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Thank you.....and goodbye. 26 General
started by: hazelL-M · last update: 1472038591 · posted: 1471516783
Honest thoughts please 13 General
I recently had to visit Bordeaux and loved it - and was hugely impressed by the good value of property around an...
started by: racaille-651257 · last update: 1472038431 · posted: 1471619723
Buying in Gensac 6 General
Hello. We're just days away from purchasing a house in the lovely village of Gensac. We're both really excited a...
started by: Damien-Davenport-867578 · last update: 1472037401 · posted: 1471897175
Female cat found 0 Pets & Animals
I have found a week ago at Saint-Pierre sur Dropt an old female cat, white with black spots. She has an English ...
started by: isaclaud · last update: 1472033037 · posted: 1472033037
Social Security Number 2 Financial & Legal
My wife is not of pensionable age and would like to find some part time work. Can anyone advise how she can get ...
started by: kmayor · last update: 1472032411 · posted: 1471976099
how /why do they do it? 9 General
having lived now in france for eight years,it still amazes me the number of brits who live here full time ,and s...
started by: keith jackson · last update: 1472031993 · posted: 1471814791
URSSAF PAYMENTS 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
HelloCan anyone help?My husband and myself are pre-retired and are in the French health...
started by: tillymint10-116889 · last update: 1472023285 · posted: 1471440179
Looking for removers from lot et garonne... 4 General
hican anyone recommend a affordable moving company from Lot et Garonne to Fife, Scotland.
started by: daisie-116393 · last update: 1472023284 · posted: 1471952976
Carpenter/Joiner wanted 24 0 Home & Garden
If anyone knows of a joiner wanting a quick gig building bathroom storage please PM me or leave message. Needs t...
started by: Home Buyer · last update: 1472023257 · posted: 1472023257
Looking for a Swimming Pool Pump Repaire... 10 General
We had a pool installed last year - Pool installation company has now gone into Administration.I have a p...
started by: paull-10036376 · last update: 1471996958 · posted: 1471677481
AVIS D'IMPOT - "What's going on" 3 Financial & Legal
It was a beautiful day until our Avis D'Impot dropped into our letter box at lunchtime. I am a retired civil ser...
started by: redstuffdan · last update: 1471966983 · posted: 1471882305
Help needed by the Gendarmerie de Dordog... 5 General
I was contacted last night by a local news reporter asking to pass around this information within the English c...
started by: girlie-900151 · last update: 1471964816 · posted: 1471943756
Lost & Found Office in La Coquille 2 General
I lost my car keys in La Coquille last Sunday.Is there a lost and found office in La Coquille ...
started by: Pete1961 · last update: 1471949708 · posted: 1471935549
Notion of English Clinic Francaise 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I have recently been requested to see Dr Levy at Clinic Francaise. (
started by: Metalwash · last update: 1471946333 · posted: 1471946333
Yoga & meditation teachers - Dordogne 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Any recommendations for yoga and meditation teachers within, say, 40 km of here (Lalinde, 24)? Yes, I've looked ...
started by: alex crowe · last update: 1471939718 · posted: 1471855429
Baby equipment 3 Families & Kids
My 4 month old grandson is arriving from Australia in early September and I am trying to find somewhere to hire ...
started by: Esmerelda-101011 · last update: 1471893719 · posted: 1471864540
House Rental 0 General
Hi, i am moving to the Gironde in April next year with my partner and 2 young children. We are looking to rent a...
started by: Gareth-Ott-867563 · last update: 1471880849 · posted: 1471880849
Searching for student accommodation 0 Home & Garden
Hello,Does anyone have or know of anyone with a student accommodation to rent around the 
started by: Bod · last update: 1471862884 · posted: 1471862884
How do I know my ad is a paid one .....? 1 Angloinfo Support
I posted a couple of ads which I believed to be free but when I check them in my account space Under postings, &...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471861468 · posted: 1471688677
Shock worse than expected 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Most of us know that it is difficult to find any Medecine Generalist let alone one who speaks English, who will ...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1471801498 · posted: 1471513882
Rio olympics. What a triumph. 4 General
I am feeling very proud of team GB , thankful for their efforts and of course patriotic towards to my home count...
started by: OrlandoGibbons · last update: 1471789044 · posted: 1471423023
Eradication of horse flies 6 General
Hi everyoneHas anyone found a solution to  killing horse flies or at least deterring them...
started by: merseabouy · last update: 1471711128 · posted: 1471167366
Advert not appearing 1 Angloinfo Support
Yesterday I posted an ad for a car for sale and received a reply from Anglo info that the content was live. Howe...
started by: rkmorar-822155 · last update: 1471695649 · posted: 1471427998
Taking a pet Pot-Bellied Pig back to UK 0 Pets & Animals
Has anyone got first hand (or good second hand!) experience of the process for taking a pet pot- bellied pig to ...
