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Hi, I had a 49cc bike in the UK which I would now like to register here in France. I have all the forms and the registration document etc, but do I need a certificate of conformity? If so, how do I get one? Any experiences would be very helpful, thanks

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Hi Vanessa,

We contacted the manufacturer direct for ours (Vauxhall Motors). They have a department that deals specifically with them. We gave them all the relevant details for the vehicle, sent them a cheque for £40.00p and it was sent to us by Fedex, included in the price! This was earlier this year.

It's got to be worth a try with the UK manufacturer or importer first.

Hope this helps,


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Following a couple of emails requesting further information I have added the following:

I've been trying to find our correspondence to this without any luck. I remembered contacting them directly at first. It was a bit tongue in cheek as I expected to to have to pay a lot more. I had heard that Peugeot UK issued them, so though that I would try Vauxhall directly. I played a bit innocent explaining that I required a Certificate of Conformity to register my wife's car temporarily as we were going to give France a try. I was put through to a chap that deals with them. He asked for my registration number. I don't believe he needed to see a copy of the V5. He told me it would cost £40.00 (Approximately. I can't recall if that was the exact figure.) and would be delivered to me via DHL. I can't even remember how I paid now! I had to telephone him a week or so later later as it hadn't arrived. I think that he had forgotten. It then arrived a couple of days later. Two copies, one in French and one in English.

I have just looked up the number on their website. For Customer Care ring: 08450 902 044. www.vauxhall.co.uk is their website. They do have a section in the Contact us area on the website where you can send them a question and await a reply. I think it would be far quicker to ring.

Keep photcopies of all your documents and the new Cert of Conformity as they will take everything when you go to your Mairie. They probably don't need it all, but all of mine went!

I do hope that helps. If I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to give me a call. 05 53 49 48 93.

I bought my LHD headlights through a car parts company here. They were a lot cheaper than getting them from an Opel dealer. I tried a breakers yard first, but they didn't have any of those models in. Beware if you do buy that way, or from someone advertising headlights. There are three different manufacturers of headlights with three different connections. It is stamped on the headlight glass somewhere. Mine were Hella. I bought a Haynes Manual for the car after trying to change the headlights myself and not getting anywhere! It turns out that you need to remove the bumper. It took less than an hour and was quite easy. I just put some cardboard on the ground beneath to rest the bumper on. Not because it was heavy as it is plastic. I just didn't want to scratch the paint. The headlights were even OK when I took it for it's first CT.


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Hi Vanessa,

This may be too late but if your 49cc moped was made before june 2004 you do not have to register it at all in France, just insure it using the chassis number.

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Does that just apply only to 50cc Mopeds or Motorcycles also above 50cc, previous to 2004?

I phoned up a UK Suzuki Store gave all the details over the telephone, paid and was sent the Cert of Conf within the 2 weeks.

It was all in English, I then proceeded with the Prefecture. 15 Euro's later my Bike was registered. Spent another 15 Euro's on a French Plate.

They didn't check my Bike to see if the Headlight Bulbs where pointing in the right direction or anything else for that matter.

The process could not of been simpler.


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Hi Michelle,

Just mopeds. Anything larger than 49cc has to be immatriculated, as a car does. You can spot post June 2004 mopeds by the fact that it has a number plate. Motorbikes don't have to have a controle technique, though.

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We gave our garage a cheque a couple of months ago and we are still waiting for the reply...the garage has been in touch.What are the next steps please?Can take a year?


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