Non resident driving French registered car on UK driving licence

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We are second home owners with a French registered car. Is it permissible to drive that car with a UK driving licence?

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1620226415

Yes as long as you remain uk residents

David-Cheadle-944745 1620736850

Hi Matthew,

I must admit I was surprised to read your clear response to the question about UK residents keeping a French registered car. I am in that position too and have been reading some very pessimistic posts on this on the Face Book page for 2nd home owners in France, where the view seems to be that permission will run out on Dec 31st. Not only that but your insurance would become invalid. Do you have any further details on this given the two pieces of advice contradict each other ?

David Cheadle

Matthew -Parris-992373 1620917153

You have a UK driving licence as you are a UK resident The car is kept permanently in France so it must be french reg..Any person visiting France who is not an EU citizen can drive a car in France for up to a year at a time before having to apply for a French licence Obviously if you are not french resident you cannot apply for a French driving licence That is the situation at the moment which is how the question was asked and answered. I am aware of ongoing discussions about whether UK DLs will be recognised in France and that could change in the future so the OP needs to keep an eye on the situation 

David-Cheadle-944745 1620984462

I'm not sure if we are at cross purposes here. I have had an old banger in France for almost 20 years, which is used for a maximum of 10 weeks in any year. My house in France is a second home; my principal address is in UK. What I am being told is that under EU rules the carte grise must be registered at your principal address, which automatically means that my present arrangements are illegal and I run the risk of undermining my insurance. I would be interested to know if you could point me towards a source, which clarifies the position.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1621156368

If you go to website and in the search box put Conduire en france avec un permis etranger    and look under court sejour tab you will find that it quite clearly states that you can drive for a short term stay in France on a UK or other "foriegn" driving licemce provided that you are not resident in France 

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