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Moving house with your Orange Livebox? 0 General Started by: Nige-White-968267 · Updated: 1597309951 · Created: 1597309951
When you move house, and you have arranged for internet service to start at your new address, do you just take your Oran
Areas with good internet speed 0 Home & Garden Started by: Naomi-Clifton-968053 · Updated: 1597091902 · Created: 1597091902
Hi, I am looking to relocate to the Dordogne early next year and its imperative that the house we buy has a good interne
Is there a demand for British Osteopaths... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Cyril -Irvine-936223 · Updated: 1596282319 · Created: 1555269597
Hi,I would welcome any advice about a good location for a clinic, that has good access to schools etc in or around Berge
Exclusive Healthcare Insurance 11 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: natasha123 · Updated: 1596278410 · Created: 1496393233
Planning our move to France in September. Does anyone use Exclusive Healthcare Insurance Company for their health insura
Address, bills and job in the UK but temporary... 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Maria Susana-Garcia Gasquez-967442 · Updated: 1596174905 · Created: 1596174905
Hi, I am currently a resident in the uk, where I rent a flat, pay my bills and taxes and have a full time job. Due to co
Food Banks 3 General Started by: linda-Daniels-915187 · Updated: 1596167889 · Created: 1511181778
Who is eligible to access food banks in Eymet ?
Extending my visa 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Brenda-Clough-967389 · Updated: 1596109393 · Created: 1596109393
My husband and I got D visas from the French Embassy in Washington DC, so that we could live in France from February 202
CIPAV 2 Financial & Legal Started by: Gordon Barnes-97101 · Updated: 1596020262 · Created: 1496043027
having worked in France as a Chartered Surveyor since 2005 I have this week received a demand for payment from an organi
Accountant recomendation 2 Financial & Legal Started by: KAREN-HARRISON-891578 · Updated: 1596015104 · Created: 1515500224
Hi,could anyone recommend a good, helpful accountant in the Dordogne area.I have looked at the AngloInfo directory but w
Responding to adverts - Bxxxxy CATCHPA. 8 Technical Support (Angloinfo) Started by: ykcul · Updated: 1596013850 · Created: 1504032891
I am unable to respond to adverts because the CATCHPA doesn't have a single brain cell and thinks I'm a moron. Is it doi
Telephone on a new SOSH connection? 0 Home & Garden Started by: Matt-Porter-966657 · Updated: 1595352427 · Created: 1595352427
Hi All,As a recent mover to France, we had a SOSH Phone/ADSL package set up i.e the normal 19.99 euro option.I bought bo
Anglo Info Dordogne 27 General Started by: pie in the sky · Updated: 1595302893 · Created: 1418208012
Thnking aloud as I do....very often.. Do not let Anglo Info Dordogne die!Sell, buy and tell us all about forthcoming eve
Un-intelligible QUESTIONS 11 General Started by: Fish24-115149 · Updated: 1595302789 · Created: 1387326812
It is so frustrating and annoying when people ask a question or ask for information and think that everyone knows what t
Health Insurance 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Coeur-991796 · Updated: 1594824834 · Created: 1594824834
Can anyone recommend European Health Insurance for expats? Thank you.
Old car for scrap metal 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: DILYS-FOREMAN-966079 · Updated: 1594805086 · Created: 1594748518
Does anyone know the scrap metal merchant near Bergerac airport to tow away an old car?
Chickens Riberac Market 4 Pets & Animals Started by: patiogeorge-96586 · Updated: 1594676640 · Created: 1208439766
Does anybody know what breeds of chickens are sold at Riberac market? Passed through on market day a while ago but did
Raw dog food 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Nicola -Hodgson-Roberts-965874 · Updated: 1594550742 · Created: 1594550742
Help needed with horses and cats 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Judy-Eagles-965777 · Updated: 1594400280 · Created: 1594400280
We are currently looking for someone that is near to Ribérac that has experience of looking after horses we are after s
replacing windows/doors 0 Home & Garden Started by: norah-O'Connor-965416 · Updated: 1594327632 · Created: 1594327632
We have just bought a property near villeneuve sur lot. We are need to change a number of wooden french doors. We will b
Help with habitation tax 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Mike-C-965530 · Updated: 1594139355 · Created: 1594139355
Hello guys I’m having a great deal of issues with the local tax office and need a recommendation if anyone knows someo