Magazines & Newspapers

Qatar Morning Post
Daily newspaper in both Arabic and English, with sections on Qatar and regional news, business and finance, and Islamic news.
Gulf Times
Top-selling English daily newspaper, with regional and international news, opinion, finance and business, sport and features.
Oryx In-Flight Magazine
The in-flight magazine of Qatar Airways, with articles on travel destinations, lifestyle, reviews and shopping, with a full online service and back issues.
Time Out Doha
The insiders guide to living in Doha, with both print and online versions, containing entertainment, restaurants, art, bars and clubs, films, activities for children, sports events and travel.
Qatar Tribune
Regional and international news, business, sports and recreation, with both print and online versions.
Doha Stadium Plus Qatar
English language sports weekly, covering all major international sports, available at newstands or by subscription, with an online version.
Qatar Happening
A monthly English language publication with a sister website, focusing on Qatar’s social life, people, news, entertainment, arts and culture, sports and restaurant news.
Isola Magazine
Luxury lifestyle magazine with articles on fashion, health and beauty, culture and art, interiors, fine dining and travel. Available in print and online.
The Peninsular Newspaper
An English language daily newspaper with local, regional and international news and features, as well as business news, sports and lifestyle articles. Subscriptions and home delivery available.