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I am learning to play the violin and would like to find another player to practice with, either violin, viola or cello, (all three would be brilliant).

started by: Dee-Murray-Dordogne · last update: 1608916313 · posted: 1608916313

Hi all,what a turbulent year 2020 was. With this in mind and having recently moved back to France with my lovely partner James, we would like to be Sociable and build a strong circle of new friends in their 40-50’s.we live in 24320 and happy to host dinner nights for up to 14 guests perhaps every other month in 2021. Obviously once restrictions have lifted.if this is of interest and you’re also looking to make new friendships please email or message me.dee@allyourlife.co.ukHopeful of a great year ahead!

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Hello, I'd like to find new musicians to play with. For covers or original songs. I'll turn 52 , Im french and located in Tourtoirac. I'd love to play british pop music of the 80-90's (Indie or mainstream whatever) . Thank you . Jeff.

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I am moving with my family close to Saint Colomb de Lauzun on the 15th July and I am an experienced musician looking to form a new band. I have been running my own band here in the UK "The Quest" we have an FB page if you want to look us up, there is a link to see us playing live as well. I am not sure how to go about finding other like minded musicians to contact and get something going as soon as I can, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks Aidan.

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Hi , I'm an English drummer ( ex-pro ) based in Sainte Foy La Grande . I'm looking for other musicians to form a top notch blues rock band in the area , influences include John-Lee Hooker /Jim Jones Revue etc , with the aim to create original material and play the region and beyond .

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Hi, I would like to just see how many of you have elderly or infirm parents who would benefit from getting out once a month or a fortnight to meet other elderly none French speakers in the Dordoge.  We are located near to Belvés and it has dawned on me that my elderly parents would benefit so much from getting out and meeting others.  I was thinking of something like a wine and cheese or a Tea and Cake afternoon at a local salle de fete.  All it would cost is the hire of the salle de fete (which I would like to get a good price on) and the tea, coffee, wine, cake, cheese or whatever this discussion leads to).  Ideas very welcome, we often find that one parent suffers from a form of illness or disability while the other remains a bit of a spring chicken!!  A social gathering would be amazing and take the strain off the children/carers for an afternoon.  Just wanted to know your views on this before I plough ahead and try to create something locally.  It may be I can do a deal with a local bar to cordonne off an area for the group and then it would be a matter of buying coffees and teas.  Interested in your thoughts on this matter.  Lets keep the older brains ticking because one day it may just be us.  It is proved that lonliness is no good for our cognitive function and just getting out and chatting to different people really can stimulate our brains.  Spring is on its way so lets see what we can do.  Thanks for your participation in this discussion.  All ideas welcome.  

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Bonjour tout le monde (good morning all),Do any of you know of any public venues that are diffusing All the six nation games in 24 ?  I am in Burgundy for the next couple of weeks but I shall be working near Thiviers , sarlat and montagnac before the tournament finishes,so would like to know of anywhere near any of these places or even a bit further aside. Would be happy to watch on France 2 or BBC and ITV.Bonne dimancheJamie x

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Hi I’ve go an Amazon tv stick and I’ve installed CEREBRO builder (a pay for a code APP) through KODI.  I go through the process of uninstalling Cerebro, but when I reinstall it it wants me to pay for the app.  Anybody else had the same problem, sure would appreciate some help.regardsDave

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Hi I have a humax sat box and its not working just says no or bad signal. I have checked the connections changed the batteries in the remote etc but nothing. I had it installed by a man named Bob who lives in Les Eysies anyone no him or can give me his number?or anyone else in the Sarlat, St Cyprien Le Bugue area(my other sky box is working so its not the aerial its the humax box) .Thanks

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Hi I am just trying toReset up my tv via Samsung its a smart tv.   I have auto tuned and lost various itv channels on the 19.2e Astra signal.   Please can someone give me an up to date list so i can manually input the mhz on the itv channels   Thankyou so much.   I guess this it what i must do.

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Hi, still researching possibility of living in France.  I love British TV.  I can get Acorn TV in the US (where I currently reside) but was told it is legally available in France.  With so many British people living in France, surely there must be a way to watch British TV.  can someone enlighten me on this?  It will then remove one major setback in my list of pros and cons,  thanks.

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Hi,I have suddenly lost access to SKY News on my smart tv. I watch tv through an Apple TV box via an iPad, but SKY News came installed on the tv. Now, in the last week, I get an error message when I try to catch up with the news. Is it only me?

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Hi All,Just a reminder for those interested, there will be Carol Singing in the Square at Monflanquin. Mulled wine etc and the bars and restaurants will be open. Plentyhrs. of parking.From 1800hrs

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Hi,I've just signed up to Bouygues' fibre optic Miami Bbox thingy and the new password is 30 characters long which is difficult for me to enter on small devices like smartphones etc. Can somebody please explain to me how to change the password to something shorter? I tried calling Bouygues for assistance but I keep getting assistants who don't speak English and my French is not good enough for technical words and procedures.Regards

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Christmas market - Terroirs and Crafts - Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November+ Flea market - Sunday 26 NovemberSaturday, November 25Visitors will be welcomed at the Christmas Market in the sports hall from 10am until 8pm. 50 exhibitors Terroir and Craftsmen.At 14:45, the children will be greeted by OLAF and MICKEY who will take them to the Maison des Loisirs to listen to winter tales with Nell and Jack. It's free and open to children from 5 years old. Parents are welcome.In the evening, Cassoulet meal in the adjoining entertainment room. 15 € / adult and 8 € children under 12 years old. Limited places. Registration with Régine at 05 53 83 00 29 or Marie at 06 10 94 65 08.Sunday, November 26Flea market from the sports hall going to the Place du Prieuré and Place de l'Église from 8am. More than 50 stands are waiting for you.The Christmas Market opens again from 10am. Pastry workshop for children from 5 years old. Appointment 2:45 pm in front of the sports hall. Beginning of the workshop at 15h. Then, arrival of Santa Claus who will distribute candies and lead the children for a snack. Free and open to all children.During the 2 days:Coffee, tea and pastries from 8am. Catering and refreshment bar on the spot in the sports hall under heated marquee or take away.Outside, childlike carousel. Makeup for the children in the room. Great selection of gifts for all ages and budgets.Organized by the festival committee. Information and registration on 06 82 34 41 24. Details on www.la-sauvetat-du-dropt.fr

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Not long now! Don't forget Christmas carols in the square at Monflanquin 23rd December from 1800hrs. Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and a good time to be had by all!

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This Sunday 26th Castillonnes Christmas Craft Fair at the Salle De Cabonnier - lots of lovely craft stalls to get your gifts for Christmas. The cake stall with have mince pies, Christmas cake, pasties and other delicious home baked goodies. Tea and Coffee and Santa will be popping in too. Hope to see you there.. 10am - 4pm

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Has anyone else got a problem with their UK tv reception this morning?

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Yesterday (unless you are in Spain)www.thegoodlifefrance.com/my-french-life-bonfire-night-guy-fawkes-night-in-france/Many thanks to Janine as I'd almost forgotten the original reason back in 1605.Today is the 5th November 2017Hope you checked with your local Mairie (unless you are French) before setting the bonfire alight this evening.Tomorrowhttp://www.sarlat-tourisme.com/en/christmas-market-1Just for info - This year's theme is Britain 06 - 31/12/2017 as was the first Christmas market at Sarlat in the Périgord Noir back in 2010!We maybe going around in circles!

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Does anyone download bbc programmes,or watch them on their ipad?I have had more and more difficulty recently and today can neither watch or download.

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