Address, bills and job in the UK but temporary living in France

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Hi, I am currently a resident in the uk, where I rent a flat, pay my bills and taxes and have a full time job. Due to covid, I temporarily came to France from where I am still able to work remotely for my current this situation, are there any issues regarding tax residence? Is there a maximum period of time I am able to stay in France without incurring on any legal/tax irregularity? Thanks 

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Hi Maria,

I am in exactly the same situation.  I've done some research so i have a grounding on it all, put the question to my accountant in the UK and looking for a French accountant now.

Until i speak to some professionals this is just my early interpretation.  There is no great concern with your current setup.  The first issue i have come across is declaring this to the UK so they can issue some paperwork to cover your entitlement for french healthcare.  

If you are still seeking answers message me and as i work it out we can compare notes

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If you are working in France remotely then you need to set up a French business entity for you to be legal As you came voluntarily   to France with the specific intention of working then under no circs can you be described as a posted worker to benefit from the S1 arrangements which in any event will end in DEc 

Some people will quote you 183 days but because you are working here your centre of interest is here and you should therefore be paying tax etc Are you an EU citizen? If so you will have an easier time establishing yourself 

Ndunlop27- note that you will need to show  next year as a UK citizen that you have been living en regle one of which is to have french tax returns completed for the time you have been resident here

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