expats in perigueux

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can any one tell me a bar in perigueux when expats go as we are moving to the area and would like to make contact with the expat communitythanks russ

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countrydweller 1507747691

Just be aware that expat bars are the favourite hunting ground of the dodgy unregistered expat builder/electrician/ plumber They will have you marked the minute you walk in the door They will be really friendly and helpful then rip you off Sorry to sound negative but so many people fall foul of these evil individuals Only use a builder that is registered and insured and ask your neighbours for recommendations

Best of luck in your new French life; do not let others spoil it

dinah-906926 1507748918

funny enough I am an explumber,so have no intention of using any dodgy tradesmen as I can smell them a mile away,my question regarding bars used by expats is for social use only,can you recommend any?,thank you for the info regarding the builders

French Heel 1507761096

Our daughter suggests The Star Inn, Perigueux. Never been so can't comment.

Swifty124-891005 1507791605

The Star is no more - but i cant remember what it is called now. I have lived in Perigueux for five years and must admIt i dont know anywhere expats go, ive not met any but it might just be me, i could just be a miserable git. Best of luck with your move and if you need any help shout - and no i am not a builder or tradesman!


Lufkin 1507801223

Are you actually in Perigueux or one of the surrounding villages - depending where you are there might be one or two places I know.

cab47 1507808586

you are coming to France so make friends with the locals 

kathyc-99557 1507809317

Local immigrants?

Plumduff-118078 1507820789

Aren't people who live here ' locals' Or do you just mean French? 

kathyc-99557 1507823736

the fact of the matter is that Brits in France are immigrants, not ex pats.

cab47 1507833286

By local I meant whoever it happens to be in the area  rather than trying to specifically single out other Brits and going down the non French route .

dinah-906926 1507843009

we have lived in a rural  french farming community for 10 years and have never really been accepted, that's why we would like to be closer to a ex pat community to form some sort of social life,any info would be appreciated

chèvrefeuille 1507845671

That's sad. In the time I've lived here my neighbours have become my friends. They seem to be pretty good at falling out with each other but I've been made very welcome. 

Swifty124-891005 1507931130

Its ok everyone saying mix with the French, my friends are French etc but when your Partner is French, your friends are French etc it is lovely to speak to fellow Brits now and again, different sense of humour etc. I live in Perigueux and it would be lovely to meet other "imigrants" 

Fashion1 1507945081

The dutch, belge and germans speak english also, but may not have your sense of humor. You could just try to go to the bars and see.

kathyc-99557 1507970737

I was never friends with my neighbours in the UK so I can't think of any reason why this would be the case in France.A nod, a smile and a "good morning/bonjour" is all I want from people who just happen to have bought houses in the same road as me (excluding emergencies).

Swifty124-891005 1508160485

Well going back to the original, im in Perigueux and if anyone is about and want a drink or lunch etc im usually available to make one in!


Ncy-912124 1508168428

Good evening,

As Andrew, I am available too !


Ironbridge-10049573 1508412682

try silver owl - nice people own it - one french and one american.

Swifty124-891005 1508440191

Nancy, we have to start a gathering somewhere, available for lunch whenever 

Swifty124-891005 1508440521

And whoever want to join

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