Insect, Fungus & Rot Treatment

Find a property inspection company for diagnostic survey reports. Specialist companies for termite treatments, wood treatments for capricorn beetles, damp treatments and insulation in the event of rising damp, and various solutions for fungal or rot attack and insect infestations.

Frederic Liogier
Termite and wood treatment. Located at 15 Rue Jean Jaures in Saint Astier (24).
Cabinet Agenda - Perigueux (C.M. Expertises)
Inspection for termites, asbestos and lead-based products. Energy performance assessments. At 22 Rue Gambetta, Perigueux, Dordogne (24).
Murprotec a Coulounieix Chamier
Damp proofing for rising damp, condensation and damp basements. Located at Coulounieix Chamier and Miramont de Guyenne (24 & 47).
Ouest Humidite
Repair of damages from damp, condensation, water leaks, odors and barrier sealing. Cover Dordogne (24) and Gironde (33). Located at Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac, Gironde (33).
Excell Diag
Diagnostic survey reports throughout the Dordogne. Tests and reports on gas, electricity lead, asbestos, termites and energy performance. 
Damp treatment, exterior insulation and wall finishes, wood treatment. Covers Lot et Garonne (47).
Groupe Expertimmo
Measuring services for residences, "loi carrez", termite, asbestos, lead, gas and swimming pool inspections. At 2 Rue Gambetta, Perigueux, Dordogne (24).
Aquitaine Diagnostic Services
Inspection service for presence of termites, asbestos and lead-based products in properties. House surveys, swimming pool safety checks and property measurement (47).
Cabinet d'Expertises (Baptiste Souille)
Inspection services for termites, asbestos and lead-based products in properties. Covers Lot et Garonne (47), Southern Gironde (33), Landes (40) and Dordogne (24). Based in Marmande (47).
Eco Habitat
Insect, fungus and rot treatment. Covers Lot et Garonne (47), Dordogne (24) and Landes (40). At 8 ZA de Rigoullet, Le Boe, Lot et Garonne (47).
Cabinet Agenda - Marmande
Property inspectors and certification experts for asbestos, certified dimensions, lead, gas, termites, housing quality and condition of property. Based in Marmande, Lot et Garonne (47).
Talpa - Mole Exterminators
Mole extermination service using traps. At Sarlat at 30 Ave Thiers, covers most of Dordogne (24).
Societe dExpertise du Sud Ouest
Measuring service "loi carrez", termite, asbestos and lead inspections. Cover South West France (24).
Societe de Travaux dAssainissement et de Desinfection
Wood treatment for insect and fungal attack, damp proofing. Rat and insect extermination, disinfection services. Cover Dordogne (24), Gironde (33) and Lot et Garonne (47).