Help in return for accommodation in, perhaps, the perfect COVID retreat.

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Following nearly three years of almost total neglect, we are looking for assistance to help restore our garden to its former productive glory.  The tasks would depend on the helpers interests, ability and the season, but may include any of the following:
Tasks relating to maintaining a productive large poly-tunnel.
Assistance with the creation of a new raised vegetable garden system.
Task relating to the maintenance of a productive vegetable garden.
General landscaping.
Forestry work.
Grass cutting.
Bramble clearance and ground reclamation.

The accommodation we offer will be our recently refurbished and vacated home, a small two bedroom dwelling set in private grounds at the end of a chemin rural.

The mobile phone reception is intermittent, but there is a landline with internet on site, and a good Wi-Fi signal that extends to much of the property.  So “working from home” is an option.

The property is situated about 8km from St Yrieix la Perche, which is where we will be living while we have helpers.   
St Yrieix la Perche has a train station, so it’s not unrealistic to be bicycle based, if that’s what our helpers are into.  We will be regular visitors as we will be hands on working together, so we can easily help bringing in provisions.

We are a working couple in our early 60s, with plenty of experience with this type of work.   We just need help to get this project back up and running as we have another large project that is consuming too much of our time, and will for a while yet.  We really miss the gardening and the produce.

Age and experience are not important to us, we just need careful helpers with enthusiasm, general ability, and a flexible approach to the way things are done.

Our thought is that this is likely to suit a couple, young or old.
2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months?  The exact deal will need to be discussed.  We may well like help for the all of the coming year.  

Pesticides and herbicides have not and will not be used on this garden, and starting in a few months there again should be a wide range of produce to share all year round.

If you know of anyone that might be interested in this, please pass on our contact details: