Dordogne Caves

Troglodyte caves - Belves
Open June to September. Tours in English take 45 minutes.
Les Grottes de Maxange
These caves were discovered in August 2000 and opened to the public in 2003. Offer unique calcite formations. Located in le Buisson de Cadouin. See website for more details.
Grotte de Carpe Diem
This cave features a 200m walkway with stalactites and more. Located near Le Bugue sur Vezere at Manaurie.
Grotte des Combarelles
Considered as a major sanctuary of the Magdalenian culture and most of the 600 wall representations are engraved. Features a 240 m corridor. Visit only possible by reservation in advance. Located in Les Eyzies.
Grottes de Roc de Cazelle
Offers a reconstitution of the life of our ancestors in their actual homes. English documentation available. See website for more details.
Grottes - Domme
The caves at Dommes near Sarlat have a panoramic lift that offers a splendid view over the valley.
Grottes du Grand-Roc Laugerie Basse
Offers nearly 600 paintings by Cro-Magnon men of their environment, lifetsyle, tools etc..
Grotte de Bara-Bahau
Large colouful karst cave with a fine collection of Magdalenian art. Features an inner chamber and sanctuary. Located at le Bugue sur Vezere, 40km south of Perigueux..
Grotte de Villars
This cave was found in 1953 and opened to the public in 1958. See website for more details. Located in Villars.
Lescaux II
This medium sized cave is a masterpiece of prehistoric art. It extends for about 200 meters. Discovered in 1940 by Marcel Ravidet. Located in Montignac sur Vezere.
Grotte de Bernifal
The Bernifal cave contains nearly 110 pre-historic paintings. Located in Meyrals.
Grotte de Castel Merle
A complex of 9 different caves under limestone rocks that were inhabited 14000 years ago. Located at Sergeac.
Gouffre de Proumeyssac
A must for lovers of caves, stalactites and stalacmites. Located in Le Bugue sur Vezere. See website for more details.
Grotte de Rouffignac
Offers an immense cave that can be explored from an electric train. Features many drawings and engravings of Bison, Ibex, Rhinoceros and Mammoth dating 130 years. Located at Rouffignac Saint Cernin de Reilhac. See website for more details.
Grotte de Font-De-Gaume
This cave can only be visited by making a reservation 15 days in advance. The cave has a collection of over 200 pre-historic sketches and paintings. Located at Les Eyzies.