Plumbers & Water Treatment

Find an English-speaking plumber or heating specialist for the Dordogne region. Artisan plumbing specialists for central heating installation and repairs, boiler installation and maintenance.

Fulbert Herve
Expertise in plumbing repairs, heating repairs, installations, sanitation and more.
JBS Plomberie
Plumbing, heating and sanitary services offered in Dordogne and its surrounding areas.
Allo Plombier 24
Offers maintenance contracts, plumbing services, heating and sanitary services among others.
Plumber Chris
Fully qualified plumber and heating engineer offering services in both France and the UK.
Dépannage Gaz
Services include sanitary plumbing, heat pumps, water treatment as well as maintenance and repairs.
Engie Home Services
Specializes in boilers and water heaters, water softener and plumbing services.
Cedeo Bergerac
Plumber services offered in Dordogne.
Specializes in a range of plumbing and electrical work.
Water fountains and water softener systems for bathrooms, kitchens and heating systems among others.
Perle d'Eau
Stocks a range of Graf rainwater storage tanks as well as ecologically-friendly biological micro-stations.
Confort & Eau
Offers water treatment systems for rain water or spring water, water recovery, water savers and more.