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We have large a infestation of Parrot Feather weed which we are unable to control. Chemical treatment in France seems non existant so what can i do to rid myself of this problem. Ideally we would like to employ a French aquatic speacialist to help solve this problem.

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Hi,Has anyone tried to contact AngloInfo?  It is, it seems, not possible;This all started when I tried to submit a free directory listing.  On the Directory page it says "ADD YOUR DIRECTORY ADVERTJust a few small steps to add your FREE listing" However, the next page only has paid-for options - no option to have a basic, free listing.  Hopefully a technical error and not a trades description violation.So then I tried to contact AngloInfo UK on their website contact form to let them know about the technical error - filled in the message form - submit... and all it says is "Sending..." and stays as "Sending..." - never "sent".  Has it sent?  Who knows?So I tried to use the USA contact form - and got exactly the same problem.  Filled form, hit Submit - and got "Sending..." and never "Sent.So I tried to telephone the number on the UK contact form - +44 (0) 1491 836 394 - and got "You have dialled an incorrect number" (I checked I had dialled correctly).So I tried to call the USA telephone number on the "Global Headquarters" contact us page +1-630-489-2875It goes to voicemail everytime.I was trying to get in touch with them to let them know about a technical error on the site.Is this not possible?  Has anyone managed to get in touch with them?  If this reaches technical support, could you please let me know how to use the free Directory listing?Thanks 

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I am unable to respond to adverts because the CATCHPA doesn't have a single brain cell and thinks I'm a moron.  Is it doing a useful job or should it be ditched?

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Does anyone know of an AGA engineer to service an electric AGA and the gas hob of a companion cooker please in the Bergerac area?  

started by: tifossi33 · last update: 1580741779 · posted: 1580741779

What on earth has happened ?   Why do we have multiple postings of items for sale;  not blaming the posters, obviously some techie detail - but I e-mailed you last week about this - and you've done nothing.   Site seems to be neglected - have you given up ?

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I am wondering about putting an array of photovoltaics on my land and would like to know what the French law is with regard to how many can be used , also the cost and any good installers that could be recommendedcheerssoaringeagle

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Has anyone cracked the fails to upload problem?  All I'm finding on these pages are unanswered questions.The system just tells me the ad content is incomplete, doesn't tell me why and changing things one after another fails to identify the solution.

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Hello all,Is there any way of modifying or bumping classified ads?  I can't seem to be able to amend one of my classifieds - one of the two items has been sold and I would have liked to update the ad.  Do I need to repost?Thanks in advance.

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If you intend to buy a property in the Dordogne or already own it and you face general or partial rénovation I can help with understanding the problems you face, how to plan, how to organize, coordinate,  control costs and work teams. Totally fluent in English, French, German and Spanish I have successfully renovated 7 houses in the last 30 years and supervised several jobs in the Dordogne already. Please e-mail with contact data and description of your problem and I will get back to you.

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Hi I have  a Sealey mig  150 welder and I need to get it repaired here in France can any one advise where to to go to get it fixed 

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Helllo, could you please change my location and affiliation from Dordogne to Lyon ?Kind regards

started by: Soaring eagle · last update: 1516273668 · posted: 1515939376

Hi everyoneI have some land next to my house and was thinking about putting a 80 metre single line of photovoltaics on itDoes anyone know if there are rules about the amount of voltaics you can have for domestic use?also does anyone have ideas of costs and good and reliable providers . Is it possible to source and install independently?Thanks for any input

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How do I edit an item that I advertised for sale - I only seem to have a SOLD option

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Please Anglo can you  remove all the adverts that seems to have been placed twice, three and even four times, I am sure this is not a deliberate ploy by the seller just finger trouble? Combined with all the items that are sold it just clogs up the classified section. Hope I am not te only one that finds this frustrating?

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Hi Admins, If someone asks for a recommendation for man and van, hairdresser etc - can you confirm if as individuals we are allowed to recommend someone we have used - or do you delete all recommendations if that person does not advertise with you?Dino

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Hello! Have you any recommendations for a reliable piscine  repair service near Rauzan (Castillion area fine)? Thanks 

started by: gerri-Lutes-904165 · last update: 1505652065 · posted: 1500130470

I have purchased a house just outside of St Emilion. I have limited French. I need (so American..)  internet, cell and tv set up for my house. I am overwhelmed by the French websites. Is there a sub-contractor you have used to set p the whole package? any recommendations

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I put two adverts on here today, filling in the boxes for my telephone number & email address to appear. When I looked at my ads I have two boxes to select: (1) Email the advertiser, & (2) Display their telephone number.  The telephone number link doesn't work & I can find no way to edit the text of my advert to add my telephone number! Does anybody have any idea how I can edit these ads?

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Hello. Please can some one recommend a computer repair person in the Bergerac, Issigeac or Eymet  area.Thank youDouglas

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