Avocat (French lawyer) and Solicitor of England of Wales:

French Avocat practising since 2003. Member of the Law Society and enrolled as a Solicitor of England and Wales. Expert in all English and French law matters. For advice, consultations and assistance in English. Office open 9am/6pm French time.

For English-speaking French lawyers, both in their capacity as French Solicitors or French Advocates or French Barristers are the only professional advisers in the French legal field able to draft consultations, assist and represent their non French-speaking clients in any caselaw before the French jurisdictions. Hence, the English-speakers relocated or overseas - wherever they come from and whatever they need - should get the easiest affordable access to a modern professional body fully competent in French law such as ours.

We are a firm of young lawyers based in Western France, in the Poitou-Charentes area, half-way between Aquitaine and (continental) Normandy, operating everywhere across France and widely used to undertake any legal work for people and companies from Great-Britain or the United-Kingdom, the Channel Islands, Ireland or Asian countries. We do it mostly thanks to an extensive knowledge of the English legal system and Norman Customary law still at force in the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey.

We have a good knowledge of those countries cultural heritage, and understand how to operate smoothly when necessary. Our intensive practice of civil law which includes :

Family law and divorce Deeds

Sales Purchase Conveyancing


Damages Liability

Tort Contract


Employment law

Enforcement of criminal law or European law

leads us to offer you a sterling set of services at your best interests as long as they require protection, assistance, legal advice and representation.