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I have purchased a house just outside of St Emilion. I have limited French. I need (so American..)  internet, cell and tv set up for my house. I am overwhelmed by the French websites. Is there a sub-contractor you have used to set p the whole package? any recommendations

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George Canning 1500133329

Orange have an English speaking hepline so they can take care of the phone and internet for you. Do you want French TV or English? I'm not aware that US satellite TV is available here but who knows?

French Heel 1500151854

I believe that Gerri is intimating that her 'need' is so American!

The English speaking helpline is very useful, but try to call between 1200-1400hrs. I haven't used it in a long while, but it was definitely quicker than trying at other times of the day. I believe that you will find the Orange shops very helpful. Our French was extremely limited when we connected in 2003, but the process was quite straightforward. They know what you are there for. Cell phones here are known as 'portable'.

The French tv package is included in their phone/internet and mobile service. However, you used to have to pay a €50 deposit for the tv reception equipment. Ours was never refunded when we left Orange, despite returning it within the time limit, to the correct address, with all of the original packaging. No amount of telephone calls or recorded letters resulted in the return of the deposit!

We left after a number of years as we found their customer service non existent when we approached them with a problem. We moved to SFR about three years ago. They regulalry contact us to check if we are happy, as well as keeping us up to date with current offers that might save us money.

If you have the internet, you can access quite easily many if not all American series. We use the internet quite often to catch up on programs that we have missed on UK tv, for which we use a Freesat system. That gives us more than enough tv channels to watch. If you don't wish to subscribe to any sports or film channels, that would probably be the sort of thing for you. We purchased the equipment for a one off payment several years ago. It is the second system that we have owned as this one automatically updates itself when new channels are added.

Good luck.

George Canning 1500188525

The TV package will only work if you live somewhere where the internet speed is good. Where I am it is slow so trying to watch anything via the internet is hopeless.

Ade Campbell 1505392202

We're only half hour drive away from St.Emilion and my wife is setting up translation company. Drop us a line if you need more help, ongoing. :)

fabouche 1505403804

just go down to the orange office in Libourne in the centre commercial.

There is a blonde lady there who speaks English and a young man too.

Providing that you are with orange they will sort out all the problems.

If you need computer help I can direct you to the person whom we use.

He is very helpful and lived in UK based 30 mins from you so probably he will charge an hrly rate plus a small fee for travelling. But he is fairly priced and pleasant.

Interested and I will pass on his number.

Home Buyer 1505652064

www The Grapevine fr many have advertisers who do the assimilation hand holding thing to get you up and running. Cable is same the world over ...rubbish. We use Netlfix and the internet for movies, series, news etc. Apple TV is also available here. 

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