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Completes the compulsory pre-purchase engery performance assessment (DPE) gas/electrical safety tests and checks on the presence of lead, asbestos and termites. Reports can also include building survey/assessment and advise on any problems found.

In France, the seller of a property has an obligation to inform the purchaser on a number of issues laid down in law.

This information exonerates the seller in terms of "non-garantie des vices chachés" clause (hidden defects) in the sale agreement. Over recent years the state has imposed a set of obligatory searches for hidden defects and has obliged the seller to inform the purchaser of potential risks to the health and safety of the propertys occupants as well as the environmental impact of the property.

The seller is required to commission a "Diagnostiquer Immobilier" who is in possession of the necessary qualifications and guarantees. The survey which includes all the obligatory controls is known as the "Dossier de Diagnostic Technique".

What is the "Dossier de Diagnostic Technique"?

In its full version, in the case of a sale, it consists of 7 diagnostic surveys, which by law must be annexed to the sale agreement:

  • Asbestos
  • Electrical Installation
  • Energy Performance
  • Gas Installation
  • Lead Paint
  • Natural and Technological Risks
  • Termites

The number of surveys required depends on the propertys location, the year of construction, the presence and age of its installations (gas and electricity) and the type of transaction (sale or lease). Should any previous diagnostic surveys exist, these are required to be still valid at the date of signature.

Who performs the diagnostic surveys?

Since the 1st of November 2007, the diagnostic surveys may only be performed by an expert (Diagnostiqueur Immobilier) in possession of the required certificate of competence issued by an accredited organisation. By law the expert may have no link with either party in the transaction which diminishes his independence and impartiality. The "Diagnostiqueur" is required to cover his professional responsibility.

The CE2i Diagnostic Immobilier was established in 2002 and offers a full Diagnostic service in English.

Our Business Charter promises you a service which is honourable, dignified and honest.  Totally impartial and fully independent, we complete all the necessary diagnostic tests efficiently and promptly to provide you with a clear and precise report which you can rely on and trust.

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