whos left suburbia and is adapting to life in Doha, telling stories along the way, from political issues to finding cup cake heaven in Qatar.
Living in Qatar as an Expat
An overview of living in Doha, with photos and anecdotes.