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Many thanks to AngloInfo and all those who participate with their comments.  I have only just been introduced to the site and find it very helfpful indeed.

started by: richard-murby-868680 · last update: 1474016993 · posted: 1473498790

Hello,Does anyone know how to remove an ad from angloinfo directory. I've retired, but I think the French tax authorities think I haven't because the ad still appears. It seems impossible to contact angloinfo to remove it.

started by: Sharon-Northover-869169 · last update: 1473929630 · posted: 1473870125

How do I cancel an advertisement?

started by: peggy-104356 · last update: 1473502773 · posted: 1473187230

I have attempted three times to put a classified ad on the site (Anglo info Dordogne), the first time the content never submitted. The second and third times the listing went on only to be 'sold' several hours later and being deactivated, even though I never sold or logged into my account (made error etc). Is there anyway around this?

started by: Bunyip · last update: 1471861468 · posted: 1471688677

I posted a couple of ads which I believed to be free but when I check them in my account space Under postings,  they are marked Under the tab "paid" and None of my ads show under the tab "free".  How do I know if I am placing a paid ad?  Will they ask for my credit card first or do they just send out a bill sometime after the ad appears?  At the bottom of my ad it says Price 0 euros.  Does this relate to the cost of placing the ad? 

started by: rkmorar-822155 · last update: 1471688985 · posted: 1471427998

Yesterday I posted an ad for a car for sale and received a reply from Anglo info that the content was live. However I cannot see it anywhere. I do not know how to contact Anglo info for hep.  Can someone kindly advise me how to contact them. Thanks.

started by: magick · last update: 1471648591 · posted: 1471622890

Has anyone applied for and received or failed to get an  "EU non activ - permanent, Carte Sejour.If so I'd love to contact you or recieve some help and or assistance.

started by: vambo-10040388 · last update: 1471279287 · posted: 1471279287

I tried to post an advert on this site at around midday today, I followed through to the end and clicked on the item as requested then left it and went out, just got back in at 18.30pm and it still has not been submitted, why do we keep on having problems with this bloody site, we are all trying to sell items and have had nothing but problems since the format was changed, can somebody please sort this problem out, or go back to the old site which was so much easier.

started by: Jasper · last update: 1471269497 · posted: 1471269497

Can anyone please recommend an english speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy Le Grande area.

started by: 24crabtree · last update: 1471173935 · posted: 1471103990

Hi,I cannot post a free classified.Have successfully posted recently, but now have a problem!I get to the end, click on the captcha, then click continue.It says submitting, for ages, then returns to the continue button. Never gets posted.Tried on different browsers, all the same.Any thoughts?

started by: hollybee · last update: 1469819983 · posted: 1469784729

How can I change an advert I have just posted

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there have been three ways with anglo info to log off - 1st - was top right where sign in was - second - just didn't exist that i could find - third was going to my anglo info and logging off from there - now ???? - can't find it again - please where is it now ??? 

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Trying to furnish our newly renovated Farmhouse, and we are looking for several items of furniture...linen/storage cupboard...kitchen/dining chairs & refractory type kitchen table....these could either be traditional old pieces or new wood [pine/beech etc ] that lends itself to a 'Farrow & Ball' painted type of finish....lots more incidental furniture bits also required.If anyone knows where to find these, we are in the Ste. Foy le Grande area.

started by: Claret-812716 · last update: 1468233849 · posted: 1463504472

Seems I am experiencing the same issue as many others.  I have spent ages composing my ad but when I press submit my computer freezes.  Any helpful suggestions very welcome. Many thanks. 

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Can anyone please advise me about where I can advertise/buy items now that Angloinfo no longer works? 

started by: David-Yarwood-863128 · last update: 1467037124 · posted: 1467037124

HELP PLEASEI have added two new classified adds and each time within a couple of hours it says that it has sold??? Any ideas?

started by: hog.hedge · last update: 1466937909 · posted: 1466937909

how come companies are using free classifieds to advertise a few items - pretending to be individual anglo members  - but leaving link for contact for their company selling many items online - surely this shouldn't be allowed 

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Is there some clever way of doing this because clicking on "add an item" has no effect whatsoever?Thanks

started by: Jasper · last update: 1465745302 · posted: 1465554705

Just moved into a house near Ste. Foy and need an oil delivery...anyone know the contact details of local suppliers and if possible the best current price per litre...I will need about 1700 litres.

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