Museums & Castles to Visit

Chateau de Biron
The Biron Castle dates from the 12th century. It was one of the 4 Perigord baronies and owned by the Gontaut-Biron family for 8 centuries. Located in Biron near Monpazier (47).
Chateau de Bonaguil
The Bonaguil Castle is classed as a national monument and dates from the 13th century. The castle is set on a rocky hill between the Theze and Lemance valleys. Located at Fumel (47).
Chateau de Beynac et Cazenac
The Beynac and Cazenac Castle occupies a dominant position on the rocky cliffs overlooking the Dordogne river. Reconstructed by Lord Beynac its architecture dates from the 13th century (24).
Le Musee d'Aquitaine
Presents the 20th century history of Bordeaux and its region. Contains about 700 000 pieces separated into archeology, history and ethnography covering 5000 m². At 20 Cours Pasteur, Bordeaux. Open 11:00-18:00, closed Mondays and public holidays (33).
Le Musee National des Douanes
At 1 Quai de la Douane, Bordeaux. The National Customs Museum offers an overview of the role and functioning of the French Customs Service. It strives to offer a history of the men and the institution (33).
Atelier Musee des Tisserands et de la Charentaise
Contained within the Castle of Varaignes, this working weaving museum and the museum of the Bandiat - Tardoire valleys offers a glimpse of local life in the 19th century. Located at Varaignes (24).
Musee d'Histoire Naturelle
The Natural History Museum is to be found at 5 Place Bardineau, Bordeaux. Created after the French Revolution it reflects the passion of the aristocracy and grand bourgeoisie for the sciences. Contains a vast array of zoological specimens (33).
Chateau de Duras
Castle dated from the middle age offers an architecture mixing middle-age and the 18th century. Located in Duras, Lot et Garonne (47).
Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs
At 39 Rue Bouffard, Bordeaux. The Museum of Decorative Arts contains paintings, sculptures and other works of Bordelaise Art from the 18th and 19th centuries (33).
Musee du Vin et du Negoce
Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum pays tribute to their prestigious wines and their enchanting history. Located on Rue Borie in the heart of the Chartrons district the museum gives an overview of wines and vines of Bordeaux (33).
Castle & Gardens of Marqueyssac
The Gardens of Marqueyssac, listed as a National Historical Monument, is a private estate dating from the 17th century. The extensive gardens are open evey day of the year. Restaurant and cafe on site open through the summer. Winter opening PM only (24).
Compagnie Générale Minéraux Bijouterie
A mineral and gem stone museum found at the foot of the Castelnaud Castle. Located in Vezac (24).
Le Musee des Beaux-Arts
At 20 Cours ', Bordeaux. The Museum of Fine Arts contains works by Perugin, Brueghel de Velours, Pierre de Cortone, Van Dick, Van Goyen, Rubens, Chardin, Magnasco, Corot, Delacroix and Matisse (33).
Chateau de Bourdeilles
Features a fortress from the 13th - 15th centuries. Offers an interesting collection of cupboards, carpets, wardrobes from the 16th and 17th centuries. Open throughout the year. Located near Brantome (24).