Anglo Info in French too ?

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I have a French bought laptop, and going into various websites, it tries the French version first, before I switch, or indeed translate at a flick of the mouse. But ........on Anglo Info, when switched to French, all the English written postings are translated into French. I.e. my house for sale posting comes up in French plus the English written replies are in French. Perhaps the Administrator can answer this, as it gives a perfect crib for translation purposes.

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tsherar-109088 1297517544

Do you have google toolbar loaded, as this will automatically translate pages into whatever language specified

awayaway 1297518530

My laptop is French also, but it doesn't do weird things like that.

bryanston-107168 1297584156

Unintended, but yes, the Google bar must be loaded. Both your replies to date came back to me in French, then I click the translate bar.
Do you know a way to cancel this, as it translates everysite I go into, including Yahoo UK. But I still don't understand how an English written posting can be translated immediately into good French, or is this technology I am not aware of.

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