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Addiction... 10 General
I have recently become addicted to old all wood tennis rackets. I scour vide greniers but have recently not foun...
started by: Fat Bob · last update: 1474909169 · posted: 1474828961
Dog with uk microchip at spa fourriere b... 1 Pets & Animals
White and brown male staffy/sharpei type dog with uk registered microchip is awaiting its owners at bergerac dog...
started by: dianajames-97674 · last update: 1474907063 · posted: 1474801008
Twilight zone? 1 General
I posted 20mins ago re photos, but hit the send button before adding details.George Channing replied, to ...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1474905059 · posted: 1474903587
Third time lucky? 0 General
I need photos 50x50mm for a visa.Does anybody know if the booths at the supermarket do this size as it is...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1474902674 · posted: 1474902674
Lake Erosion???? 9 General
started by: lesbarrett · last update: 1474900575 · posted: 1474378738
Removal company 1 General
My wife and I recently moved back to the UK from France and used a company called French Moves to undertake the ...
started by: Adrian James-Sadler-870187 · last update: 1474823041 · posted: 1474821751
Dog/house sitting 0 Pets & Animals
Hi,We are heading back to the UK for about three weeks in November and would like someone with experience...
started by: jagmanxk8 · last update: 1474811184 · posted: 1474811184
White Goods 8 Home & Garden
Where is the best place to buy home white goods, specifically fridge/freezer and washing machine. Looking for co...
started by: Treetops-909954 · last update: 1474800490 · posted: 1474647121
Information on chickens please. 15 Pets & Animals
Hi,Is there anyone out there experienced in chicken keeping in France who may be able to enlighten a begi...
started by: Blod-109633 · last update: 1474795081 · posted: 1473969423
Chinese takeaway 7 Food & Drink
Does anyone know if there's a good chinese anywhere near hautefort dordogne? Nicola
started by: nicola-lever-869399 · last update: 1474758723 · posted: 1474376270
Our region and our forum. 20 General
started by: pie in the sky · last update: 1474729222 · posted: 1474087145
Opening a uk bank account with no uK add... 1 Financial & Legal
Anyone had any sucess with this?
started by: galtezza-110665 · last update: 1474724243 · posted: 1474652722
Need to Contact Us? 1 General
While our Contact Us form is being tweaked, you can contact us using the following email addresses:
started by: Madge · last update: 1474718330 · posted: 1474642927
Autoentrepreneur paperwork 2 General
Can anyone tell me where to send off my paperwork for Autoentrepreneur for a profession liberale around the Mira...
started by: Poppydoo · last update: 1474644085 · posted: 1474615712
Pure breed chickens 3 Pets & Animals
We are looking to purchase around 10 pure breed chickens of varying varieties. I am not sure what is available i...
started by: cheeseandbisuits · last update: 1474640589 · posted: 1474620513
Euronews on Freesat. 2 General
Has anyone else lost this station from channel 204 on fresat? It is no longer listed on the epg. I have done a s...
started by: OrlandoGibbons · last update: 1474633611 · posted: 1474619799
Person to Help 3 Angloinfo Support
Looking for a person who can help me with a complex query with the tax office.  It's not something that I f...
started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1474614418 · posted: 1474549599
Commuting to the UK 8 General
Hi,We're interested to hear how people are planning on commuting to the UK from the Bergerac area once Ry...
started by: Deborah-Wilkie-861708 · last update: 1474571945 · posted: 1474477027
Certificate of Conformity 8 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I have just purchased from England a COC for my Fiat from a company in Bristol UK. They sent me a COC document b...
started by: Metalwash · last update: 1474549104 · posted: 1474473731
Looking to move to somewhere in Aquitain... 3 Home & Garden
Hi we are an Irish family living in Banyuls sur Mer, Lans Doc. We are currently looking to move to somewhere in ...
started by: Garrett-Reynolds-869248 · last update: 1474540969 · posted: 1473677735
My sons education problems with a teache... 19 Families & Kids
hi Im hoping someone can help ? as we are completely lost and have no idea on which way to turn or wether just t...
started by: sarah-Buss-Burns-858725 · last update: 1474493421 · posted: 1474185732
walnut tree problems 2 Home & Garden
hi,in my garden I have four mature walnut trees. in the two years we have lived here,both years have produced lo...
started by: keith jackson · last update: 1474484995 · posted: 1474318600
Bloodstock breeding 0 Pets & Animals
Hello,  Is there anyone out there with a real interest in Bloodstock breeding ?   No interest in ...
started by: CPMnini · last update: 1474472798 · posted: 1474472798
Money who needs it.. 8 Financial & Legal
Last week I opened a box of books and found an ISA from 2000 in the Bank of Australia, seems they were linked wi...
started by: Fat Bob · last update: 1474457177 · posted: 1473957302
Dogs/cats 3 Pets & Animals
Hi,I saw on one of the ex-pat sites of someone that cared for other peoples dogs within their own home, n...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1474457011 · posted: 1473786669
Lift to Bergerac tomorrow (22/09) 0 General
Hi there,My brother and I are looking for a lift to Bergerac airport tomorrow afternoon from the Riberac ...
