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Gorgeous Gentle Vanille urgently needs a... 0 Pets & Animals
started by: maryjane-599094 · last update: 1472527626 · posted: 1472527626
how /why do they do it? 31 General
having lived now in france for eight years,it still amazes me the number of brits who live here full time ,and s...
started by: keith jackson · last update: 1472514462 · posted: 1471814791
velux windows 2 General
Is there anyone who would clean my velux Windows,inside and out,near Bergerac.
started by: pyladune060941 · last update: 1472514360 · posted: 1472461728
Do we want the return of Admin censorshi... 12 General
No sooner has Hazel departed, than the Admin axe is flailing - not just by editing a sentence, but by wholesale ...
started by: Melou · last update: 1472502612 · posted: 1472381002
Sunday working 18 General
I am in a Bastide town and the ho...
started by: salisbury-987614 · last update: 1472501992 · posted: 1472373099
Kennel recommendation 1 Pets & Animals
Can anyone suggest a good dog kennel in SE Dordogne?  We live in the Sarlat area - but happy to travel a re...
started by: parker · last update: 1472488121 · posted: 1472455163
Villebois Lavalette 0 General
Hi Just wondering if there were an EXPATS living in or near this village   Would like some information than...
started by: hampton-122365 · last update: 1472476643 · posted: 1472476643
Help please regarding car 5 General
I bought my UK car over this year having purchased the correct left hand headlights with the aim of matriculatin...
started by: jaxjordan · last update: 1472406364 · posted: 1472384427
Chiropodist Home Visit Service 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am just intrested in the thoughts of people with the regards to a new Chiropodist (feet doctor) ...
started by: twincam1066 · last update: 1472397257 · posted: 1472383413
Teachers' Pensions P60 9 General
Any 'senior' ex-teachers out there who can help me understand face-to-face/interpret my late husband's P60 and t...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1472396506 · posted: 1472225925
Tips for train travel 3 General
I am going to the UK soon,by train.I need to find my way to Paris Gare du Nord from Paris Gare Montparnas...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1472394707 · posted: 1472312030
Shock worse than expected 8 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Most of us know that it is difficult to find any Medecine Generalist let alone one who speaks English, who will ...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1472324084 · posted: 1471513882
wanted a dinky little house. 1 Home & Garden
Well full of character and no less than 100 hab with some gardenand it needs to be near us so we are in G...
started by: pie in the sky · last update: 1472320712 · posted: 1472230483
mutuelle 3 General
Hello, could any wise sage profer advice on the 'mutuelle' system please. Companies to avoid and vice versa. Hav...
started by: Estafette · last update: 1472312371 · posted: 1472283339
Buying in Gensac 11 General
Hello. We're just days away from purchasing a house in the lovely village of Gensac. We're both really excited a...
started by: Damien-Davenport-867578 · last update: 1472311434 · posted: 1471897175
Battery for CRV 2003 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone suggest where we can get a new battery for our old CRV.  Tried our local 'car parts' place at Miramo...
started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1472305198 · posted: 1472288020
Hi, can anyone recommend a good mortgage broker in the Bergerac area that would be happy to advise on a developm...
started by: Poppy123-122586 · last update: 1472246988 · posted: 1472130246
KobelcoSK13SR mini digger 2 General
Hi I am in the Thenac area and need someone that is good at repairing and servicing plant machinery.  I thi...
started by: jammerandfi · last update: 1472246249 · posted: 1472140814
Weekend flight available 0 General
We have a spare ticket for a flight to Birmingham from Bergerac 15th September with the return on 19th September...
started by: Tibblington-115682 · last update: 1472230776 · posted: 1472230776
Honest thoughts please 16 General
I recently had to visit Bordeaux and loved it - and was hugely impressed by the good value of property around an...
started by: racaille-651257 · last update: 1472230623 · posted: 1471619723
AVIS D'IMPOT - "What's going on" 5 Financial & Legal
It was a beautiful day until our Avis D'Impot dropped into our letter box at lunchtime. I am a retired civil ser...
started by: redstuffdan · last update: 1472219849 · posted: 1471882305
Thank you.....and goodbye. 30 General
started by: hazelL-M · last update: 1472203149 · posted: 1471516783
Deville woodburner spares 2 Home & Garden
I need new grates for my Deville CO7768.06 Hawthorn woodburner, part number D0031584.   Retail outlets or p...
started by: osecy-115961 · last update: 1472195697 · posted: 1472128253
French car registration 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We're trying to register our Jeep in France but need to convert it's 215 bhp into the French chevaux fiscoux val...
started by: brendasear · last update: 1472155336 · posted: 1472124600
Looking for removers from lot et garonne... 8 General
hican anyone recommend a affordable moving company from Lot et Garonne to Fife, Scotland.
started by: daisie-116393 · last update: 1472137409 · posted: 1471952976
House to Rent/Sit Wanted 0 Home & Garden
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1472122074 · posted: 1472122074
Using classifieds 1 General
I asked Anglo Info how to remove my advert. I have had a couple of replies. The latest said to look for 'posting...
