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Lauze 1 Home & Garden
How much does a cubic metre of lauze stone cost to buy?
started by: Lasserre2 · last update: 1469874530 · posted: 1469845735
Shoe repair 1 General
Hi anyone know of a shoe repair,  ste foy. Bergerac, manhandle. Surrounding areas.  Thanks.
started by: marybilljo · last update: 1469871345 · posted: 1469864697
Car service 4 General
My car (Citroen Berlingo) needs a service. I'm non resident, here for 6 months, so do not have a Carte Grise, ba...
started by: jaxjordan · last update: 1469868545 · posted: 1469856086
Typo 0 General
Oops typo.  Marmande
started by: marybilljo · last update: 1469864802 · posted: 1469864802
Topsoil 0 Home & Garden
Does anyone know how much a cubic meter topsoil should cost?
started by: Lasserre2 · last update: 1469846086 · posted: 1469846086
Woodworker sought 2 General
Does anyone know a hobby-woodworker who could perhaps make some mini-turnings for some furniture? I have the ori...
started by: Doddles · last update: 1469825425 · posted: 1469801415
altering an advert 2 Angloinfo Support
How can I change an advert I have just posted
started by: hollybee · last update: 1469819983 · posted: 1469784729
Furnished or Unfurnished Rental 2 Financial & Legal
HiI have rented my house from around 2.5 years and am looking to see, due to some of the contents in the ...
started by: lilpod94 · last update: 1469816799 · posted: 1469791827
Mechanic In Eymet? 0 General
Hello.  Does any one know the e-mail address of a mechanic who lives in Eymet.  I think his name is Ch...
started by: Norman-Peterson-865714 · last update: 1469793747 · posted: 1469793747
Owners Direct - Changes to Subscription ... 6 Sport & Leisure
We're new to the Holiday Rental scene, having our first full year renting out our 8 person Gite in the comp...
started by: Rileypaix · last update: 1469791184 · posted: 1469613428
FLIES 6 Home & Garden
we have just had to put out our second lot of flycatchers for this year - last lot topped up to limit and full u...
started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1469779316 · posted: 1469699164
RAPID DELIVERY 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Just like to share that on late Tuesday I ordered european headlights for my Fiat Bravo at a really good price (...
started by: aliscarll · last update: 1469778530 · posted: 1469778530
House Wanted to Rent 0 General
Minimum 2 bed house needed to rent in the Dordogne area.Garden needed and not too rural unless...
started by: wineguy-829600 · last update: 1469728168 · posted: 1469728168
Adorable long haired male guinea pig - l... 0 Pets & Animals
Hi We have a gorgeous male guinea pig for sale, 6 months old.Given as a gift but unable to keep hi...
started by: alexandson · last update: 1469719663 · posted: 1469719663
logging out 5 Angloinfo Support
there have been three ways with anglo info to log off - 1st - was top right where sign in was - second - just di...
started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1469712355 · posted: 1469699749
ILLY COFFEE 2 Food & Drink
OH loves ILLY coffee and they claim that it is sold in 'major French supermarkets'.  I cannot find it anywh...
started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1469696507 · posted: 1469643252
travelling from Bergerac or Bordeaux 17 General
We are planning to go....hopefully by plane to Brittany or Normandy.....and from there to London for a few night...
started by: pie in the sky · last update: 1469692469 · posted: 1469606258
House wanted 0 General
Hi,we are after a 3 beds house for rent long termfrom august or september in Gironde.Contact via angloinf...
started by: panamera-146211 · last update: 1469650576 · posted: 1469650576
How do I report on Bloctel? 1 General
I registered on Bloctel three or four months ago. Cold call frequency dropped a lot but we still do get the occa...
started by: rogermunns-97807 · last update: 1469650333 · posted: 1469550276
Book swap 12 General
Anyone in or near Eymet like to swap some paperback books? Bit of chick lit, bit serial killers etc? Got about 8...
started by: jaxjordan · last update: 1469621531 · posted: 1469132288
Decorator / handyman needed St pompon -... 1 Home & Garden
Hi,We need help painting our home and finishing/making good around windows.The property is in betw...
started by: Motonomad · last update: 1469617453 · posted: 1469616752
Fosse septique emptying costs? 6 Home & Garden
Hello all, can anyone give me an idea of what it a reasonable price to pay to have a Fosse septique emptied? Our...
started by: Elaine-Precious-853252 · last update: 1469606438 · posted: 1469549599
leak in pool 1 Home & Garden
Hello I have a leak in my in ground pool, it appears in the skimmer line, not sure if its around where the pipe ...
started by: chrisart · last update: 1469561199 · posted: 1469527493
Decking 1 Home & Garden
Looking for someone who could lay decking in our patio, area Rouffignac st cernin. Telephone 0553061374. 35 squa...
started by: Marvine Hart-99710 · last update: 1469559567 · posted: 1469556642
Lavender wreaths 0 General
Hello, I understand there is an English lady who creates lovely lavender wreaths amongst other things and who di...
