started by: ian · last update: 1458119535 · posted: 1457870781

The main thing I regularly use on AI is the weather forecast for my area, with the website 'upgrade' it appears to have disappeared. Will it be returning?

started by: Deserter · last update: 1458033223 · posted: 1458033223

I like the new set up, it looks fresh, but the one thing that will stop me returning to AI is the lack of a "Most Recent Ads" section in the Classifieds (or is it there and I haven't found it?).  Can't be bothered to trawl through all the separate sub-sections.   Would it be possible to add this please Hazel?  I miss my daily online shopping fix.

started by: Jakival · last update: 1457977174 · posted: 1457977174

The new site isn't a patch on the old one so far! It's very tricky to use....not straightforward at all. Classifieds have no details and if you click on an item it takes you somewhere else and you  have to start all over again. Not good. I'm losing patience now........what a shame!

started by: ErnieY-521367 · last update: 1457976953 · posted: 1457818438

Without any way to see new and active posts in one place this site is now officially useless.

started by: ronsmum · last update: 1457855852 · posted: 1457855852

Someone posted earlier the question if  your email address changes how to correct it on this site I can't see any replies it would be handy to know as my email address will change when I move

started by: ronsmum · last update: 1457855571 · posted: 1457855571

Are there many Brit expats out there that use this forum Livingston barbaste or lavardac lot et. Garonne?It would be interesting to share experiences and tips for moving 

started by: tydur · last update: 1457782614 · posted: 1457725042

have tried to log into 3 items for sale which I'm interested in...no response...sorry sellers

started by: poppys-910348 · last update: 1449084052 · posted: 1449084052

Is anyone else having problems putting on s classified ad on AI at the moment ?? My hubby is getting more and more frustrated !!!

started by: janetill-534132 · last update: 1445862612 · posted: 1445792094

Hello Can anyone help I have tried several time to loggin into my angloinfo limousin. I do my email address and my password and it won't have it. So I tried forgotten password so it sends me a email ect... but no email with a temp password either. As you can see no problem for the Dordogne to loggin maybe admin if you read this you can help or anybody else have any ideas??   Thanks in advance

started by: getmecoat · last update: 1432685224 · posted: 1432685224

Recently every time I click on any bookmarked site while any Anglo Info site is loaded, the time it takes is extraordinarily long and seems to hang up, The bottom left hand corner seems reads 'waiting for  gosquared.com' and another 'waiting for doubleclick' before the AI site goes. If I just open whatever I want to go to in a new tab, all is fine. and then close down the AI site. This hang up never occurs when going from any other site to any other, just when trying to leave an AI site. My anti virus hasn't picked any thing up. Any one got any suggestions as to why this is happening? from what I can gather it may be AI gathering traffic data? could it be?

started by: chickenrun-114705 · last update: 1413842617 · posted: 1413842617

wasn't sure how to get in touch so posted an admin question on general forum headed logout for about a week now i VERY occasionally forget to log out but find that i am still logged in when i come back to site - fair enough if i have forgotten to - i am listed with google to delete all sign in history as soon as i leave sites - this works with ebay etc - which can be a pain especially if you clear down by mistake and come back on immediately - but no google have cleared it !! and i have to sign in again after i had posted my note to you re this problem - i have made a point if i sent replies to people THAT I DEFINITELY LOG OUT - i have just come back onto anglo after quite a a time space  and find out that i am still signed in ??? how come if i logged out ?? thank you  

started by: lauramay0 · last update: 1394402902 · posted: 1394323817

hi, i have recently joined this site and have posted two questions, and have received email notification to say i have had replies to questions. where do i go on here to veiw them please.

started by: john1-913836 · last update: 1393940966 · posted: 1393940966

Hi advice needed on the best type of modern , economical , electric heaters please .

started by: gordonrm · last update: 1393838926 · posted: 1393771342

I have tried to withdraw an out of date small advert but after marking the withdrawn button cannot find the clear button??

started by: chickenrun-114705 · last update: 1391188880 · posted: 1391099782

hi   admin- if i am on AI i look at weather to save me bringing up meteo france but for quite a few weeks now - like today looked at weather for my area and AGAIN it only went up to yesterday - never used to have this problem - what's up ?? thank you

started by: Jackie H-119738 · last update: 1389785110 · posted: 1389783421

I posted a classified ad for a 'wanted' item which I have found but I can't work out how to update my advert to 'found' or 'withdrawn'????  Help  Thanks

started by: chickenrun-114705 · last update: 1383920114 · posted: 1383920114

hi - most of us have experienced the 'pulling' of topics/replies on the forum - is it possible to have a 'chat room' installed on angloinfo where members can speak to each other - this could be similar to the british expat forum chat room - and would be off line to non members - but still have a good code of practice - and  allow members to give advice/help thank you

started by: Ballou-829165 · last update: 1383518916 · posted: 1383518916

For Admin I wasn't sure where to post this. I am almost certain I have received a scam email in response to a recent posting that I have made. Would admin like further details by email?

started by: Melou-122557 · last update: 1382219882 · posted: 1382215041

Hello, I think that we might all like to understand the programme on AI which enables us all to post messages . . . from time to time a post comes up twice (it's happened to me!) - sometimes you lose your carefully worded response entirely before it gets posted (it's happened to me!). We are always delighted by the knowledgeable help from computer-wise members of the Forum - but perhaps the less techy ones amongst us would like to know, for instance - (1) Why, after clicking on 'Post New Message', do we firstly see the complete post, including our new message - but then (2) clicking on the 'back' button to return to the Forum, our original text appears again? (3) Is there any possibility of amending the ridiculous spelling/grammatical mistake that you see that you have made at either of these two steps?  (4) Why don't the BOLD, Italic, and underline buttons work? [I'm sure they will, this time - just to prove me wrong - but I cannot check the text that I am posting to be sure!]. Maybe it's my creaky old computer, and I should change it, but you get attached to these things, don't you, like a well-worn pair of slippers . . .  

started by: Pickenham-538094 · last update: 1376829307 · posted: 1376828415

Could admin explain where my post about Belfast has gone? P.

started by: