Please Help Translation and Relocation Specialists

Translators & Interpreters

Professional translation and relocation service to help you settle into a new life in France. Help with Healthcare choices, Carte Vitale, French Administration, Tax, Legal and Self-Employment issues. Whatever your needs and where ever you are - we help!

Our Relocation Pack:
Includes opening a bank account, finding a place to rent or buy, getting basic utilities connected, sourcing an internet connection and much more.

Our Living and being 'comfortable' in France Pack:
Expands on our Relocation service so that you have help with the day to day challenges of living in a new country with unfamilier systems, rules and regulations. If you need help communicating with the healthcare, administrative, tax and legal systems in France and in French we are there to support you

Our Working In France Pack:
There are many different ways of setting up as a business in France. From ‘Associations’ (essentially charitable concerns), through the various types of small business entities, to setting up as a SARL (like a Limited Company) Each type of business has its own rules, regulations, and legal niceties to observe. One thing to note is that legislation and regulations change regularly, and are often interpreted quite differently by local communes, departments prefectures, etc. We offer expert advice and guidance on the type of business that would best suit your needs, and then walk you through the necessary steps to ensure you are fully and properly registered and that you have permission to begin trading in France.

We also offer Internet Services including IT Hosting, IT Design and IT Support and Insurance Services for you, your home and your vehicle.

Whatever your translation or relocation needs are - we can help so please take a look at our website and then get in touch. We think you will be pleased that you do!