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Plumber wanted 0 Home & Garden
I am looking for an Irish or UK plumber who has experience fitting a stove with a back boiler and radiators. La Bug
started by: Rynagh-95185 · last update: 1550416548 · posted: 1550416548
For sale 0 General
started by: Steve-Morris-933063 · last update: 1549978248 · posted: 1549978248
returning to blightey 0 General
Hi, can anyone recommend a man and [large] van for returning to blightey. in March.Will need 7 ton max. Leaving fro
started by: Woobles-878973 · last update: 1549703683 · posted: 1549703683
returning to blightey 0 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone recommend a man and [large] van for returning to England. Will need a 7 ton maximum to return in mar
started by: Woobles-878973 · last update: 1549703408 · posted: 1549703408
direct ardoise 0 General
Has any one used this company for roofing slates? If so how is the slate quality?
started by: bon -bon-932927 · last update: 1549661797 · posted: 1549661797
Are there any expats living in Terrason Lavilledieu? 0 General
We may be moving there and are hoping to find group french lessons if there are any. Thank you to anyone who has so
started by: hospitality-982056 · last update: 1549656819 · posted: 1549656819
Cleaning Service Available 0 General
Hi We offer a cleaning service for all properties. We can clean your gite or any other property within the wit
started by: zippity · last update: 1549295563 · posted: 1549295563
Hyundai coupe 1997 for sale 0 General
RED in colour, good condition/Good runner, larger car forces sale2 years Control technic, new cam belt/plugs done r
started by: canda-107050 · last update: 1549224574 · posted: 1549224574
Documentary 0 General
Hello there, My name is Louis and I am an Bristish student who has lived in France all my life. I am currently work
started by: Louis -Simmons-932630 · last update: 1549206688 · posted: 1549206688
Documantary 0 Families & Kids
Hello there, My name is Louis and I am a student studying Cinematography in Bordeaux.I am currently working on a do
started by: Louis -Simmons-932630 · last update: 1549111151 · posted: 1549111151
Classified Ads 11 Technical Support (Angloinfo)
Has anyone cracked the fails to upload problem?  All I'm finding on these pages are unanswered questions.The s
started by: parker-113340 · last update: 1536143977 · posted: 1469021470
HOLIDAY LET. 0 General
6 Birth Mobile home set in a peaceful relaxing setting in the Gironde, facing a beautiful swimming lake with canoes
started by: calvinorchard · last update: 1535971615 · posted: 1535971615
Classified ads 2 Technical Support (Angloinfo)
Hello all,Is there any way of modifying or bumping classified ads?  I can't seem to be able to amend one of my
started by: suffolklass-119980 · last update: 1535894137 · posted: 1510158217
dodgy builder 0 General
started by: David Cerdan · last update: 1535726303 · posted: 1535726303
Still waiting for French driving licence 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Has anyone any news on the situation with changing and waiting for their French driving licence ????
started by: lawrence1-97709 · last update: 1532785405 · posted: 1532785405
Urgently looking for long-term house rental... 0 General
Hi,I am urgently looking for a long-term house rental in Hautefort (24390) or surrounding area - for a minimum of 1
started by: Adam-Stickland-926347 · last update: 1522333410 · posted: 1522333410
Change over, gardening, pool maintenance... 2 Home & Garden
Hello, My name is Claire and my brother and I are in the process of buying a property near St Alvere, I’m lo
started by: Claire-McAndrew-920844 · last update: 1522158193 · posted: 1522078220
Tree work 4 Home & Garden
Can anyone recommend a good tree surgeon in the Saint Cyprien area? Thank you. Michael.
started by: Michael-Clyde-926047 · last update: 1522086962 · posted: 1521996884
Things that shocked you after moving to France 28 General
I'm working on a show about culture shock and would like to hear about things that surprised you after you moved to
started by: alex crowe · last update: 1522085431 · posted: 1521652226
0 Pets & Animals
started by: JuliaG-97413 · last update: 1522078721 · posted: 1522078721