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Hi everyoneI have some land next to my house and was thinking about putting a 80 metre single line of photovoltaics on itDoes anyone know if there are rules about the amount of voltaics you can have for domestic use?also does anyone have ideas of costs and good and reliable providers . Is it possible to source and install independently?Thanks for any input

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There are rules. It used to be 10kw max for domestic use. Many installers have gone out of business. You need to speak to your Mairie to find out if they will give you planning permission. You should get it, as they are supposed to be looking favourably at renewable industries.

Ikea are one cheapest installers in the UK. You should also look at Navitron They have installers in France as well as the UK. However, beware of thieves in the night! A friend put some up at his business during the Summer and withing three weeks, it was broken into and the panels and inverter stolen overnight. 

Having a system installed here will be more expensive than the UK. You don't say where you are, but we have a guy near to us that installing various renewable systems. He installed a new inverter for us in 2016. He was good and efficient.

We have had a 4kw system for the past 6 or 7 years, selling the excess. I am thinking in the future of the advantages of maybe installing batteries to run off grid at night. 

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Thank you Paul

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