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some months ago there was a discussion on a scam where people were paying cheques over the amount required for things. i remember one was to rent a property. can anyone let me have details. think we have been approached. thanks

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Please see our Forum Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

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Dealing with scam, fraud and phishing e-mails

Any publicly accessible electronic service is open to abuse. AngloINFO takes many measures (technical and other) to minimise the potential for abuse, but it still exists. From time to time, e-mails are sent via the Classifieds & Discussions that are illegal scams, attempts to defraud users, or so-called "phishing" attempts, most frequently Advance Fee Fraud, variations of the so-called "Nigerian Letter" or "419" scam.

Should you receive such an e-mail via the AngloINFO Classifieds & Discussions service, please do the following.

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Remember, as the saying goes: "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!"

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thanks for replies. my query arose because something we had for sale had a response that was 'to good to be true' and we did not re-contact the person offering. but i was trying to remember the explanation of how sending cheque over what was asked for something resulted in payer making money. i think it was something to do with money-laundering? as i remember it someone paid ahead and over the odds for a rental property

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Do a "search" - on this page, top right hand side - for "internet scams". I have just found a post called "worrying e-mails" which may give you an answer.

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The "overpayment" scam works by:
1 "Buyer" (I use the term loosely!) sends you a cheque for €1000 when the item costs only €500. They ask you to send them the change of €500 (might even say just make it €400 for your trouble) which you do. The original €1000 cheque which they sent you then turns out to be valueless (stolen, fraudulent, whatever) You are €400 or €500 poorer.

Another is that the "agent" wants to bring a client who 100% wants to buy your house & will pay the asking price. The "client" is going to pay the agent €3000 (or any figure) for airfares etc... which the agent asks to be made payable to you (why????). You are asked to cash these travellers cheques & send the money to the "agent" who often gives multiple addresses and recipients for the money. After doing this you are visited by the Gendarmes as the travellers cheques are, of course, fraudulent.

You can trace the origins of emails & it is fairly simple to do. I did this on one that sounded dodgy and found it originated in Russia, not Exeter, UK as the man claimed! A google search will show you how.

As Martin says--if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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