started by: Shay-108377 · last update: 1469546901 · posted: 1469546901
Laying decking 0 Home & Garden
started by: Marvine Hart-99710 · last update: 1469532139 · posted: 1469532139
Déclaration de cession d'un véhicule 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I need to complete a Déclaration de cession d'un véhicule.    In one of the boxes a t...
started by: Metalwash · last update: 1469526293 · posted: 1469175482
Another strike 0 General
In case anyone has missed this....Air France's cabin crews have calle...
started by: hazelL-M · last update: 1469509539 · posted: 1469509539
CAF experiences 10 Families & Kids
Hi all, I've been living and paying tax here for over a year now and a friend advised me that I may well be eligibl...
started by: Jambo · last update: 1469463998 · posted: 1469303416
Bordeaux Airport Parking 6 General
Does anyone have any experience - positive of negative - of the independent airport parking at Bordeaux? The dif...
started by: Flagman · last update: 1469458913 · posted: 1469289605
President wants Brits to help out... 9 General
started by: Fat Bob · last update: 1469454484 · posted: 1469040496
DISQUE BLEU 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
or should i say disque de (for blue zones)any suggestions as to where one can buy these ...
started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1469427582 · posted: 1469369058
Digger needed for a few hours 3 Home & Garden
Does anyone know someone with a mini digger or the like to do a few hours of levelling on a driveway in Paunat?
started by: Rog-104127 · last update: 1469417471 · posted: 1468951071
House needed to rent. 4 General
My friend in the UK has sold her property and is looking to rent one in France, until she and her husband find s...
started by: Pauline-Elmore-856852 · last update: 1469376005 · posted: 1469007473
Insurance for uk registered van 19 General
Hi I hope someone can help. We moved to France 1 month ago with our uk registered van (registered at my parents ...
started by: Ici Jac et Nikki · last update: 1469364984 · posted: 1469110939
Info required 3 General
I am of pensionable age but my wife will not be entitled to a UK pension until 2020!If I die before she r...
started by: kmayor · last update: 1469297190 · posted: 1469207725
Terracotta tile manufacturer 7 General
I'm looking for a Terracotta tile manufacturer in the Lot et Garonne/ Dordogne area, or Aquitaine as a whole. I ...
started by: French Heel · last update: 1469296845 · posted: 1469189018
Disclosure of information on sale of com... 3 Financial & Legal
Previously there has been discussion of whether or  not a vendor,of commercial property or domestic, has a ...
started by: osecy-115961 · last update: 1469259091 · posted: 1469199376
Fly fishing 0 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone suggest some types of fly I should be using for trout fishing in the Pyrenees soon. Thank you. Genera...
started by: knoydart-116589 · last update: 1469214070 · posted: 1469214070
Expat stories needed 4 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and ...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469211768 · posted: 1469101144
pool leak 0 Home & Garden
started by: chrisart · last update: 1469181972 · posted: 1469181972
Irish moonshine 6 General
When I was in Ireland a couple of weeks ago a local told me how to pochien ( irish moonshine ) He said take a 2 ...
started by: Bryn Taffis · last update: 1469124590 · posted: 1469089201
Space in your van for a dishwasher? 0 General
Is anyone travelling or bringing goods to the dordogne region from the UK in the next few weeks? Need a dishwash...
started by: Bevmd · last update: 1469123570 · posted: 1469123570
ANNOYING 0 General
is anyone else annoyed at the paid adverts takeover of free classifieds and now discussions ?? doesn...
started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1469122907 · posted: 1469122907
The English Optician - Eymet 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
We recently consulted Marian Blake the optician in Eymet.  My wife has a problem with her eyes and is recei...
started by: Tibblington-115682 · last update: 1469120049 · posted: 1469041212
Recommendation for official translator o... 3 General
Hi, just wondered if anyone had a recommendation of an official translator of documents ( such as birth / marria...
started by: sonandton-94458 · last update: 1469105978 · posted: 1469044663
Classified Ads 5 Angloinfo Support
Has anyone cracked the fails to upload problem?  All I'm finding on these pages are unanswered questions.
started by: parker-113340 · last update: 1469096398 · posted: 1469021470
Dog Physio 4 Pets & Animals
Has anyone come across a dog physiotherapist in the Bergerac area? Our dog is making slow mobility progress from...
started by: murray stewart · last update: 1469042744 · posted: 1468874616
Looking for broken terracotta tiles 1 Home & Garden
Hi All,We have a friend that is renovating a property close to Monflanquin. He is rebuilding the Génoise...
started by: French Heel · last update: 1468948775 · posted: 1468948623
Odds and Ends of Knitting Wool Wanted 0 General
Hello. I am Marion and my husband and I are house sitting in Saint Sornin Lavolps near to Pompadour. During our ...
started by: marion389-10066707 · last update: 1468934543 · posted: 1468934543