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Book Sale Needed 7 General
Unfortunately missed Phoenix book sale and getting desperate for reading material! Are there any other book sales c
started by: cazzer-98126 · last update: 1508606138 · posted: 1508574391
Dentist - recommendations in Sarlat area?? 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi thereHelp!!Any recommendations for a good dentist in the Sarlat area - hubby now suffering from a tooth that nee
started by: sarahlouise-566733 · last update: 1508604496 · posted: 1508604023
BUT - purchases/guarantees - extended or... 5 General
We've purchased, over several years now, electronic equipment from BUT stores, both in La Reole (33) and Marmande (
started by: Bookworms · last update: 1508565471 · posted: 1508417058
Dog Kennels 2 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a kennel near Bordeaux, Periguex or Bergerac for November.  I have tried a couple but they ar
started by: Coeur-991796 · last update: 1508533224 · posted: 1507195220
bbc downloads 17 Entertainment
Does anyone download bbc programmes,or watch them on their ipad?I have had more and more difficulty recently and to
started by: pyladune060941 · last update: 1508532851 · posted: 1507573328
Tax Residency - UK or France? 19 Financial & Legal
Morning guys,I have received a letter from our bank asking us to confirm tax residency for my wife. She is register
started by: simonpearson · last update: 1508527567 · posted: 1507717033
Lascaux 0 General
My thanks to all of you who took the trouble to answer my post - the info is most helpful.
started by: Portia-122355 · last update: 1508526777 · posted: 1508485712
Classic car clubs in Dordogne and surrounds 8 General
Hello,Does anyone know of any classic car clubs in the Dordogne and surrounds please?I'm doing some market research
started by: Jane Hunt-1001696 · last update: 1508480204 · posted: 1508405053
expats in perigueux 20 Entertainment
can any one tell me a bar in perigueux when expats go as we are moving to the area and would like to make contact w
started by: dinah-906926 · last update: 1508440521 · posted: 1507737322
Lascaux 4 General
Has anyone visited the "new" Lascaux Centre?  I would like to know whether it is suitable for a 10yr and 6yr o
started by: Portia-122355 · last update: 1508440390 · posted: 1508254614
'parts' of household 1 Financial & Legal
Have received habitation tax and noticed that our foyer is 2 parts. We are family of 6. Should not our parts be 4 (
started by: maisie6 · last update: 1508432218 · posted: 1508404247
Micro station 0 General
Has anyone had a Diamond Micro station installation in the DordogneIf so how was it? and how much did you pay to ha
started by: thetraveler-97228 · last update: 1508427431 · posted: 1508427431
Expat or immigrant? 14 General
I have been reading posts on this forum and I am perplexed by the terms used to describe  non french residents
started by: tykesinfrance-328137 · last update: 1508427132 · posted: 1508083987
Emergency vet required 13 Pets & Animals
Hi, does anybody have any advice how to contact a vet on emergency call, now?I cannot contact the vet I normally us
started by: Gaul · last update: 1508398680 · posted: 1506182843
swimming pools 7 Home & Garden
Can anyone. recommend swimming pool installers in the Bergerac area?thank you.
started by: pyladune060941 · last update: 1508340347 · posted: 1507899470
Swimming pool installers 1 Home & Garden
Any recommendations? We are close to Belves. Thanks in advance
started by: Karen-Bridge-912126 · last update: 1508241883 · posted: 1508170839
Hi Everyone, .......Well I am back again asking all you lovely people who would like to join my husband and I at th
started by: Spotty2 · last update: 1508232670 · posted: 1508150358
French nationality 9 General
After 22 years permanent residency in France I have decided to apply fornaturalisation.  I've downloaded the e
started by: T.Witter · last update: 1508159448 · posted: 1507640929
Chimney Sweep... 1 Home & Garden
I live in Nastringues 8kms from Ste.Foy. Does anyone have the name and contact details of a good chimney sweep.
started by: Jasper · last update: 1508141729 · posted: 1507973157
Chimney Sweep... 1 General
I live in Nastringues 8kms from Ste.Foy. Does anyone have the name and contact details of a good chimney sweep.
started by: Jasper · last update: 1507974178 · posted: 1507973216