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WARNING OVER CPAM EMAIL 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
cpam warns that there is a new phishing email going the rounds - inviting you to download a form to obtain a new V3
started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1503167396 · posted: 1503086348
Van Rental to Southern Ireland 1 General
Does anyone know of a company renting transit type vans which you can take to Southern Ireland, a total of about &n
started by: Birdy-116630 · last update: 1503166107 · posted: 1503156706
Can anyone recommend car hire from Limoges... 5 General
I'm trying to find a hire care for the 29 Aug -5 Sep so I can visit my grandfather. each one I click on seems to be
started by: Rosem89 · last update: 1503148783 · posted: 1503070081
Social Charge Chestnut 9 Financial & Legal
I see from my tax demand that social charge has again been levied.   Last year I managed to have rebated money
started by: Galvani3000 · last update: 1503139528 · posted: 1502802381
Clothing Bank? 2 Home & Garden
We're moving back to the UK having sold our house and are busy clearing out cupboards, wardrobes etc. We seem to ha
started by: Hilltop-112287 · last update: 1503046817 · posted: 1503041375
Gite for August 2018 12 General
Before we start going through the various agencies...............We're looking for a gite for 4 couples and 2 child
started by: bartyb · last update: 1502980042 · posted: 1502384780
Fly fishing in the Dordogne 3 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone recommend fly fishing lakes in the Perigord region? I have bought a permit for the rivers but after only
started by: Pete-Scott-907258 · last update: 1502947238 · posted: 1502797595
Certified translator needed 7 Financial & Legal
Can anyone recommend a certified translator who would be able to assist in a court hearing?  Thanks!
started by: Deejay-98232 · last update: 1502914636 · posted: 1502823112
IS anyone driving to UK this week and have... 5 General
HelloAny chance anyone is driving to UK this week with a spare seat for petrol contribution>  Dying parent
started by: france4me-10033744 · last update: 1502867191 · posted: 1502815418
Cattery near Bergerac 3 Pets & Animals
Hi everyone, due to a change in circumstances I will be returning to the UK to work at regular intervals and need t
started by: Lory richer-Richer-857245 · last update: 1502822821 · posted: 1502794942
Geotextile membrane-Any spare? 1 Sport & Leisure
Hi All,We have the first of the sand arriving tomorrow for the sand school that I am constructing. We have put the
started by: French Heel · last update: 1502821263 · posted: 1502819539
Digger 1 General
Im looking for a cheap digger im in Thiviers 24800 Please contact [email protected]
started by: thetraveler-97228 · last update: 1502787288 · posted: 1502700394
any good health club recommendations 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
i live near st emilion - but the aquitane site is south and dordonne is much closer. desperate to go jump around -
started by: gerri-Lutes-904165 · last update: 1502733295 · posted: 1502733295
Mechanic Required 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Having lived in Spain for 10 years before moving to France last year, we had built up an excellent 'contacts folder
started by: Jasper · last update: 1502713246 · posted: 1502625182
Motor Mower Repairs 3 Home & Garden
Does anyone know someone who repairs Motor Mowers in the St Foy Le Grande Area?Mine starts then falters then stops.
started by: helenslateagain · last update: 1502711946 · posted: 1502548093
UK Telecom 31 General
Fed up with SFR inefficiency.  Can anyone recommend UK Telecom?  Or any other service provider?  Tha
started by: Deejay-98232 · last update: 1502659571 · posted: 1502393240
Gun Laws And Buying Shot Guns In France 3 Sport & Leisure
started by: Paul-Robinson-907115 · last update: 1502640459 · posted: 1502562689
Dodgy builders 38 Financial & Legal
started by: David Cerdan · last update: 1502559781 · posted: 1499085317
camping car 1 General
Please can anyone tell me if a camping car can be driven in France with the masks over head light.Sincere thanks.
started by: Stormie-923067 · last update: 1502540921 · posted: 1502535933
Grasstrack Miramont 0 Sport & Leisure
If anybody is going, do you know if there is room to take chairs to sit on or is it standing only.. Thanks
started by: metisse · last update: 1502539093 · posted: 1502539093