Health & Medical Insurance

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Moving to Doha? Get top quality international health insurance from Cigna Global Health Options. With first class service, and access to over 1 million hospitals and providers worldwide, you can get treatment where and when you need it.
Expat health cover for people with a global outlook
Whether you move alone or with your family, AXA have a range of plans to support your health cover needs. 
Qatar General Insurance
General medical and health insurance with a range of comprehensive packages. Several branches throughout Doha, with the main office near the Al Bidda Tower, Doha.
My Matchmaker
My Matchmaker is an independent broker specialising in helping expatriates find the right international health insurance for their needs from a range of well-known insurers.
Doha Insurance
Medical insurance covering hospitalisation, out-patient treatment and maternity, dental and optical, with worldwide, regional and local plans available.
Doha Bank Assurance
Comprehensive group medical insurance offered in three categories, including cover for workers and labourers, providing cashless, direct settlement facilities within a specified network of healthcare providers.
Anderson Health Qatar
International health-care advisers who assist corporates and individuals in finding suitable health insurance policies. Al Fardan Office Tower, 8-9th Floor, Doha.
Qatar Life and Medical Insurance
Comprehensive medical insurance packages providing cashless, direct settlement facilities within a specific network of healthcare providers, including dental, maternity and optical care.