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Hello,I am moving to the Dordogne at the end of this week- we are in the process of purchasing a house but will be in rented for a couple of months. Once we have the house we will be taking on a holiday business so we will be able to pay into the french system and receive healthcare however, until that point, we will be living on savings and therefore not be employed. Because of this, I am unsure about what I am meant to do in terms of healthcare and wondered if anyone could shed some light. I have contacted all the major private health insurance companies and none of them will cover me because I am already pregnant. Has anyone been in this situation or know what is the best course of action? Thanks, Amy 

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Hello, can anyone recommend any gite cleaning/changeover services which operate near to Villeréal (47) Our present company has ceased trading so we are looking for a replacement. Thanks! 

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Hello all, we are new to this and looking to move to the Dordogne in late 2020, we are currently pregnant and will want our child and then hopefully children (in the future) to be brought up in the French school system, we have done some initial research on towns with schools but just wondered if anyone could enlighten us on great towns to live near for good schools? we are visiting to view what seems like hundreds of properties in Feb 2020 and would love any advice. Thanks very much in advance.

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Hello, We are trying to help a young French friend of ours (he is 22, but mature for his age and highly recommendable), who will start as an architecture student in Bordeaux in the beginning of September 2019 and is looking for inexpensive housing in exchange for services. He did this in Nantes for the last two years and can have recommendations from the people he worked for.  He has been looking in vain for a similar arrangement in Bordeaux for the last months. Might someone have an extra room and a need for such a student, who can help with child care or elderly care, the yard, errands; you name it, he has done it with great kindness and charm.We hope to hear from you if it might be possible to help with Jean’s housing situation. Please feel free to circulate this email as you wish.Kind regards,Robert

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Hello,  Me and my husband are looking to move to France in Sarlat in the Dordogne Region.  We have a 9 years old son and we are looking for a good primary school in Sarlat which is used to teaching English kids as we are quite worried that he would have difficulties in learning as he is not fluent in French.  What school would you recommend? Do you know maybe of any bilingual /international primary school in or near Sarlat?  Thanks in advance to all of you for your help  

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Hello there, My name is Louis and I am a student studying Cinematography in Bordeaux.I am currently working on a documentary about British citizens living in France. My goal is to find out what makes France so attractive to the British and discover how they intend on staying here with Brexit looming. I am therefor looking for a family that I could follow over a couple of days, to see their interactions with others, their integration into Franch society.If there is a family in the Bordeaux area or any suggestions on other people who might be interested, do not hesitate to contact me.Thank you again, and have a happy weekend.

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Can anyone recommend a good maison de retraite within the Eymet/Monsegur/Duras area? My father is ninety and speaks limited French. Ideally, I would like somewhere where there are some other English residents and he can have Uk TV in his room.  Any recommendations (or warnings of homes to steer clear of) would be much appreciated.  Many thanks.

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My Son desperately wants to live on his own, but is not responsible enough to live in an appartment on his own as he has slight learning difficulties, so I was wondering whether anyone has an oldish caravan about 6-8ft that I can place in my garden, so that he can learn live on his own, but with me nearby,. , He is now 30 years old and needs his independance. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE.

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A bit of a long shot here but I am wondering if there are any Brits in the Dordogne whose children have dyspraxia/dyslexia and are currently putting them through the French education system? I am keen to know whether there are any points of view that counteract the largely negative write ups I have read of how behind the French are with their understanding and accommodation of children with SENs. We are contemplating a move very seriously but my 7 yr old boy has dyspraxia so I owe it to him first to do thorough research. Any info/experience anyone has would be hugely appreciated. Thanks. 

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HiI am living near montpon with my 3 children ages 8:9:10 who are all home educated and I wondered if there are any other home edition families in the area.Helen

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good school in the Bergerac region?  We're coming from the Philippines to live in the Dordogne soon and want to put our kids in a good school.  Thank you.

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Good evenngWe are considering moving to Eymet this summer and would love some information on the local primary schools for our 7 year old son.  Are there any fee paying schools in the area, any schools which have small class sizes and have a good track record in helping english speaking kids to integrate in french. Any advice greatly appreciated Kind regardsAlison 

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Does anyone know of any fun kids activities in Brittany?

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We have a 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son as they do not speak French at the moment and we are hoping to move in October/November , around sarlat  and would like to know if there are any schools that would support them in there transition from the UK to the French way.

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Good morning!We're a couple of farmers with two young children (2 and 1/2 years old and 1 year old) and we are moving to Bergerac mid-september. I am Belgian, French speaking and my husband is Bergeracois. We are looking for a English-native child minder. Do you know by any chance anyone who could take care of our two babies? Many thanks for any tip or advice!

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Private Tutor - English and MathsSeptember is just around the corner and the start of a new academic year.  I am offering tuition service after school or Wednesdays. I am an English Literacy and Dyslexia specialist and have many years experience tutoring children of all ages.  I also tutor primary school maths. If you would like further information about private tutoring or need any advice and support for any specific learning difficultly please feel free to contact me. Jacqui@jacqui-walker.com06. Thank you.

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Hi mums and dads,We're moving to the Pomport area in Sept and I'm eager to find a french Creche for my almost 2 year old daughter where she could go just 1-2 mornings/ afternoons or 1 full day. I'd like her to be around french children asap, hearing the language and soaking it all up. Also does any one know of any english speaking playgroups/toddler activity groups? Would be lovely for us to get involved in and meet new people. Many Thanks,Lizzie 

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Hi, we are close to buying a property near this town and wondered if there are any expats with young children in the area who can give advice on the quality of schools in the area. Many thanks in advance. Also interested to hear any views on life around Riberac

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Hello Everyone..If there are any families who would like to host some Syrian Refuges, malnly families with small children...Single women...Most of them speak English. Please call the Yasmin on 0661389205 she is in charge in Paris who are  looking for families to host for a certain period.You would be asked to take the refugies concerned to the Sous Prefection in your area to complete the necessary paperwork.plus any other paperwork that is required.If you are interested. please talk with Yasmin who will speak to you in English. She will give you all the information that you need.  Thank You. 

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Looking for qualified babysitters/nannies for a family for 22-29 July near Bordeaux. Please contact me for further info, thanks.

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