started by: LeRoque · last update: 1465720474 · posted: 1465720474

I had an item for sale on the old AngloInfo site.  It duly sold.  I marked it as sold.I now have an enquiry asking me if the item is still for sale...  I am suspicious as on the previous site, the inbound e-mail resolved to the person who was asking.  It now resolves to noreply@angloinfo.com.    This could be yet another "feature" of the site.  I suppose it might also say that during the database conversion, they forgot to carry across the "sold" flag.On the other hand, this could be spam.  Either way, it is being ignored and deleted.  So if you're really after a cross trainer from a listing from before Christmas last year, then it has sold.

started by: pyladune060941 · last update: 1464954775 · posted: 1464949995

first Time i Have used this Site sincè It Changed,i am trainglot to post à free add,but its coming up with a week l'y price!

started by: gavineyre · last update: 1464935438 · posted: 1464878196

Can I suggest you add an expiration date to your directory listings.   I've replied to a number and I've got mail bounces and no-replies.   I suspect your carrying a number who are no longer in business.   

started by: ykcul · last update: 1464842943 · posted: 1464776252

Can anybody advise me how to amend a listing already posted?

started by: Jasper · last update: 1464773829 · posted: 1464773829

Can anyone please recommend a good English speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy area?

started by: alex crowe · last update: 1464596785 · posted: 1464596785

Hi Hazel,Just noticed there doesn't seem to be an [obvious] auto-follow for posts. So, if you have responded to a topic, you have to come back and check the topic again. This will slow down response times for some people.Power to your elbow.Alex

started by: Jasper · last update: 1464416561 · posted: 1464362462

Does anyone know of a good source of Interior Wooden Doors in the Ste. Foy Le Grande area....

started by: Jasper · last update: 1464358939 · posted: 1464249054

I have just had some interior woodwork completed in Douglas Fir which I intend to paint. Can anyone please recommend a 'good' French paint primer/undercoat that I can treat the wood with before applying a final top coat....or do I have to resort to bringing the paint over from the UK?

started by: Whispers · last update: 1463982636 · posted: 1463559211

Hi I wanted to send a private message to a member and the message system doesn't seem to be working at all. Please help. 

started by: Bart-Simpson-857878 · last update: 1463937884 · posted: 1461919180

AI were pretty quick to respond to the troll who has been stirring it up at "the other Site" and posted here to gloat.  Well done AI for using the Delete button with good reason.  A first!Now get the damned site fixed.

started by: Jasper · last update: 1463162630 · posted: 1460626575

Having just moved into our new home we have inherited a garden pool with 5-6 Koi Carp/Large Goldfish, which we know very little about and are surplus to our requirements.As we are new to the area can anyone please advise where we could advertise the fish to find them a new home/pond!!

started by: Metalwash · last update: 1463159376 · posted: 1463153857

How do I change the photo on an advert or delete the advert completely.

started by: sarah-Buss-Burns-858725 · last update: 1463154108 · posted: 1462728803

hi have just moved to the area and I am looking for work , could anyone give me any advice I would really like to become a host family but cannot seem to find any companies - any help would be appreciated thanks

started by: Glyn Holding · last update: 1462003248 · posted: 1460808024

Have over the last week tried to submit 3 ads to no avail. Complete waste of my time sitting here composing ads to find that the screen freezes when the ad is submitted. Why, oh why are we not getting any response to our complaints about the website. We are the users/customers so should be getting an apology at least but no, nothing. Never a truer saying - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

started by: Jambo-10063160 · last update: 1461557116 · posted: 1461223716

I for one don't mind the new site too much, it is slowly but surely improving and looks far superior to the old one. But, and it's a very big but, why oh why oh why every time I log in, post a new message or reply to an existing discussion do I get "oops something went wrong" and then I am thrown out to the main AngloInfo page and struggle like mad to get back to the Dordogne? It does post my replies and sometimes log me in but it's massively frustrating!! Come on computer nerds, sort it out!! Ta

started by: Metalwash · last update: 1460802116 · posted: 1460801339

How do you comment or reply on a posting?Beats me.

started by: Jasper · last update: 1460748605 · posted: 1460651612

Anyone know where to get chainsaw blades sharpened near to Ste. Foy.

started by: jakelepeg-606009 · last update: 1460743167 · posted: 1460742289

Like many people, I find the new format totally unusable and, will be cancelling my subscription to the site.

started by: Mary-Rande-852928 · last update: 1460636516 · posted: 1458213776

What is the French equivalent of a British Powr of Attorney? Would like to hear about anyone's experience in doing this, I understand I need to do Un Mandat de Protection de Future? 

started by: Coots · last update: 1460556219 · posted: 1459173093

this change to the site is awful, the old one was not broken!!!!!!

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