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Guarded Optimism 0 General
I don't know if you,  like us, have been feeling a growing sense of anger, frustration and uncertainty since l
started by: redstuffdan · last update: 1498644814 · posted: 1498644813
Humax freesat recorder 4 Technical Support (Angloinfo)
Has anyone had the problem where a Humax freesat recorder does not record tv programmers anymore?i have purchased a
started by: LULABEL-116612 · last update: 1498636977 · posted: 1498380794
manicures 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know what a "french polish"is in french?nail manicures,not furniture.Much appreciated.
started by: pyladune060941 · last update: 1498633508 · posted: 1498547971
Manicure and Pyladune cant seem to attach... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Why so moany Pyladune I remember seeing posts by you in the pasts offering to give various items away eg Magazines
started by: Birdy-116630 · last update: 1498593589 · posted: 1498582854
Pool pump running time? 5 General
Our pool maintenance company tell us to keep our chlorine pool running for 20 hours a day at present, in the hot we
started by: Melou · last update: 1498592967 · posted: 1498509491
Help with Laptop (camera) 2 General
Hi, is anyone good with computers or know anyone or a 'shop' that can help me with my laptop around La Co
started by: Verity-Rosewarne-869455 · last update: 1498581907 · posted: 1498392610
What next? 2 General
Time to get some advice.A month ago I ordered and paid for a new camera.  This was not a cheap purchase for me
started by: iangraham · last update: 1498580508 · posted: 1498559560
Trichologist 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone used, or know of, a good trichologist who speaks reasonable English.  I need a diagnosis regarding
started by: mazandcol · last update: 1498551575 · posted: 1498475422
Plumber - Hot water 2 General
Does anyone know a reliable and honest plumber in the Miramont de Guyenne area?  We have lost our hot water th
started by: Poppydoo · last update: 1498466788 · posted: 1498403457
Parking a motorbike at Bergerac Airport 9 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, I'm thinking of buying a motorbike for use in France - i fly in and out of Bergerac airport and wondered if any
started by: Laurence-Hayes-902891 · last update: 1498426560 · posted: 1498043111
Terracotta floor tiles 3 Home & Garden
Hi everyone, wondered if anyone has found a good supplier of good quality terracotta floor tiles? We are looking fo
started by: rapidset-819416 · last update: 1498386525 · posted: 1498315214
Boces for removing items from apt 3 Home & Garden
Hello does anyone know where I can get  the "fold up" type removal cardboard boxes please??need them as soon a
started by: lotkate47-878501 · last update: 1498287668 · posted: 1497930615
St Geraud de Corps night market 1 General
I believe there is a night market at St Geraud de Corps tomorrow, 23rd June.  If there is a market, what time
started by: OrlandoGibbons · last update: 1498246330 · posted: 1498151981
Club Dordogne 8 General
Hi folks. Just FYI there's a new group on Facebook for owners of holiday homes in the Dordogne. It's called Club Do
started by: James24220 · last update: 1498236829 · posted: 1497974548
... 2 Home & Garden
Hi,Due to the installation of 'mains gas' in our commune we are changing over to gas heating from oil. Can anyone r
started by: AndyUK-896660 · last update: 1498138275 · posted: 1498042241
... 9 General
For personal reasons, I am considering renting out (less than 3 months), my home (French résidence principale) but
started by: Fish24 · last update: 1498054722 · posted: 1497712496
Totalgaz Refill 3 Home & Garden
Hi, Does anyone in the Eymet/Bergerac area who fills Totalgaz tanks? We have just moved over and don't have any pap
started by: Andy-Bartlett-898224 · last update: 1497975812 · posted: 1497962571
Club Dordogne 0 Home & Garden
Hi folks. Just FYI there's a new group on Facebook for owners of holiday homes in the Dordogne. It's called Club Do
started by: James24220 · last update: 1497974363 · posted: 1497974362
Multiple Sclerosis 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, wonder if anybody can help?  We are moving back to France later this year.  My husband has MS and I w
started by: sw-902708 · last update: 1497933683 · posted: 1497887030
oak door 6 Home & Garden
I am renovating an old house and want to use an existing window as a door as I can reuse the lintel. I want to 
started by: Steviec-880545 · last update: 1497896897 · posted: 1497858158