started by: Helgamobil · last update: 1471676574 · posted: 1471676574
Carte Sejour 5 Angloinfo Support
Has anyone applied for and received or failed to get an  "EU non activ - permanent, Carte Sejour.
started by: magick · last update: 1471648591 · posted: 1471622890
Headlight fitting 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am looking for someone who can fit my new LHD headlight units on a Vauxhall/Opel insignia. Preferably in the B...
started by: kmayor · last update: 1471631523 · posted: 1471605264
Ex Pat who don't play the game 12 Financial & Legal
started by: osecy-115961 · last update: 1471628273 · posted: 1471277654
Loose sawdust require... 9 General
started by: lacombe-998056 · last update: 1471627269 · posted: 1471431643
Honest Garage? 10 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I know I am expecting a lot but does anyone know a good and honest garage in the Miramont-de-Guyenne or Marmande...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471602557 · posted: 1471537458
UK visit /car share 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I'm leaving on 11th Oct on an overnight ferry from St. Malo to Portsmouth & wonder if anyone is interested i...
started by: Ann-Bond-866278 · last update: 1471602160 · posted: 1471543853
Going for a walk in Dordogne ? 1 Pets & Animals
Hello everyone,
started by: DARTIGOUEYTE-VALERIE-867253 · last update: 1471595193 · posted: 1471550502
Lining paper 3 Home & Garden
Hi,Does anyone know anywhere it is possible to buy lining paper (for walls) and at a sensible ...
started by: AndyUK-896660 · last update: 1471587995 · posted: 1471542769
Going for a walk in Dordogne ? 0 Sport & Leisure
Hello everyone,
started by: DARTIGOUEYTE-VALERIE-867253 · last update: 1471550429 · posted: 1471550429
Is it just me? 4 General
Each post had a  day/hours/minutes when it was updated, now there is just a long number. I now have to go i...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1471547023 · posted: 1471507967
Sherry 8 Food & Drink
Does anyone know where you can buy sherry in the Miramont-de-Guyenne or Marmande area?  I have loads o...
started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471545546 · posted: 1471533335
Asian Box tree caterpillar 3 Home & Garden
This is both a warning and a request for advice.If you have not heard of these caterpillars and you have ...
started by: francophile-881373 · last update: 1471462153 · posted: 1471261106
Living in France and working in the UK 3 Financial & Legal
Hi, We are about to move permanently to Bergerac but I will still be working in the UK on a Monday to Friday bas...
started by: Mick-Wilkie-867126 · last update: 1471454651 · posted: 1471440275
At a loss for words! 3 Food & Drink
I am not given easily to compliments as you know but  .......I was invited for lunch today at a rela...
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1471451515 · posted: 1471364183
French car headlights 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, can anybody tell me how to get a parts number for french headlights for my Citroen C5?Many thanks...
started by: Gaul · last update: 1471424821 · posted: 1471196840
British Nationality/Citizenship for kids 2 Families & Kids
Sorry to ask, but I just end up so confused by the website. I am a British born ci...
started by: Marmot-975291 · last update: 1471381962 · posted: 1471360713
Paying Tax,or not. 4 Financial & Legal
started by: osecy-115961 · last update: 1471362268 · posted: 1471332182
Car registration after two months 1 Financial & Legal
A cautionary talefor motorists.
started by: osecy-115961 · last update: 1471344512 · posted: 1471277927
Horse riding 1 General
If you live in the vicinIty of Vergt, are a half-decent rider and would like the opportunity to ride for free, p...
started by: bagychat-111994 · last update: 1471296460 · posted: 1471179224
Posting items for sale 0 Angloinfo Support
I tried to post an advert on this site at around midday today, I followed through to the end and clicked on the ...
started by: vambo-10040388 · last update: 1471279287 · posted: 1471279287
Childminder 0 Families & Kids
We are looking for reliable nanny tolook after our 3years old daughter after sc...
started by: Rock-sane · last update: 1471269807 · posted: 1471269807
Dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone please recommend an english speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy Le Grande...
started by: Jasper · last update: 1471269625 · posted: 1471269625
Dentist... 0 Angloinfo Support
Can anyone please recommend an english speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy Le Grande area.
started by: Jasper · last update: 1471269497 · posted: 1471269497
OLD OAK BEAMS 2 Home & Garden
Hi - I have some old oak beams in good condition. I have someone interested in buying some of them - any idea ho...
started by: · last update: 1471250083 · posted: 1471247951
Tai-Chi 1 General
Thank you Fish 24  will try this as such good exercise without strain on the limbs - cannot see how to amen...
started by: Ironbridge-10049573 · last update: 1471163729 · posted: 1471162429
Tai Chi near Periguex or Montignac areas 1 General
Hello All Does anyone know where I can find a tai chi class here in France? Not complete beginner - but a...
started by: Ironbridge-10049573 · last update: 1471109293 · posted: 1471107131