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banking 9 Financial & Legal
Can anybody recommend a bank who respects the fact that it is your money in the account and not theirs and when ...
started by: Fidoring · last update: 1493529935 · posted: 1492795260
Advice re motorcycle please 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi Everyone,Looks like we will be moving across later this year. My question is simply this: Should ...
started by: Phil-CROSHAW-892988 · last update: 1493501103 · posted: 1492701383
Picture problems 5 Technical Support (Angloinfo)
Why cant I upload any picturers to the classified adds?I tried for ages to get it to accept picturers but...
started by: R Denyer · last update: 1493457688 · posted: 1493283251
Stables 4 Pets & Animals
Can I please ask advice regarding Stables.  I need a stable, tack room and hay storage when we move to the ...
started by: natasha123 · last update: 1493395875 · posted: 1493374895
Dog shampoo? 0 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a reputable supplier of Douxo Seb dog shampoo.At the moment I am paying 19euros for 200m...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1493392989 · posted: 1493392989
euro/sterling exchange 2 General
started by: Bernadette-115946 · last update: 1493389948 · posted: 1493388881
Medical checks for renewal of driving li... 17 Cars, Bikes & Driving
HiMy DH is about to renew his driving licence at 70 years of age.  Does anyone know where we can fin...
started by: Ticia · last update: 1493378727 · posted: 1493129600
Madeleine Peyroux Concert Tickets Agen 1... 0 Entertainment
HiSo last night we bought our parents tickets to go see French-American jazz singer Madeleine Peyroux in ...
started by: lilpod94 · last update: 1493375878 · posted: 1493375878
started by: Fannie-104636 · last update: 1493364090 · posted: 1493303936
Rubbish Collection 4 Home & Garden
HIDoes anyone know when the next rubbish collection is for Porte Ste Foy et Ponchapt area? I cant find an...
started by: Thelma -858050 · last update: 1493311665 · posted: 1493304923
Books to the Book Sale 3 General
We have donations of books for the Phoenix Sale this Saturday, Due to family illness, we are unable to transport...
started by: JM-Campbell-858702 · last update: 1493309872 · posted: 1493191154
Exchange rate for tax returns 10 Financial & Legal
Hi Has  anyone got a definitive answer on the  official rate  of exchange for c...
started by: merseabouy · last update: 1493235716 · posted: 1492003824
Swimming pool sand filter-How often shou... 5 Home & Garden
Hi All,Someone that I know has just opened their pool. It is their first Summer at the house. I already k...
started by: French Heel · last update: 1493221087 · posted: 1493204678
Changeover & cleaning house manager requ... 0 Home & Garden
I already typed this but cannot find my message so apologies if it appears twice.  We have a house on the o...
started by: Annette -Trott-898628 · last update: 1493216571 · posted: 1493216571
Hospital Taxi 7 General
I live near to Velines and I have to go into hospital in Bordeaux for an operation. Because I cannot driv...
started by: Jasper · last update: 1493196754 · posted: 1493025899
Wedding Dress 0 General
I am looking for a lady and a Wedding dress for a photo in a beautiful garden,  Monsegur/ St. Ferme  3...
started by: Spotty2 · last update: 1493196543 · posted: 1493196543
Understanding the French Electoral Presi... 9 General
Today, my country of France is facing an important part of its future, which you, either as citizens, 'residents...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1493190150 · posted: 1492924543
SWING BAND 6 Entertainment
Years ago i went ot a rehearsal in the Dordogne of a  Swing Band, I can't remember where it was, but they w...
started by: Spotty2 · last update: 1493164112 · posted: 1492714739
Orange Internet 14 Home & Garden
I've just activated internet for my house using Orange.  At this time I've decided not to have a landline c...
started by: Treetops-909954 · last update: 1493145272 · posted: 1492110562
Can anyone recommend a good UK/French ta... 1 Financial & Legal
started by: T Evans · last update: 1493143858 · posted: 1492580328
Help needed with translation from Malays... 1 General
Can anyone help our friend Anne with some translation of Malaysian paperwork that needs to be translated to Fren...
started by: vera emmott · last update: 1493052369 · posted: 1493032054
VIDE MAISON or Sale of House contents 2 Home & Garden
Hi I am considering a Vide maison. Is it worth while? Are there legal problems?  Your informed comme...
started by: johndbl-518875 · last update: 1493049125 · posted: 1492235628
Wooden 5 Bar Gate (Supply/make) . and fi... 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know someone who make/supply a 5 Bar 3.6 wooden Gate with a 1.2m personal access. After my friend would...
started by: Raggermuffin-117730 · last update: 1493036044 · posted: 1493034342
Bathroom Fittings 10 Home & Garden
We're looking for fittings for a bathroom and en-suite for a house we're buying south of Bergerac.  We need...
started by: CJay · last update: 1493031216 · posted: 1492528147
Help Needed to Remove Oil Drum - Gensac ... 4 Home & Garden
I need an extra pair of hands to help me remove two boilers and an oil drum from our basement between Wed 3rd - ...
