Phoenix Barney needs a home of his own

Posted by: Phoenix Nicola · 1520844467

Here is what Barney's foster Mum has to say about him...

"Barney is a stunning boy who came to me as a young puppy with his siblings and was soon homed to a lovely family, where he was very happy.

However a few weeks ago, he came back to me. Unfortunately due to a change in the family circumstances, his family could no longer keep him and very reluctantly, they decided it was in his best interest to find a new family who could give him the life they no longer could.

Poor Barney was very confused by all of this and couldn’t understand why he had come back and was rather sad. He knew us well of course and had played endlessly with our dogs as a young puppy. But for some reason, he found the transition difficult. He found it hard to find his place in the pack and I believe he was used to being top dog. Our dogs were quick to teach him his place, though he did challenge this for a while and being bigger than ours, he tried to dominate them. His training was a bit limited too, so we worked very hard with this and he has made such brilliant progress.  He is quick to learn and though he pushed the boundaries initially, this was because he had few before. He is a typical teenager and will still try his luck!  But he knows his place now and is so much happier for it.  He is greatly enjoying his work and is enthusiastic and responsive in his lessons.

He plays well with our pack most of the time, though can still be silly with our very passive female dog. The other dogs will stand no nonsense and he is now showing due respect to them. He is still nervous when meeting other dogs for the first time but we are working on his socialisation skills as a priority.  It may be he has had a bad experience with a dog before and he is fearful. He was castrated very recently and already we are noticing a huge improvement in him.

As such, he is ready to find his new family. But it is essential that his new owners continue his education and have a fully enclosed garden. Barney is a highly intelligent and active dog and loves to be outside.

There is no doubt that Barney will become a magnificent dog, but he needs strong and preferably experienced owners who will set the boundaries and be in charge. Like all puppies he has his mad moments, but most of the time he just wants to be with you. He is a fantastic companion, he is sensitive, loving and funny. He loves to cuddle up on the sofa and have his tummy rubbed. He will walk miles with you when he is older and never leave your side. Already he adores my son, and would lay his life down for him. Sadly my son travels a lot with his work, otherwise they are the perfect partnership.

I love Barney greatly, but cannot keep him as others so need my help now. I know his special family is out there. Please, if it is you, do contact me.  Barney really needs his forever home now."

Barney has been neutered, chipped, vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms.