Under the banner of the international group Generali we cover the full span of insurance services with a specific expertise on tax and financial matters. For down to earth advice on pensions, savings and investment and tax planning contact Anne Gardini.

Snapshots from real life: A few examples of the things Anne can help you with.

« My children from my first marriage don’t get on with my wife, I want her to have ownership of the house if I die first.»
« How can I use my savings, without squandering, to complement my UK pension ?»
« I have three children, one of whom is handicapped, how can I secure her future? »
« I have a business, I could expand but the tax implications are dissuasive. Any ideas? »

After working for various banks and financial institutions in Hong Kong, the UK and France, Anne has chosen to settle in this precise part of the world. She has since been appointed by the Bordeaux Court of Appeal as a legal expert in tax and financial matters.

In the course of her professional life here, she has witnessed time and again how the delights of a new life can be spoiled by financial headaches and anxieties over the future because of ill-conceived financial planning.

While the problems can often be put right using simple financial tools, they always call for a tailor-made, totally individual approach: Anne firmly believes that financial issues should only be introduced as by-products to life choices, rather than rigid frameworks into which your life should be forced. The first question she will therefore ask you is: ”What do you seek to achieve?” Think about the answer…then give Anne a call on 05 53 36 41 04

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