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Has anyone had the problem where a Humax freesat recorder does not record tv programmers anymore?i have purchased a new disc drive and installed it but when asked to format under storage it will not recognize the disc.anyone any ideas?

started by: Anne-JONES-863948 · last update: 1495462798 · posted: 1467815657

i have a house to rent in Lot-et- Garonne, do you have a classifieds category for such ads??? 

started by: Ticia · last update: 1489843046 · posted: 1489843046

HiWe have a new telephone landline installed and on first use trying to dial out there is a message. Although we speak some French we can't understand what the message is saying. Does anyone know if there is a standard message received on first use of the landline and if so what it says. Many thanks

started by: OrlandoGibbons · last update: 1487787810 · posted: 1487348003

I need to change my email address but I dont want to delete my AI account. How do I do it?

started by: bournech-880044 · last update: 1485793926 · posted: 1485694490

Does anyone know a washer repair man in the 24 area please

started by: margil · last update: 1483825373 · posted: 1483796259

Your site has been ruined since it was so called ,updated. You can't add pictures you can't edit in fact you can't do anything. I should think you have lost a lot of business. I hope you didn't pay the so called expert.

started by: Lisa-Laisney-866504 · last update: 1482263061 · posted: 1482263061

We are thinking of putting a pellet boiler to heat under floor heating in our barn. Please can anyone send any advice on makes and models. Thanks

started by: Babs White · last update: 1481735975 · posted: 1481713998

started by: TheEdge · last update: 1480165807 · posted: 1479366824

Is it no longer possible to edit an advertisement for 'FOR SALE' items?I want to reduce the price of an item which was possible before the site was 'improved'! Am i missing something?

started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1480073196 · posted: 1480065823

How do I add a free classified using a tablet?

started by: Edith-Robson-878613 · last update: 1479903447 · posted: 1479821689

We have a property with a field behind. This year, we permitted the mairie to run a sewage pipe along the edge of the field having been assured that it would make no difference to its resale and would in fact benefit buyers as they would be linked to the communal sewage system which is being installed in the village. Now, the maire has asked permission to run a fresh water pipe over one end.  Does anyone know what the French regs are regarding distances between these. We are not keen to agree but don't want to fall out with the neighbour who is trying to get water to his field in order to sell it.

started by: Melou · last update: 1479138821 · posted: 1478892185

In the hope that Ai management do sometimes read posts on their site, may I suggest that Angloinfo Support as a 'category' heading, should be changed. Posters do not always understand it - they think that it means 'Support from AngloInfo members' - and consequently post stuff that is not relevant to site management.What do you think, back in Oxfordshire?

started by: Wycliffe · last update: 1478987234 · posted: 1476266611

Hello. Firstly, my apologies if my account is showing in the wrong region (Dordogne) but I could not find Lot et Garonne in the list of available locations. My wife and I are in the process of buying a house near the village of Castelnaud-de-Gratecambe between Bergerac and Villeneure sur Lot and hope to start renovating it in the Spring of 2017. I'm am looking to make contacts in that area and also to seek any recommendations regarding material suppliers, trustworthy tradesmen and machine plant hire ( e.g. mini diggers, bobcats etc). Thank you. 

started by: Eileen-Crowther-861404 · last update: 1478972796 · posted: 1478106997

We hope to rent out our house for holiday lets from next year. Someone once told us that we would need to inform the mairie and she might just charge people a few euros each time?    Also how and when do we need to register to pay tax for income?

started by: Jean Pierre-101577 · last update: 1478962409 · posted: 1478548820

We are going for French citizenship, anyone out there who has recently taken out French citizenship and can give some idea of the overall cost.Jean Pierre

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the two discussions listed by ray powells - are these a joke ? why are they allowed to be put on the forum

started by: French Heel · last update: 1477739398 · posted: 1477735411

I have tried numerous times to add free classified adverts but it never goes any further that me validating the Captcha. I don't get any message to say there is anything wrong. This morning, I removed the photographs and it was accepted straight away. The photograph area is within the box.

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Hello I am looking for an English-speaking GP in or close to 24590 for my 82 year old father. He is desperate to spend his summer months with me but hesitant because of his conditions and the possible language barrier. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum.Thank you,Forum Moderation

started by: French Heel · last update: 1476447084 · posted: 1476447084

Is anyone else having the same problem? I tried yesterday evening and got to where you have to click upon the 'eye' etc. I received the message validating captcha, your content is being submitted. I never received the content accepted message. I checked this morning, no classified. I have tried again several time since, beginning the process again, to no avail.

started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1474614418 · posted: 1474549599

Looking for a person who can help me with a complex query with the tax office.  It's not something that I feel is in the remit of our accountant. Initially it would be a phone call to ask how they would deal with a request that may need to be done by letter, visit or phone - not sure what they would want/need but thought I would start with the phone. I realise there are people who advertise but would prefer recommendations please.By PM only.Many thanks.

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