Fosse Floss

Septic tanks (Fosse septique, fosse toutes eaux),  micro stations, filters and grease traps. Water treatment advisors and installers. From permission to system selection to approval by SPANC. Dept 47 and 24

  • From a simple Fosse Tout Eau to a state of the art Micro Station
  • We take care of all the paper work as well as the Installation
  • Rates are competitive and all inclusive
  • Our staff will help you decide on the most cost effective system
  • We take care of all the administration with the authorities S.P.A.N.C.
  • SAUR inspect the installation and issue a certificate of conformance
  • Ten year guarantee
  • There is a lot of confusion about the new rules. If you have any questions or need advice then please call or email us for a no obligation consultation.

Please Call 05 53 36 71 93 or email [email protected]