started by: kathyc-99557 · last update: 1460481744 · posted: 1459632002

Just when you think this site couldn't get any worst, it manages to surpass itself. If I click on any classified ad I get the message  #  Oops! That page can't be found.

started by: Jasper · last update: 1460443615 · posted: 1460386534

Can anyone tell me of a 'cave' or wine co-operative near Ste. Foy where we can purchase wine by the litre into our own containers.Having just moved from Spain we found this a very useful way of buying 'table wine', and much cheaper than bottled wine for every day consumption.Cheers everyone

started by: Jasper · last update: 1460060061 · posted: 1460028247

We have just moved near to Ste.Foy Le Grande from Spain, and need an oil delivery.Does anyone have contact details of good reliable companies...suggestions which offer the best price etc.Also, in Spain we paid the driver with our bank card on delivery, is that the same here or is it by cheque/facture in the post etc?

started by: simonholland · last update: 1459958240 · posted: 1459056682

Dear Anglo Dordogne, I posted a free classified advert, no photo , no date, and unable to edit the text.... Now it's disappeared.. .. You are going to loose all your loyal users if you don't fix the classified section ASAP. We need:   Free photosListing dateAbility to edit the ad after listing. Get on it please.Simon, Dordogne. 

started by: serendipity-97597 · last update: 1459805235 · posted: 1459675544

Can't cope with this site now, cant reply to adverts, message facility gives me two letters, old adverts lost. I am not the only one, please please get it sorted as I find it no longer worth looking at.

started by: Jasper · last update: 1459787844 · posted: 1459767336

We have just moved into our new property here in France and it has an oil fired boiler system...a RIELLO RESANA KOMBI 4 system. All the instructions are in French and as my French at the moment is not good does anyone have any idea where I can obtain instructions in English....does anyone have the same system?

started by: Michael -esthop-854891 · last update: 1459753419 · posted: 1459681228

We have just purchased a part renovated stone farmhouse in a village 8kms from Ste. Foy Le Grande.Being new to the area I need to establish good contacts with various trades to complete our project.Initially, we are very keen to find the following: a good general builder; carpenter; plumber; heating specialist [solar/thermodynamic]; electrician.If anyone has experience of these services and can recommend them, we would be very welcome.

started by: moriarty-97462 · last update: 1459706855 · posted: 1458201281

Actually I think it looks much cleaner.  Takes a bit of getting used to in navigating around but once you get used to it, then it's very logical.  And well done on listening to the request for a 'Recent Discussions' section ... like many I don't go to every section but just want to see what's been recently written and now you've included that then the site is greatly improved.  Anyway, well done all.

started by: figaro-967793 · last update: 1458968055 · posted: 1458929266

since the site has been improved (haha...try posting an ad) I no longer am able to find the page listing local events.Has it gone?

started by: goatgirl-112852 · last update: 1458931915 · posted: 1458853463

I am finding this site impossible to use, both to look at things for sale and to post an ad. What on earth have you done to it, it's rubbish now.  I'm not the oNly one either. Why fix something that isn't broke?

started by: Jakival · last update: 1458921136 · posted: 1458895159

Well I've left it ten days to try again, but Angloinfo-you have failed to make the necessary corrections and get this 'new improved site' working properly. It's a total failure, with ads repeating themselves on a roll, no photos (now that's REALLY daft....who's going to buy something they can't see?) and requests to buy things failing to be delivered. I have several things I want to advertise, but many English people here are now switching to French sites to buy and sell instead. Quel dommage!

started by: OrlandoGibbons · last update: 1458719673 · posted: 1458553919

I have noticed, when browsing on my Kindle, that class. ads will not open to display location and description. They open fine on my wifes ipad but not on the Kindle. They always used to be ok. Is this and issue with the coding of the new format?

started by: smb24 · last update: 1458676868 · posted: 1457998636

Sorry AI but your new site is a disaster. It looks clean and modern - and that's as far as it goes.  It's unwieldy, unreliable, confusing - and altogether unsatisfactory.  I am now getting enquiries about items that I had marked as "sold" or "given away" weeks ago  - and there no longer seems to be any means of doing this.. The search function for Classifieds seems to have vanished - and photos don't show up until you reach the individual ad. Back to the drawing board I think. Meanwhile, I am in mourning for the old site - it might have looked a bit dated but at least it worked and I could find stuff!

started by: yvonnehughes25 · last update: 1458483494 · posted: 1458295866


started by: steveb24270 · last update: 1458404917 · posted: 1458386731

So what bright spark decided to NOT allow Free Ads to have any photos for free. Before on the old site you could add them, now you want us to pay for them. Surely you could allow one photo so people can actually see what people are selling. Remember the old adage, a picture speaks a thousand words. Come on Anglo Info, sort it out.

started by: steveb24270 · last update: 1458404723 · posted: 1458386886

So Anglo Info, where has the classified search option gone on your new fandangled web site??

started by: tony harvey-107909 · last update: 1458404564 · posted: 1458404564

why do you have the facility to upload a photo, and then don't show itcome on now, your making the Eymet Guide look professional'tonyharv

started by: sue13gym · last update: 1458396661 · posted: 1458202463

Hi trying to add an advert in classified , wanting me to add a category in drop down box, but nothing there ?  any ideas. Thanks 

started by: Deakin · last update: 1458291822 · posted: 1458291822

The new website does not have a date as to when an item was posted.  Three items that I was interested in were posted at the end of last year and the seller was getting fustrated as she felt that there was no way to delete or indicate the items had gone.  Please look at including the date Items are submitted.

started by: Mindtheswan · last update: 1458201227 · posted: 1457788223

I tried for nearly an hour to mark my classified ad as sold but have failed, as has my husband. Can someone help ? Does everyone else find the New Look an improvement ? 

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