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I won’t bore everyone with the details of the case. Just giving the heads up about a battle I had with insurer Groupama based out of Le Bugue. The long and short is they said I owed them money which I paid, and my solicitor said they now owe me money. They won’t even take his calls. The problem boils down to a large company failing to comply with its fiduciary responsibility. It’s a story many have experienced but it is our responsibility to call them out and make known their shortcomings. 

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Hello  i made a french will a few years ago , since then a relation has change there address , who lives in england , but when i asked the Notaire to change the address , i was told , it's not important to change it on paper.     Does anybody come across this ? I just think is really strange .Thanks 

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Anyone else having issues with capital gains tax on their property?  We are having considerable trouble with CGT calculations on a house we had built 16 years ago and are now selling.We had carefully prepared a list of all expenses in the build, and made a full list.  Some we expected to be thrown out such as garden but others like ground preparation and pool construction we did not!!The calculations have been farmed out by the notaire to a company called ACCREDITECO, because, we are told, Brexit!!The calculation company has thrown out our claims for the pool construction and many others (kitchen, paint, flooring, fixed fittings such as shower etc. ) because the bills do not have our French address on them (we were of course living in the UK during construction and not on the building site).  This is despite the house construction bills only having our UK address on them.They haven't allowed the septic tank costs, or the ground works costs, survey marking boundaries, terrace construction/materials.  The process is a complete shambles.  No rules are forthcoming and this is now holding up the completion/money transfer.Are there other companies who do this calculation in France, or is there just one company doing these calculations?

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Does anyone know where to find help in registering as auto-entrepreneur please? I have a=contacted URSSAF but they have no appointments for a while.I can complete the form online but have questions about some parts of it.Many thanks.

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I live in SW France and am about to apply for my first Carte de Sejour having recently moved to France before Brexit. I have a newly set up Chambre d'Hotes micro-entrepreneur business which i intend to start as soon as Covid restrictions allow. Since the business is brand new and I don't have any bookings yet, I am not sure as to how to proove "effectiveness of the activity" which is one of the demands for the Carte de Sejour. I ran a sucessful Aibnb in the UK fo the past 5 years so I have experience but I need to download a supporting document and not sure how to proceed. Any ideas? 

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Good morning.I am quite confused about the process of obtaining the statut of independent/ auto-entrepreneur in France.Is there anyone who has done this and could point towards helpful links.Thank you in advance.

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Good morning, I have an EU passport but my husband doesn't. We have been told that he must live in France for a minimum of 5 years before he's entitled to residency. Does his ownership of a home in France change that ruling - i.e does he have any residency rights if he owns property in France? Thanks, Judy Douglas.

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My three daughters have to return sensitive papers back to my notaire dealing with my house sale and have been told the papers MUST be sent by post as well as email. They have all been sent by email and are now questioning having to send by post. When I asked the notaire why this should be she just said “it’s the law”. Is this correct please??

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Hi.  We have been hoping to return the rest of our furniture and personal belongings to the UK this year but COVID-19 and a brain tumour have left us self isolating.  Can anyone please give me some advice on how we find out what paperwork, tariffs and charges we will need to have.  Tried HM Gov UK but a bit of a blank.  Many thanks.

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Im sure this has already been covered. Ive downloaded the correct cerfa form on the Urssaf site, but this only allows for change of address or activities...and one completed, I thought it would upload directly back with the site but no...am I supposed to print it and post it to ? or pdf and email it or upload it where?Ive also changed banks and cannot find where I make this change.Any advice or direction most welcome. thanks

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Hi, I am currently a resident in the uk, where I rent a flat, pay my bills and taxes and have a full time job. Due to covid, I temporarily came to France from where I am still able to work remotely for my current job.in this situation, are there any issues regarding tax residence? Is there a maximum period of time I am able to stay in France without incurring on any legal/tax irregularity? Thanks 

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My husband and I got D visas from the French Embassy in Washington DC, so that we could live in France from February 2020 until November. Because of the virus conditions in the US we'd like to extend that visa for another couple months, perhaps into January. How would we go about this? Anyone have any tips? We are living in Sarlat.

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having worked in France as a Chartered Surveyor since 2005 I have this week received a demand for payment from an organisation by the name of CIPAV - never heard of them before.It appears it is a government organisation demanding payment from independent professionals in addition to the URSSAF cotisations I have been paying since registration in 2005!A search on the Internet suggests this is a badly run state organisation  which has resulted in demonstrations across France due to ridiculous financial demands being made.I have asked my accountant for help but if anyone has any history on this organisation it would be helpful.

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Hi,could anyone recommend a good, helpful accountant in the Dordogne area.I have looked at the AngloInfo directory but would prefer a recommendation.Thanks in advance.

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Hello guys I’m having a great deal of issues with the local tax office and need a recommendation if anyone knows someone that is savvy with Habitation tax and tax Fonciere. Need someone that can help me communicate with the local tax office in Montreual sur mer. 

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Can someone please tell me this year's rate.  As usual, I'm having trouble finding it!

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hello i am in business but have been told i need to declare an account outside of france.the a/c is for personal use only and not connected with business activity, but the form i have received, 3916 from impots is different from the version my friend has received who is not in business.!!does anyone know why there are different versions of this form ?bob

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I have a particularly complicated case of acquiring residency post- brexit, does anyone know someone who is experienced at this, professionally perhaps? I would be happy to pay them.

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