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Has anyone cracked the fails to upload problem?  All I'm finding on these pages are unanswered questions.The system just tells me the ad content is incomplete, doesn't tell me why and changing things one after another fails to identify the solution.

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ecole-99450 1469024732

I have just tried to put a Darth Vader mug up for sale for my son. I tried 3 photos no success. Tried 1 photo it uploaded but cut the mug off the photo so now you just see a box! I give up!! Since the new site was put up it's useless! I rarely go on here now which is a shame as I used this site for many years

parker 1469025657

Thanks, I guess - at least we seem to be having the same experience.

Your message pretty much sums up the previous conversations around this issue. I had hoped there was some easy solution I was missing.

parker 1469086347

So - I don't get it.  The classified upload system seems to be a regular cause of problems, with no solutions that I can see in the discussions.  Yet some not for free items seem to have been posted successfully within recent days - I've tried again this morning to post my giveaway item under both that heading and the the costed heading with no luck.

And there's no clear point of contact on the site for help except AI in the UK, which appears to be all about getting me to pay to advertise.

Am I missing something obvious?

hazelL-M 1469094959

Parker and Ecole: the size limit for adding images to a classified advert (whether free or paid for) is 2000 x 2000 pixels so it sounds as though you need to check the size of your images and re-size them.  If you cannot do that by all means add your adverts as text only and send your images and the advert titles to me at and I will try to load the images for you.


parker 1469096398

Thanks - but I'm afraid it's not pic size in my case.  Mine is substantially below 2000 x 2000 - and it has again failed to upload even with no pic.

cabaret 1532218282

Ever since this site was changed from the basic free ad method,I've never been able to advertise again..far too complicated  .Cabriolet

JimJams-558631 1533556230

I have been using the classified ads section over many years.  And I have - only very rarely - been able to upload the photos and post the ad successfully.

I have had more failures than successes.  In the old days - seems a lifetime ago now, it was more straightforward, easier, simpler, and pretty much foolproof.   Since it reinvented itself, I've had so many problems, I don't know why I bother trying.  I did, once, get a reply to a message I left.  That particular issue did get sorted. 

I also find it almost impossible to open the site at all.  I google it - I try looking for angloinfo, or smartexpat as it now seems to call itself, and I get a page of links - but mostly they just open blank pages.  WHY are they so completely inept !!

I use all the time - it is easy to use, much more user friendly, and a very successful site (one of the very rare French websites IMO).  But I also want to reach English people, potential customers....  it's just such hard work.  And frustrating.  And not acceptable.

JimJams-558631 1533556366

And what's more, each time I click on "contact us" - nothing happens, or a blank page opens.   I'm going to lie down in a darkened room now.

calv 1535970771

Holiday let.

Mobile home 6 birth in the Gironde facing a swimming lake, snack bar , canoeing, paddle boats. Near St Emilion. Good rates.


Rabulder 1536143977

Why is it that every time i shall post an ad, a blank smart expat page comes up. 

Resulting in none ads are posted. Any good advice ?

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