started by: DD · last update: 1493028650 · posted: 1492967714
Acs 0 General
started by: marybilljo · last update: 1493024722 · posted: 1493024722
Trying to reply to person looking for f... 1 Home & Garden
Hi Canda I have a Green enameled  Jotul stove that is the traditional shape ,4 Legs with front door, and ch...
started by: Birdy-116630 · last update: 1492967645 · posted: 1492724029
Collection and Delivery 3 General
HiI'm looking for someone to collect a largish book shelf and deliver, both addresses in Fonroque near Ey...
started by: Andy-Bartlett-898224 · last update: 1492961357 · posted: 1492699777
Help with changeovers and general cleani... 2 General
started by: fabouche · last update: 1492789143 · posted: 1492518543
Moving to France? 22 Financial & Legal
Anyone moved over recently, how was it, are they opposed to Brits moving now or OK?
started by: Lawrence-Parramore-897961 · last update: 1492759858 · posted: 1492441289
Godin standalone woodburner or similar r... 0 Home & Garden
Wanted, 8-14kw woodburner required/ not too large. Prefer a enamelled type Godin but any other considerd / Not p...
started by: canda-107050 · last update: 1492718334 · posted: 1492718334
Flower creations 0 General
I am looking for a Lady who can design really beautiful floral arrangements for Weddings and other events.  ...
started by: Spotty2 · last update: 1492714878 · posted: 1492714878
Please foster a dog for Association Orf... 0 Pets & Animals
If you are thinking of being a foster carer...
started by: Jane Hunt-1001696 · last update: 1492699234 · posted: 1492699234
Taxation of UK Life Assurance 1 Financial & Legal
Hello.I have been led to believe that UK Whole of Life Unit Policies are not taxable in France (the same ...
started by: etsac · last update: 1492688986 · posted: 1492685166
Trailer thief foiled 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
When I bought a trailer for the car some years ago I thought it wise to buy a lock to stop someone walking off w...
started by: francophile-881373 · last update: 1492675472 · posted: 1492529989
Long term property rental wanted 0 Home & Garden
We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the reg...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492623262 · posted: 1492623262
Coin operated Laundrette 2 General
Does anyone know of the nearest coin operated laundrette in the Sainte Foy La Grande area as I am wanting to wash a...
started by: Chris-Green-897569 · last update: 1492615393 · posted: 1492614574
Topsoil Wanted 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone in the La Force (24130) know where I can buy topsoil delivered?
started by: kmayor · last update: 1492605206 · posted: 1492605206
Scrap metal and waste clearance 3 Home & Garden
We have scrap metal and building waste that needs to be cleared. Is there anyone that will clear and take away for ...
started by: Paul-Hendry-897178 · last update: 1492528234 · posted: 1492337509
Has ORANGE been hacked? 3 General
Late yesterday I received an email saying my monthly payment to Orange has been refused by my bank and that my i...
started by: KenC · last update: 1492504007 · posted: 1492376497
Mobile Fish and chips 14 Food & Drink
My family and I are looking at moving to ribérac in July and are looking at opening a mobile fish and chip busi...
started by: huw-southcott-897784 · last update: 1492498913 · posted: 1492170767
Vide Grenier 4 Entertainment
Does anyone know of any bootsales around St Foy le grande this weekend or Monday?
started by: Lyndanovello · last update: 1492419073 · posted: 1492267020
New Spetic Tank Installatin 8 Home & Garden
Hello all, I'm rather new to all this but here husband and I bought a small house in Sept 2016 ...
started by: Katherine-Wright-869063 · last update: 1492411775 · posted: 1492162626
Urgent /Electrician Required ( North Bor... 0 Home & Garden
hello I need an electrician urgently this week, to fault find. I have a problem with 6 sockets not workin...
started by: Passenger1 · last update: 1492346034 · posted: 1492346034
Sices and herbs. 9 Food & Drink
Hi,Does anyone know of a shop that sells a good selection of spices here in the Dordogne - Sarlat, Berger...
started by: Blod-109633 · last update: 1492340690 · posted: 1492080855
Wealth tax-Taxe de fortune 2 Financial & Legal
I was opening a bank account for our eldest daughter this morning, when the manager told me something that might...
started by: French Heel · last update: 1492270559 · posted: 1492249590
Talking of Orange....kaspersky included? 3 General
Hello all, previous posting an interesting read.  My question somewhat related. I have an...
started by: france4me-10033744 · last update: 1492257671 · posted: 1492246280
Long term rental Riberac 0 Families & Kids
We are looking for a long term rental in or around the ribérac area.  Does anyone know of any?
started by: huw-southcott-897784 · last update: 1492173712 · posted: 1492173712
Car Insurance - NCD 2 General
I am in the process of re-registering our vehicles, and getting insurance quotes,  and have contacted one i...
started by: simplyjimbo · last update: 1492172141 · posted: 1492152288
Filled petrol car with Diesel 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I would like advice as to the price I will have to pay at a garage to sort this out Thanks in advanc...
started by: catherine-97379 · last update: 1492077201 · posted: 1492020207