started by: cocon-103074 · last update: 1271268079 · posted: 1271263694

Does anyone else have the same problem? I can only access the forum through Firefox and not Explorer. I thought for ages the forum was down until I tried Firefox.

started by: dreamer-107752 · last update: 1249319729 · posted: 1249311406

i am new to this on my posting i have just put on I dont get the little envelope so people can e-mail me with any replies, what am I doing wrong!

started by: stantheman-98121 · last update: 1247661748 · posted: 1247659458

Did I see somewhere recently on this site that there is going to be an opportunity where one can buy and sell personal goods by bidding for them, similar to Ebay. Hope someone can advise.

started by: mike-94072 · last update: 1246539589 · posted: 1246539589

Members registered with tele2.fr e-mail addresses must update these with their new sfr.fr (or other) addresses, as these old e-mail addresses have now been "turned off" by your ISP. All tele2.fr addresses have also been unsubscribed from the weekly AngloINFO newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving this, you must re-select the option for it when updating your e-mail address. To edit and update your membership profile, just click on the My Profile link in the top-right myAngloINFO navigation box while logged in.

started by: honeyball · last update: 1240848679 · posted: 1240833251

Please Admin, may we have the spell checker back? I hate not checking my posting before I send it, and judging by the mistakes in posts, it is a necessity.

started by: honeyball · last update: 1238075077 · posted: 1238060515

Is it possible that Admin could also install a spell checker in French, please? So often I put my post through the checker and it throws up all the French words. Or at least add a few of the more well used French words, such as Maire, Mairie, Fosse Septique and the like? ps on running through the spell check, it has thrown up all the words mentioned as well as "admin".honeyball

started by: Jen-94320 · last update: 1194367110 · posted: 1171362419

Dear Admin Can you please tell me how to quote in a posting. I see Tom24 did it here: http://aquitaine.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?page=2&topic_id=2057

started by: basquen-94475 · last update: 1164914538 · posted: 1164805160

Is it possible to have an RSS feed on a per forum basis rather than site wide ? thanks

started by: Conway-94410 · last update: 1159011211 · posted: 1158930100

How do I delete a topic I have placed on AngloINFO? Many Thanks

started by: Keef-94934 · last update: 1143418669 · posted: 1143408258

Hi, Does anyone know how to cancel an advert when an advertised car is sold? My car has been sold and I want to remove it from the classified ads - thanks, KeithKeith in Pyrenees Atlantique

started by: Admin-94071 · last update: 1139396522 · posted: 1139396522

Messages to you are bouncing. Please contact Forum Administration aquitaine.forums@angloinfo.com .-----Forums Administrationaquitaine.forums@angloinfo.com

started by: Jen-94320 · last update: 1130876043 · posted: 1130875769

Help Admin I cant seem to log out...

started by: Rusty-94124 · last update: 1125566255 · posted: 1125565782

Hello Admin. Are you having a celebration or something? Why the candle and balloons? Why were we not told?

started by: F.Scott-94134 · last update: 1118094982 · posted: 1117817925

Greetings, I am a new Angloinfo user and a relatively new computer user as well. Is there a "guide" or help section of the website that outlines the sites various features. Although I HAVE managed to post messages in the forum (which is an accomplishment for me), I'm sure there is much more to Angloinfo than I have discovered. Cheers, _______ F.Scott

started by: BigBob-94091 · last update: 1117640574 · posted: 1117639324

If I want to change something in a posting I've made, what can I do? Many thanks.

started by: