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Matthew thanks for respondingi have had to start a new post as the website will not allow me to continue the earlier conversation, something about verifying my email which will not proceed on the site, despite the fact that i can start a new conversation ??? and the dashboard shows no posts by me ??Anyway, to clarify, The car was a UK registered car date of manufacture 1981. We went thru the CT inspection  and had a Cart Grise and plates issued, as you say to the car and not us personally. Matthew, are you saying that there is no annual registration process?   Our insurance is fine, we pay annually, so we have paid upon registration and again last September to a French insurer who are clear about our cover.So, if there is no need for annual paperwork we need not worry ??thanksPhil

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We are Australians who have a second home in France.In September 2019 we correctly registered a car in France  and had plates issued to us for that carDue to Covid, we have not been back to the house since that date and are aware that the registration renewal would have been waiting for us at our postbox in September 2020.  Obviously this is sent by registered post and there is only a short window to get the notification and collect the registration papers.We presume that our car is now "unregistered" and we want to try to work out how to avoid this problem in the future after we Re register it.We make the following assumptions1)    Registration renewal is made by registered post to an address in France only2)    Having a post redirection to us here in Australia does not get over the issue of collecting the documents from our local french post officeDoes anyone have a solution to this dilemma where cannot guarantee to be at the French property every renewal date ?ThanksPhil

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We are second home owners with a French registered car. Is it permissible to drive that car with a UK driving licence?

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I would really appreciate some advice. I recently received residency in France after living in the US for a few years and am buying a car but still have my UK driving license. Some insurance companies will not offer a quote on a license outside the EU. Does the UK driving licence fall into that category after Brexit or is it still considered a UK license until the end of this year. Also because I have not had  car insurance for more than three years, I am being treated as a new driver and the quotes are astronomical. Any advice on companies that do not penalize so much? Thanks for any help received.

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i have just found out i cant register my motorcycle in france as it is over 160bhp,so i will take it back to uk to sell,problem is it has no mot,can i drive it back to get a mot in uk,thank you.

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Hi there,  new to this site. We live in castillonnès,  lot et garonne and we have brought our car over from the UK. Our house does not have a garage so we need to find one urgently. Does anyone know how to go about getting one in this area please?

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I have a Rolls Royce Shadow 11 RHD French registered and a 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spur RHD French registered for sale.They are both from my private collection. I have owned the Shadow 11 for 34 years and the Spur for 20 years.They are both in stunning condition throughout and have been maintained to a very high standard. Both cars are show cars. They are both priced to sell at just 30,000 euros each.The cars are situated in 24350.If interested in either then please contact me for further details. Thank you.Mark.email address; grenville@free.fr

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Does anyone know the scrap metal merchant near Bergerac airport to tow away an old car?

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hii should be returning to france in nine days time to get my french registered car CT renewed required 26/03/20. however its looking unlikely due to brittany ferries cancelling my sailing and Mr Macron slowly but surely closing down France. could i get an mot on it in britain then either transfer it or get a new CT once the virus is over and i can get back into france.                         many thanks                                      keith

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Does anybody know a mechanic who can fit my new tow bar to an Audi estate car with full instructions, I am in 47800 Miramont de Guyenne

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Following the process through ANTS to get a carte grise for my UK car I have now been asked to get a ‘Reception de Titre Isole at DREAL. I seem to be going round in circles as the only info I can find on their site refers to a car that has been modified. Mine hasn’t?Has anybody else had to do this and if so could someone point me in the right direction please?

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Hiya does anyone know where I can get my newish mini serviced? Live in 24240 between Eymet and Duras?

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Hello all, I'm wondering if someone out there is a whizz at applying for a new Carte Grise on the online ANTs system? I have a car from the UK that I need a new French log book for but I can't do it myself online. I'm in the Domme area. 

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We're coming out to the Dordogne for almost 6 months and want to bring our British car.  Can anyone recommend a UK insurance company which will cover this, we are having trouble finding one.

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Has anyone any news on the situation with changing and waiting for their French driving licence ????

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Has anyone got a contact and for cheapest COC for a Renault CheersC

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Has anyone got a contact and for cheapest COC for a Renault CheersC

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Have just finalised on line my application for immatriculation and today received my carte grise. Yes!To re-cap - may not help you but perhaps will help others:1) Apply for and obtain certificate of conformity (to EU standards).2) Go to D'impot office (tax office) with all your documents - passport, proof of ownership i.e. proof of purchase invoice and your DVLA reg doc. and MOT cert from UK (if under 6 months from last test or have a CT done here in France, and your certificate of conformity, and utility bills in your name as proof of residence or a copy of your last tax return - and ask for a Quitas Fiscal certificate(cerfa). We did not have to pay any money due to age of the car.  3) The car was insured by our insurance agent during all this once we were able to demonstrate we were actively trying to get immatriculation.4) Create an account on ANTS site.5) when account created and you have your MOT de Passe (password) you can access the on-line system ANTS.fr and fill in the on-line application form. You then need to scan, save, and then upload (pdf format) to this application form the documents the form requests. and then submit the application on-line (We crossed our fingers and pressed the envoyer button!). We then received a dossier number - keep this with your car in case stopped by police. The system is very new and we have had several days where we thought we had done something wrong and it turned out it was a problem with the site. Hopefully it will improve once they have caught up with the backlog of applications I keep reading about and the site stops crashing. Anyway you will eventually get e-mails into your hotmail or whatever e-mail you use and you then need to go back to the ANTS site (with your e-mail and Mot de Passe and up-load any further documents it wants or reply in the dialogue box accordingly. Finally you will be re-directed to the secure SIVS site to pay the requested sum. AND THEN you get an e-mail in a day or so saying that your provisional certificate is your space in the ANTS site and available to print off.  Within 7 days after this (YES honestly) you will receive by recorded post your Certificate d'Immatriculation as I did today.I found google translate very useful as the forms and e-mails are obviously in French. Bon courage.  .

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Morning everyone !Is anyone able to recommend a mechanic , English speaking, who has a knowledge of gear box repairs please ...We have a Fiat Ducato 2.3 van , which jumps out of 6th gear and would like to get it repaired rather than replaced ...We understand that this is an option , but are struggling to find someone to do it...We're situated in Brantome , but can travel ..Cheers all 

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Husband and I are newbies here having moved here from Turkey. Trying to import our Turkish registered vehicle and getting nowhere. To obtain a certificate des import we were sent to the Prefecture at Periguex as Riberac only deals with cars from the EU. My schoolgirl French was good enough to be understood by a Moroccan lady waiting to be seen but not apparently by the receptionist. We were told we had to go to CPAM to create an account in France Connect - Impot or Ameli. Off we went but found we need to wait for an Attestation giving us a temporary number. Luckily we submitted forms S1 as soon as we arrived so at least are somewhere in the system but not received as yet. If we do manage to create an account do we request the certificat online or go back to the Prefecture? Went to DREAL to see about a COC but given a number to call as they no longer deal with personal visits. My French is not up to telephone calls so failed again. As yet we know no-one we could ask to help us and are concerned that our green card insurance will expire. Is there a Mr Fix it we can go to?  Any advice other than shouldn't have brought the car would be appreciated.  Any mistakes down to predictive text!

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