Responding to adverts - Bxxxxy CATCHPA.

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I am unable to respond to adverts because the CATCHPA doesn't have a single brain cell and thinks I'm a moron.  Is it doing a useful job or should it be ditched?

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Daniel H 1504048842

It's supposed to stop Spambots littering the site with garbage.

It made me feel like a moron too. I didn't realise I had to keep clicking until all the 9 roads were hidden, THEN press submit. I kept clicking submit after every single click! :-/

ykcul 1504265621

thanks for your comment. I too click on all roads before pressing submit. I get a box that says 'Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. check your connection and try again.'

Daniel H 1504270356

What a nuisance. You're not able to post classifieds then?

ykcul 1504363755

I can post but not respond to...

Dave W-839 1504364488

Just a thought - Have you tried clearing your caches?

ykcul 1504367044

I've done that (caches) but no luck...

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