started by: hollybee · last update: 1472112160 · posted: 1472052460
Female cat found 0 Pets & Animals
I have found a week ago at Saint-Pierre sur Dropt an old female cat, white with black spots. She has an English ...
started by: isaclaud · last update: 1472033037 · posted: 1472033037
Social Security Number 2 Financial & Legal
My wife is not of pensionable age and would like to find some part time work. Can anyone advise how she can get ...
started by: kmayor · last update: 1472032411 · posted: 1471976099
Carpenter/Joiner wanted 24 0 Home & Garden
If anyone knows of a joiner wanting a quick gig building bathroom storage please PM me or leave message. Needs t...
started by: Home Buyer · last update: 1472023257 · posted: 1472023257
Looking for a Swimming Pool Pump Repaire... 10 General
We had a pool installed last year - Pool installation company has now gone into Administration.I have a p...
started by: paull-10036376 · last update: 1471996958 · posted: 1471677481
Help needed by the Gendarmerie de Dordog... 5 General
I was contacted last night by a local news reporter asking to pass around this information within the English c...
started by: girlie-900151 · last update: 1471964816 · posted: 1471943756
Lost & Found Office in La Coquille 2 General
I lost my car keys in La Coquille last Sunday.Is there a lost and found office in La Coquille ...
started by: Pete1961 · last update: 1471949708 · posted: 1471935549
Notion of English Clinic Francaise 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I have recently been requested to see Dr Levy at Clinic Francaise. (
started by: Metalwash · last update: 1471946333 · posted: 1471946333
Yoga & meditation teachers - Dordogne 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Any recommendations for yoga and meditation teachers within, say, 40 km of here (Lalinde, 24)? Yes, I've looked ...
started by: alex crowe · last update: 1471939718 · posted: 1471855429
Baby equipment 3 Families & Kids
My 4 month old grandson is arriving from Australia in early September and I am trying to find somewhere to hire ...
started by: Esmerelda-101011 · last update: 1471893719 · posted: 1471864540
House Rental 0 General
Hi, i am moving to the Gironde in April next year with my partner and 2 young children. We are looking to rent a...
started by: Gareth-Ott-867563 · last update: 1471880849 · posted: 1471880849
Searching for student accommodation 0 Home & Garden
Hello,Does anyone have or know of anyone with a student accommodation to rent around the 
started by: Bod · last update: 1471862884 · posted: 1471862884
How do I know my ad is a paid one .....? 1 Angloinfo Support
I posted a couple of ads which I believed to be free but when I check them in my account space Under postings, &...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471861468 · posted: 1471688677
Taking a pet Pot-Bellied Pig back to UK 0 Pets & Animals
Has anyone got first hand (or good second hand!) experience of the process for taking a pet pot- bellied pig to ...
started by: Helgamobil · last update: 1471676574 · posted: 1471676574
Carte Sejour 5 Angloinfo Support
Has anyone applied for and received or failed to get an  "EU non activ - permanent, Carte Sejour.
started by: magick · last update: 1471648591 · posted: 1471622890
Headlight fitting 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking for someone who can fit my new LHD headlight units on a Vauxhall/Opel insignia. Preferably in the B...
started by: kmayor · last update: 1471631523 · posted: 1471605264
Honest Garage? 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I know I am expecting a lot but does anyone know a good and honest garage in the Miramont-de-Guyenne or Marmande...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471602557 · posted: 1471537458
UK visit /car share 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm leaving on 11th Oct on an overnight ferry from St. Malo to Portsmouth & wonder if anyone is interested i...
started by: Ann-Bond-866278 · last update: 1471602160 · posted: 1471543853
Going for a walk in Dordogne ? 1 Pets & Animals
Hello everyone,
started by: DARTIGOUEYTE-VALERIE-867253 · last update: 1471595193 · posted: 1471550502
Lining paper 3 Home & Garden
Hi,Does anyone know anywhere it is possible to buy lining paper (for walls) and at a sensible ...
started by: AndyUK-896660 · last update: 1471587995 · posted: 1471542769
Going for a walk in Dordogne ? 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello everyone,
started by: DARTIGOUEYTE-VALERIE-867253 · last update: 1471550429 · posted: 1471550429
Is it just me? 4 General
Each post had a  day/hours/minutes when it was updated, now there is just a long number. I now have to go i...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1471547023 · posted: 1471507967
Sherry 8 Food & Drink
Does anyone know where you can buy sherry in the Miramont-de-Guyenne or Marmande area?  I have loads o...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471545546 · posted: 1471533335
Living in France and working in the UK 3 Financial & Legal
Hi, We are about to move permanently to Bergerac but I will still be working in the UK on a Monday to Friday bas...
started by: Mick-Wilkie-867126 · last update: 1471454651 · posted: 1471440275