started by: Hamish-Ward-870166 · last update: 1474445632 · posted: 1474445632
despicable human beings. 11 Pets & Animals
Following an ad I placed to help an association that is not fluent in english, to find a home for an abandoned d...
started by: marc24450 · last update: 1474408646 · posted: 1474054605
Lift to Bordeaux coming Thursday 4 General
Hi, Is there someone driving to Bordeaux and could offer me a lift? I need to be there 10...
started by: brightj100-96687 · last update: 1474406474 · posted: 1474376909
Orange 6 General
In August my orange telephone/internet was reduced from the usual till 12 o`clock and if I am lucky back again a...
started by: Bryn Taffis · last update: 1474403239 · posted: 1474389350
Top soil 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone give me a name and phone number of someone who can supply me with some topsoil, St Barthelemy de Bell...
started by: brouille · last update: 1474392279 · posted: 1474392279
Another request for a dentist, Ste Foy p... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello. This seems to be a frequent topic, and I have heard recommendations cannot be given online, but does anyo...
started by: JeffAstle · last update: 1474377603 · posted: 1474377603
electric wheelchair location 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I'm looking to borrow or hire an electric wheelchair for my sister while she is on holiday with us for the next ...
started by: jeannedecugnac · last update: 1474313680 · posted: 1474272418
Where to get number car number plates 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi allCould anyon...
started by: Howzat-957147 · last update: 1474299241 · posted: 1474118926
Delete Account 1 Angloinfo Support
Admin, please delete my account as I can find no way of doing so myself
started by: · last update: 1474281927 · posted: 1474224686
Domestic security 2 Home & Garden
Thinking of installing a domestic wireless alarm system sourced in the UK - where  the dedicated frequency for...
started by: bobbyk · last update: 1474195462 · posted: 1474192661
Where to scrap a car in Villeneuf-sur lo... 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi all,I'm looking for places I can scrap a car in or near Villeneuf-sur lot? Preferably they should be a...
started by: Ryan-Mattock-869599 · last update: 1474116278 · posted: 1474043040
A big thank youi 0 Angloinfo Support
Many thanks to AngloInfo and all those who participate with their comments.  I have only just been introduc...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1474098532 · posted: 1474095443
Nordic Walking Clubs 1 Sport & Leisure
Are there any groups or indeed folks interested in forming a group in south 24 or north 47?
started by: Lornad · last update: 1474026445 · posted: 1474020993
Can anyone ...
started by: Squeaky-882728 · last update: 1474017525 · posted: 1473856839
Wine Bottles 2 Food & Drink
I am looking to buy some new empty 37.5ml wine bottles for bottling my sloe gin! Does anybody know where you can...
started by: Paul V-615084 · last update: 1473973004 · posted: 1473952246
Bank delay in pension payment 3 Financial & Legal
My pension is paid in on first of the month, why does it take 5 days to appear in my account. BPop say it is not...
started by: chaumiere-111292 · last update: 1473954348 · posted: 1473846948
Puppy 0 Pets & Animals
Hi we have a French bulldog 10 weeks old had first vaccine looking for other puppies to play near ey...
started by: Julie-Mount-869705 · last update: 1473945604 · posted: 1473945604
MRS Northover 3 Angloinfo Support
How do I cancel an advertisement?
started by: Sharon-Northover-869169 · last update: 1473929630 · posted: 1473870125
Land Rover 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking for someone reliable to service and possibly carry out repairs to a diesel Discovery and a diesel D...
started by: Portia-122355 · last update: 1473929259 · posted: 1473929259
HOUSE RENTAL WANTED 24240, 24500, 47800 1 General
I am looking for a 1-2 bedroom home to rent through the winter for myself single, working, non smoking with one ...
started by: france4me-10033744 · last update: 1473852841 · posted: 1473684902
Vets and dog-walking near Brive-la-Gaill... 0 Pets & Animals
We will be in the area with our two Labs in October. Can anyone local recommend some nice places we can walk wit...
started by: SophieAT · last update: 1473852567 · posted: 1473852567
Builder required 0 Home & Garden
After last nights storm I need someone who can replace a single ridge tile. ideally in the 24130 area.
started by: kmayor · last update: 1473850878 · posted: 1473850878
Qualified Gas Engineer 3 Home & Garden
Looking to extend my Gaz supply a couple of metres. Any recommendations for a qualified person/Company  we ...
started by: Topsy-10057716 · last update: 1473841580 · posted: 1473764445
New move 1 General
Myself & my husband have recently moved to Hautefort. Are there any clubs or social events we could go to,to...
started by: nicola-lever-869399 · last update: 1473834358 · posted: 1473795055
The Barking Mad Dog Club 1 Pets & Animals
This is a fun dog club near to Villeneuve-sur-Lot.  If you want to meet like-minded dog lovers and  en...
started by: pattay · last update: 1473768371 · posted: 1473708479