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Husband and I are newbies here having moved here from Turkey. Trying to import our Turkish registered vehicle and getting nowhere. To obtain a certificate des import we were sent to the Prefecture at Periguex as Riberac only deals with cars from the EU. My schoolgirl French was good enough to be understood by a Moroccan lady waiting to be seen but not apparently by the receptionist. We were told we had to go to CPAM to create an account in France Connect - Impot or Ameli. Off we went but found we need to wait for an Attestation giving us a temporary number. Luckily we submitted forms S1 as soon as we arrived so at least are somewhere in the system but not received as yet. If we do manage to create an account do we request the certificat online or go back to the Prefecture? Went to DREAL to see about a COC but given a number to call as they no longer deal with personal visits. My French is not up to telephone calls so failed again. As yet we know no-one we could ask to help us and are concerned that our green card insurance will expire. Is there a Mr Fix it we can go to?  Any advice other than shouldn't have brought the car would be appreciated.  Any mistakes down to predictive text!

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brouille 1520629976

We tried from UAE, UK and France to get our Turkish manufactured Renault registered in France but not possible! Registered AND modified in England but still not acceptable to France despite being a Renault.

beejay33 1520675517


I think you have misunderstood.

There are two ways to create an account on the ANTS site where you need to go to register or import a car to get French immatriculation and a carte grise, You can no longer do this in person at the Prefecture as in the past.

If you are registered with the Impot, La banque Postale or ( Cpam for want of a better word) you can use those detail to create an account and log in to ANTS. But you don't need any of those if you simply create an account with your personal details and create your own password.

If you go to this link, you will see on the right 'Connect with France Connect' (which is if you are registered with one of the three organisations ) otherwise, on the left, you can create a personal account by filling in your details and follow the procedure through.

Once you have an account, you can then select the service you need and it will tell you what form to use and what documents are required.

You then have to scan the documents (I suggest you make them into the format pdf ) including the form you have filled in by hand and then upload them in the appropriate place on the page.

Then you wait.....and wait... until they email you to tell you there is a message on the site in 'Mes Messages' and see what they have to say.

Good luck!

JB 1520721631

Are you sure that your Turkish car will be eligible to have a CoC?

lindypops 1520753584

I hope so JB as all Fiat Doblos are made in Turkey .

JB 1520756169

Yes but what market are they made for? Just because it is a FIAT it does not mean that it will conform to EU regs. See the previous post about problems with a French manufactured Renault. You should apply to the manufacturer in the country where you bought your car for the CoC or try FIAT in the U.K.  

George Stephenson 1520775676

I agree with JB.

One couple I know have successfully imported a Volvo from the Emirates. But on the first inspection the vehicle failed due to the small warning sign in the driver's door mirror being in Arabic. They had to change the glass in the mirror so the writing was in French.

A vehicle for made for the Turkish market might need similar small changes to conform to EU standards.

brouille 1520785059

It's all down to if you can get a CoC.

brouille 1520785185

We tried Ŕenault France and Renault Morocco.

George Stephenson 1520880917

If the vehicle was made for the Turkish market then you are unlikely to be able to obtain a CoC for use in the EU.

I would suggest looking at this information: DREAL

metisse 1520928394

I suggest you make whatever plans you can to move it ie. sell it. Dealing and trying to get the whatever paperwork here is a real ballache if at all possible , certainly now the prefectures have all gone digital are even more unhelpful and tiresome. It will certainly help your sanity to draw a line under it and by something French registered.

Ironbridge-10049573 1521224440


Just seen this post.

Have just finalised on line my application for immatriculation and today received my carte grise. Yes!

To re-cap - may not help you with Turkish car - but perhaps will help others reading this.

1) Apply for and obtain certificate of conformity (to EU standards).

2) Go to D'impot office (tax office) with all your documents - passport, proof of ownership i.e. proof of purchase invoice and your DVLA reg doc. and MOT cert from UK (if under 6 months from last test or I guess have a CT done here in France, and your certificate of conformity, and utility bills in your name as proof of residence or a copy of your last tax return - and ask for a Quitas Fiscal certificate(cerfa). We did not have to pay any money due to age of the car.  

3) The car was insured by our insurance agent during all this once we were able to demonstrate we were actively trying to get immatriculation.

4) Create an account on ANTS site.

5) when account created and you have your MOT de Passe (password) you can access the on-line system and fill in the on-line application form. You then need to scan, save, and then upload (pdf format) to this application form the documents the form requests. and then submit the application on-line (We crossed our fingers and pressed the envoyer button!). We then received a dossier number - keep this with your car in case stopped by police.

The system is very new and we have had several days where we thought we had done something wrong and it turned out it was a problem with the site. Hopefully it will improve once they have caught up with the backlog of applications I keep reading about and the site stops crashing. Anyway you will eventually get e-mails in your hotmail or whatever e-mail you use and you then need to go back to the ANTS site (with your e-mail and Mot de Passe and up-load any further documents it wants or reply in the dialogue box accordingly. Finally you will be re-directed to the secure SIVS site to pay the requested sum. AND THEN you get an e-mail in a day or so saying that your provisional certificate is your space in the ANTS site and available to print off.  Within 7 days after this (YES honestly) you will receive by recorded post your Certificate d'Immatriculation as I did today.

I found google translate very useful as the forms and e-mails are obviously in French. Bon courage.  



lindypops 1521232337

Thank you Ironbridge. We have applied for a CoC and have all the other documents. Our problem is finding which tax office to go to. Our local one in Riberac looked promising until they saw it was a non EU vehicle then it went to pot. It was the same at the Prefecture in Perigeux so any suggestion welcome. I'm pleased for you, well done.

JB 1521234604

Have you actually imported the car into France? I don’t mean getting a QF but by getting the correct paperwork from the douanes.

lindypops 1521235374

No, can't find a customs office. Riberac won't touch it as non EU.

JB 1521236655

Importing and registering acar you have brought from Turkey is going to be a lot different to the process others go through when they bring a car from the UK. It’s not surprising that anyone in Riberac is able to help. 

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