started by: jppj-98668 · last update: 1374140588 · posted: 1374137636

I need to change my e-mail address and can't find anywhere to do this on the Angloinfo site.  Can anyone help?

started by: maryt-462119 · last update: 1370870370 · posted: 1370870370

This morning I have had to log on to enable me to reply to a discussion topic and I'm very confused. It has listed me with a user name that I have never used and says I am in Burgundy. I only ever use the Dordogne AI site as that is where I am based and am interested in. There was nothing mentioned at the log in procedure regarding the Dordogne. Please could you tell me how I can log on with the name I have been using for a very long time and without the indication that I am in Burgundy.  Many thanks.

started by: daudou · last update: 1365494777 · posted: 1365434894

hello, i posted an announce to rent my apartment but i posted it on the wrong classifield can someone explain me how can i fix it ?

started by: Icantbelieveit · last update: 1353974159 · posted: 1353974159

Hi, I posted a response to a topic today at 15:39 and whilst the topic reappeared at the top of the list of discussions, the reply that I had posted has still not appeared - the topic was Astra 2F Now Testing I have noticed that this occurs on other topics too - it seems to happen when the topic needs to create a new page to include the latest entry - of course I may be completely wrong. Good Luck.    

started by: Icantbelieveit · last update: 1352384579 · posted: 1352384579

Hi, When I use the My Postings facility I can only view the first page - when I try to look beyond the first page I get  a page with no listings. regards, Rob.

started by: mag-121419 · last update: 1351545520 · posted: 1351518666

hello, can you please tell me how i cand find someone's mail address? i havn't found out! thanks  

started by: ErnieY-96008 · last update: 1347831563 · posted: 1347831563

Unlike other local variations email notifications from AI Dordogne do not contain a live link nor even the information as to which subject the notifiction is from. Since I believe a major psrt of the 'new improved look' (hmmm) is a harmonisation across sites clearly something has not gone to plan on this particuler one !

started by: Lotter-818946 · last update: 1347531276 · posted: 1347531276

This morning I couldn't log in - again.  So I got another password and I've turned into Lotter again!  Please can you do something (Hazel arranged it last time) to turn me back into Garonne urgently??  I'm currently involved in quite a through threads elsewhere and I don't want things to get confusing.  Thanks. If you can't do it automatically, can you email me to tell me exactly why this keeps happening and what you can do to stop it.  

started by: moonlight-118206 · last update: 1347120440 · posted: 1347120440

Can admin please explain to me and others on here how to send a p.m on this new format.  I have had  reply to my posting requesting my phone number and to e.mail them,  I cannot see a way of doing this so I had to put another posting on with my phone number which you advise not to do, I did not want to and dont know if it wtll be seen for person concerned as they are expecting a p.m ! Please bring p.ms back.

started by: suffolklass-119980 · last update: 1346705092 · posted: 1346705092

Is it no longer possible to send a pm?  Somebody tried to pm me and it didn't work so I tried to do the same thing and again it didn't work.  It's so much better than littering the discussions with information which may be of interest only to the two people concerned. Also, although I've checked the box to be notified by email when people reply to a topic, I don't receive the messages either.

started by: gosub-99852 · last update: 1346159107 · posted: 1346159107

I have noticed that the links in previous postings, are no longer live. Plus the spell checker's not working at least not for me.  

started by: Neville-95328 · last update: 1346157842 · posted: 1211903481

The new format of anglo info no longer fits my screen as it is too wide. Is there a way of changing it so I don't have to keep going from side to side.Neville

started by: Magi-117441 · last update: 1322904209 · posted: 1322855855

Although I clicked on the link I cannot find the response. How do I do that?

started by: Wairoa · last update: 1321697237 · posted: 1321695437

What has happened to the weather forecast on here?

started by: pacques-111672 · last update: 1300445671 · posted: 1300390666

some months ago there was a discussion on a scam where people were paying cheques over the amount required for things. i remember one was to rent a property. can anyone let me have details. think we have been approached. thanks

started by: bryanston-107168 · last update: 1297584156 · posted: 1297446025

I have a French bought laptop, and going into various websites, it tries the French version first, before I switch, or indeed translate at a flick of the mouse. But ........on Anglo Info, when switched to French, all the English written postings are translated into French. I.e. my house for sale posting comes up in French plus the English written replies are in French. Perhaps the Administrator can answer this, as it gives a perfect crib for translation purposes.

started by: Martin-94098 · last update: 1296733682 · posted: 1296733682

I have received some correspondence about lost emails. When you sign up to use the Internet, you contract with an Internet Service Provider. These include Free.fr, Neuf, Wanadoo and a host of others. On signing up you would have been issued with a username and password for your account on their server. If you log into this account, you will be able to access your email settings. Nearly all will have a filter to protect you from SPAM emails. It is not uncommon for emails to be trapped here and never make it to your computer, even if they aren't SPAM. Then once emails have arrived on your computer, they could easily be filtered again. Checking your spam or junk mail on your computer on a regular basis might be a good idea as some non spam emails might be caught here. I hope this might be of some use. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spam_filters

started by: LOLLYTREE · last update: 1274369683 · posted: 1274369133

Hello, I have a business and would like to enter it in the business directory. I can not find a suitable place to put it. Any ideas? Thanks!

started by: JulieP-96283 · last update: 1273704296 · posted: 1273704085

HI Admin,I recently posted a property for sale and omitted to 'check the box to be notified by email whenever someone replies' and have been checking back on the post every day 'just in case'. Is it possible for you to edit my post so that I get notified if someone replies? Also is it possible to 'watch a topic'?

started by: jk2000-110439 · last update: 1273475357 · posted: 1273436968

Bonjour tout le monde, Please can someone tell me if there is a limit on how many words, characters, are allowed in a general forum posting?? Merci, Jk :-)

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