Rescued cat found in a bin

Posted by: Kiwi en France-939682 · 1566756784

Please can anybody help? We have rescued a very skinny cat and her black and white kitten from a bin (yes!). The kitten is the sweetest thing I have ever met, but our dogs mean we cant take her in so my elderly mother has promised to keep her for two weeks, but at 96 cant manage longer. The kitten has learnt to use a litter tray, and is about 9 weeks old, very calm and would rather curl up on a lap than play games. The first thing they did when I found them was hide in a cardboard box and sleep all afternoon. The mother is tiny and half siamese. I think she is probably only a year old and is too pretty for words. Viewable near Brantome or Jumilhac le Grand. Clare or