Volunteers Needed in Dordogne


Our Spiritual Humanitarian Artistic Charity in Dordogne, needs some responsible idealistic spiritual volunteers who wish to make a difference by giving a few hours of work for free.

We need many skills from managing, mentoring, counseling, befriending, fundraising, building work, organic agriculture etc. 

It can vary from listening on the phone or internet, a few hours a month, to part time or full time hands on in Dordogne, for genuine responsible individuals who already have their own income and accommodation, and just wish to make themselves useful for free, helping a good cause.

In the context of our charity, we also practice some exchanges with genuine volunteers capable as builders, handy men or gardeners etc. such as living in a room in our shared house at a reduced monthly price or if you have your own caravan or camping car etc. to be allowed to live on our land at a reduced monthly price, in exchange of a bit of help, to our charity

Please only apply if genuine, open minded and truly willing to help make a good difference to our world

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