Accountants & Auditors

Acso Conseil & Social Expertise-Comptable
Online chartered accounting firm, offering a wide range of services in Dordogne.
Provide expert accounting services to a specialist niche including agricultural businesses, wine producers, SMEs and the professions.
Accounting firm for management, taxation, legal issues and payroll. 
Assistance with fiscal and social matters, tax forms, advice on setting up business, payrolls, social charges and annual accounts. 
Aurecco Aquitex
Accountants and auditors for corporate legal advice, taxation, auditing. 
Lempereur & Associés
English-speaking accountancy for advice regarding setting up business in France, compliance with French tax regulations concerning French assets.  
CPA for accounting and financial services, assistance with labour law and staff management.
English-speaking accountants for tax advice, tax returns, business registration, social security matters. 
Reseau GCL
English-speaking accountancy firm offering business set up, bookkeeping, tax planning, financial advise and more.
Suivi et Conseil d’Experts
Accounting and audit firm based in Vezac, specializes in various financial services.
Compt & Cool
English-speaking chartered accountant based in Chancelade, offers a range of services.
Offers a wide range of accounting services.
Cabinet Constant Socagec
Specializes in a wide range of accounting and audit related services.
Expert Conseil Entreprise
Accountants offering tax advice, business creation assistance, annual tax returns, investment advice.
English speaking dual qualified FCCA UK Chartered Accountant and French Expert Comptable.